Dialogue between the Master Architect and the Disciple Student/The Free-Learner Experience: Examination of the Laws of Creation and the ‘Intelligent Mind’ Behind All

Creation as a Bubble in the Mind-Architecture- Beyond Intelligence-Processing Towards the Unknown Loveliness/Pic Source: dailygalaxy.com

Creation as a Bubble in the Mind-Architecture- Beyond Intelligence-Processing Towards the Unknown Loveliness/Pic Source: dailygalaxy.com

Dialogue between the Master Architect and the Disciple Student/The Free-Learner Experience: Examination of the Laws of Creation  and the ‘Intelligent Mind’ Behind All 

Student: We are isolated yet having a social structure that connects us using technology

Architect: You have to admit that you all are individual self-organizing units that actually work in isolation as well same as in unison. I think you will not follow the above statement correctly because your judgment and the meaning-processing mind is not fully developed. Social connections i.e. between humans and with the environment is equally necessary as existence itself – different parts must combine and recombine to give essence to the creational principle which is both unison and differentiation. Here, of course, differentiation is not based on any injected social distinction that you have incorporated based on your conditioned prejudice and preferences. Even in the midst of deeper isolation which is a figment of your false ego, you are deeply interconnected with the world and with the creation. So, there is nothing called isolation in the sense that you have defined here contextually.

Student: Do we have a ‘intelligent mind’ which can process ‘real meaning’ that makes sense to us and the creation?

Architect: You have a mind that is primitive or aboriginal which is creative to the core but only when you step out to wear the mask that hides your real identity then you make barriers for yourself to process meaning because you then curb your natural instincts which are based on pure feelings. These barriers are already there in the false identity that you drag with yourself wherever you go thereby obscuring your ‘self’ to enjoy the ‘beautiful experience’ that creation allows bringing you on the brink of despair than enlightenment. ‘Pure Intelligence’ is like an ocean with waves that needs to be accessed, it’s like a stream flowing inside you from the origins – you have to be a perfect navigator or mariner to be in contact with the field where everything rests eternally. In different points of time in the history of your civilization, higher beings have arrived to give you a ‘message’ which afterwards was used by some foolish men on earth to propel their own ships of agenda. Once the process of meaning went wrong there was no chance of revival or recovery from that point. This almost explains if not fully the slow process of human development in terms of consciousness.

Student: What is the ‘real meaning’ of our existence?

Architect: The real meaning is not inside the truth that implicates the meaning but it’s residing in the mind which experiences this truth from one point to the other as you  travel towards your origins both physically and non-locally. It’s all that you experience encapsulated in a decompression chamber about all that you don’t experience or will never experience or there to be experienced by anyone beyond any experience at all. That’s a very hard statement and a bit harsh like the cold wintry spell or the hottest summer without rainfall. Let’s for a moment sing this song, it’s a hymn:

an apple entwined                                                   da Vinci Sketch Showing the Flight Pattern of a Bird, circa. 15th Century High Renaissance

the sun that we see, inside and outside

we ride the tide 

above below


little mind in a capsule

lifts itself 

beyond time and space 

grace for us all 

we brace the loveliness in things!

Student: Is our present knowledge efficient? What you mean by loveliness in things? Is there any thing ‘out there’?

Architect: I think your calculus didn’t probe into loveliness in the proper way, it’s a classic case of non-alignment to the core principles of creation. What you have received so far is not knowledge but broken pieces or chunks of raw data that you stored as information systems in your brain as ‘qubits or in your machines as bits. This is very different from knowledge that exists in the creation as free to be used or accessed – this is primarily based on experience which I have already pointed out- that which comes to you naturally in your unconditioned mind – loveliness is a feeling centric experience which connects you to your perennial source. The source of this is within your self and also outside the physical finite realm that you cognize with apparently as ‘things known’ to you. What is known is alternately unknown to you and vice versa. Try to comprehend the deeper sub-strata of reality that confronts you which can be subsequently experienced irrespective of the social garb that you have created to make the world run its administrative functions. Everything is ‘out there’ as you experience and simultaneously ‘in here’ as you experience it, it’s only the loveliness that matters most, each adding value to the system by quantum integration of the multiple infinite sub-units that makes both the macro and micro-cosm which we sometimes call existence patterned as geometry of the unknown zero expanding and contracting for a life beyond experience into the pure consciousness of the loveliness that matters most and is of utmost significance.

If you didn’t comprehend this then probe into the word ‘loveliness’, investigate the very structural symmetry underlying that information pattern, program the ‘qubits’ to process what you will in nanoseconds but still there is something that you will not know about this creation. But, for a second if you open your mind to possibilities without any sequential alignment to the creational mystery of loveliness you will know it as the face of the great moon or the tree ripening its fruit or the dog watching the sun hibernate beneath a thick veil of clouds bringing rain to end the draught of spiritual instability and utter neurosis.

scattered sun everywhere

the petals of the moon are rose-tinted hues pink or purple and white like the sea-foam

waves eternally in

and out

loveliness is the lonely child apprehending the creation in ‘things made from itself’

when you are free as a quasar or as the ‘imoglitan vran’

nothing is preconceived

so it can be a tree or a stone or a bullock cart

And nothing at all

Except the loveliness…

of a bird in flight…

uncognized beauty is the true essence that is forever the labour of the creation

recognize yourself as a part within that…

Student: I thank you for this dialogue, my final question and by no means the end of it all- Can we reach a higher stage in the creation by the process of evolution?

Master Architect: The smallest point is a circle as a dot -it circumambulates the creation faster than light but you don’t see it. But if you can visualize it by the creative manifestation of your mind then you are reaching a grand scale in the process of evolution that other master races have comprehended. Miss-comprehension is a malady, a disease no-comprehension is even better than it. At the bottom of your self you are left with interactions that bring more interactive fields which generate the evolution of your biological and spiritual entity. We are all entities unconfined by the creational law – you and me and the creation itself are loveliness that we behold together as the constant play between the ‘player’ and the ‘architect’, the piper,  each becoming the other and reversing the role till there is no role to be assumed or prophesied in the realm of the eternal loveliness where beauty wraps itself in the honey the butterfly seeks, each drop making the flower more dearer to itself and to nature, and, each strand of color in the wings making it happier to brush the air with the instinct of an artist hidden in the solitude of the bud reprise to the sun this very dialogue between the Creatrix and the Student of Transformation. 

In the end, just remember one thing – you are here to live the ‘eternal moment’ as you wished before you began!


Important Notice:

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when one contemplates the mystery of eternity, of life, of the marvellous structure of reality. It is not enough if one tries to comprehend only a little of this mystery everyday”. – Albert Einstein

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The Akshay-Patra: The Unborn which is the Ground all Reality

Jagatguru Shankaracharya Sri Nischalananda Saraswati Govardhan Matha, Puri on his visit at Singur, West Bengal

Jay Guru Guru Jay (3X)

Hari Om Tat Sat (3X)

Niravaran Atman is Moksha, that which is unborn and unclothed is the Self, Pure Awareness which is the destiny of every sentient being : “tadvisnoh paramam padam”. Real life starts after enlightenment. Wellbeing or swastha is meaning of the Self, abiding in it is true happiness as the Self itself is called Shanta Atman in Katha Upanishad.

The idea of Akshay Patra comes from Sri Aditya, it will work to protect the wellbeing of this planet.- J

The Akshay Patra received by Sri Yudhisthira from Sri Aditya, the Sun God.

Surya-Savitri: Unfolding ‘Satyam’ and ‘Ritam’ by Action of the Divine Will

Rig Veda V.81

युञ्जते मन उत युञ्जते धियो विप्रा विप्रस्य बृहतो विपश्चितः ।
वि होत्रा दधे वयुनाविदेक इन्मही देवस्य सवितुः परिष्टुतिः ॥१॥

1) Men illumined yoke their mind and they yoke their thoughts to him who is illumination and largeness and clear perceiving. Knowing all phenomena he orders, sole, the Energies of the sacrifice. Vast is the affirmation in all things of Savitri, the divine Creator.

विश्वा रुपाणि प्रति मुञ्चते कविः प्रासावीद्भद्रं द्विपदे चतुष्पदे ।
वि नाकमख्यत्सविता वरेण्योऽनु प्रयाणमुषसो वि राजति ॥२॥

2) All forms he takes unto himself, the Seer, and he creates from them good for the twofold existence and the fourfold. The Creator, the supreme Good, manifests Heaven wholly and his light pervades all as he follows the march of the Dawn.

यस्य प्रयाणमन्वन्य इद्ययुर्देवा देवस्य महिमानमोजसा ।
यः पार्थिवानि विममे स एतशो रजांसि देवः सविता महित्वना ॥३॥

3) In the wake of his march the other gods also reach by his force to the greatness of the Divinity. He has mapped out the realms of earthly light by his mightiness,—the brilliant one, the divine Creator.

उत यासि सवितस्त्रीणि रोचनोत सूर्यस्य रश्मिभिः समुच्यसि ।
उत रात्रोमुभयतः परीयस उत मित्रो भवसि देव धर्मभिः ॥४॥

4) And thou reachest, O Savitri, to the three luminous heavens; and thou art utterly expressed by the rays of the Sun; and thou encompassest the Night upon either side; and thou becomest by the law of thy actions the lord of Love, O God.

5) And thou art powerful for every creation; and thou becomest the Increaser, O God, by thy movings; and thou illuminest utterly all this world of becomings. Shyavashwa has attained to the affirmation of thee, O Savitri.1

उतेशिषं प्रसवस्य त्वमेक इदुत पूषा भवसि देव यामभिः ।
उतेदं विश्वं भुवनं वि राजसि श्यावाश्वस्ते सवितः स्तोममानशे ॥५॥

Divine Mother, Pondicherry

-J (To Attend event on 21st Feb 2022, please follow the instructions given in the above flyer)

12th January 2022: 159th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda

in every vibration of an atom there is tapas

the whole universe is localised in it

the mind too is atomised

there is imprint of everything in it

the sky and mountains, forests, rivers, and, constellations

the past, present and future are all there in the mind

the seer of the mind (Drasta) by using the will-force can change the course of things

when our breathing becomes a conscious prayer then transformation happens effortlessly ……


Invocation to the River Goddess: Ganga for the Revival of Biosphere in the land of Magnets and Miracles

“Caitanyam sasvatam santam vyomatitam niranjanam

Nadabindukalatitam tasmai srigurave namah” ”Deeply hidden behind the visible, there are mysterious countless group of springs hiding themselves. In the eyes of the world, it is the waterfall. People fill their vessels from that infinite treasure and go back. The thirsty ground gets drenched with its incessant supply. But who sees where and in what invisible world this endless expanse of water treasure is secretly accumulated?” – From Tapovan Katha, Kalipada Guha Roy (Translation in English by Sri Vasanti Devi, wife of Sri Chittaranjan Das/original in Bengali written by Sri Bibhu Pada Kirti, Principal of Harvard College, Calcutta)

Mother Ganges

”Beyond the horizon of the place we lived when we were young
In a world of magnets and miracles
Our thoughts strayed constantly and without boundary
The ringing of the division bell had begun…….”

Let’s reinvent the gods all the myths of the ages/Jim Morrison Ganges at Twilight Hours Varanasi

”The grass was greener
The light was brighter
The taste was sweeter
The nights of wonder
With friends surrounded
The dawn mist glowing
The water flowing
The endless river

Forever and ever” – High Hopes, The Division Bell, Pink Floyd

By invoking the river goddess in her subtle form it is possible to charge the energy bodies (bioplasma energy bodies) and purify the ecosystem. Invocation leads to definite action plan and proper implementation of that river basin management project. This is exactly what is happening by blending the use of modern science and perennial wisdom.

Greetings !

Team cGanga Centre for Ganga River Basin Management and Studies Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh India www.cganga.orgPh: +91 512 259 7792

We are delighted to inform you that team cGanga is bringing out a quarterly Newsletter “Pragyambu” with in-depth information, knowledge & studies about the river basin management. This will be an endeavour of cGanga team to combine modern science with traditional wisdom for river basin management.

Please find attached the first three issues of the first volume. We look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions.

About Pragyambu:
The word ‘Pragyambu’, is a combination of two Sanskrit words “Pragya” means Wisdom and “Ambu” means water. By publishing Pragyambu we want to create wisdom and understanding about water and water sources. The purpose of this quarterly digest brought out by the Centre for Ganga River Basin Management and Studies (cGanga) driven by the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, is to disseminate valuable traditional and scientific knowledge assimilated from national and international sources on various aspects of management of water and river restoration and conservation among concerned institutions and citizens.

Thank you.

Team cGangaCentre for Ganga River Basin Management and Studies Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh India www.cganga.orgPh: +91 512 259 7792


Mt Kailash And Its Connectivity With The World (The Universe): Activation of the Wake-Up Time From Sleep Mode

Tibetan Thangka Depicting Mt. Kailash

When your eyes are closed it verily appears

When you wake up it disappears in you….

in circumambulation of the sacred space

there is purification of the elemental force

around the vortex there are time capsules that floor dynamic patterns

they emerge from the spectral radiance that uniformly maps all space-time vertices

all nature is vibrating through these patterns

from the seed to the flowers, from the grassy bank to the shores

there is movement in and through

there is poise and potency

there is a column of light that stretches back to infinity

in the oracle of zero it meditates on the Self

”caitanyam sasvatam santam vyomatitam niranjanam

nadabindukalatitam tasmai srigurave namah”


Journey towards the Origin by Khagendranath Jana, Author, IT Consultant & Consciousness Researcher

Vaishnavism is one of the major traditions in Indian culture which considers Vishnu as the Supreme Lord. The followers of this tradition are called Vaishnavas. This tradition is known for their loving devotion towards Krishna who is considered to be the incarnation of Vishnu. The form through which they offer their love and devotion is a combination of both the feminine as well as the masculine aspects of the divinity – Radha-Krishna, as depicted in the next image.

The form has the following visual characteristics.

·    Radha represents the feminine form of divinity and Krishna represents the masculine form of divinity.

·    Krishna has dark complexion and is seen standing with one leg crossed over the other, playing a bamboo flute

·    Radha’s complexion is fair and bright.

·    Both Radha and Krishna are holding each other closely, which represents intense mutual love between them.

From the earthly point of view, the above form symbolizes intense love between couples. The love between two attains its highest level when it is equally reciprocated. Two entities become a unified soul, though physically they are separate. Vaishnavas worship this form as a symbol of love towards the divine. Let us first try to interpret what this form could mean from the perspective of the creation.

·    Assume that Krishna is standing in a normal human posture, without his legs crossed and without a flute. The color black normally symbolizes hidden existence of something. Krishna in his dark complexion possibly represents the state of conscious prior to the start of the creation as a single-reality or the Supreme-Soul or the Purusa mentioned in the Vedic scriptures. But every existence needs a form! What was the form of this single-reality? According to Vedic scriptures it was Prakriti in an unperturbed state of equilibrium. According to modern cosmology the prakriti can be viewed as the insentient quantum vacuum, a continuum of energy which is also called as dark-energy.  So this state of Krishna, prior to the creation, can be viewed as a desire-less state of the conscious single-reality having an unperturbed Energy Continuum or prakriti as the form.  prior to the start of the creation.

·    From the perspective of a normal form of human posture, One leg crossing the other can be viewed as distortion.  This represents, desire to come out of the state of single-reality and manifest as multiplicity. This is the primordial desire or primordial ripple or a distortion in the unperturbed mind of the single-reality to break loneliness. From the point of view of modern cosmology, this distortion possibly resembles the Quantum Fluctuation that caused the Big Bang.

·    Bamboo-flute is an ancient musical instrument referred to as bansuri in mythological stories in India. It has a rich tradition of its use. The player blows air stream using his lips and creates orderly vibration of air column using fingers to produce various tunes. So playing of the bamboo flute could be symbolizing the omnipresent primordial vibration, AUM, initiated by the inner creative energy of Krishna to bring dynamism or perturbation into the inert energy-continuum or prakriti to start the creation. From the point of view of cosmology, this could the Big Bang explosion/expansion at the start of the creation.

·    Fair and bright symbolizes manifested state of something. So Radha is possibly symbolizing the manifested Universe; the dynamic and granularized state of energy-continuum or prakriti, encompassing all forms, insentient and conscious, made out of luminous matter and energy that we see in our universe.

·    And finally, Radha and Krishna are closely holding each other. The manifested universe, represented by Radha is inseparable from Krishna. Radha is inseparable from Krishna, as she represents transformation of Krishna’s own form, the energy-ontinuum or prakriti from the unperturbed state of sattva to the perturbed state of rajas and tamas to bring multiplicity into the creation. The manifested universe represented by Radha is inseparable from her origin represented by Krishna, similar to the trunk, branch and leaves of a tree are inseparable from the hidden root.

The whole universe, represented by Radha, is a melody created out of the orderly vibration of the energy-continuum or prakrit, represented by a flute being played by Krishna. Krishna can be also viewed as the primordial energy and Radha is the energetic manifestation of energy, the matter that brings multiplicity in the universe. Matter is a transformation of energy and hence they are in-separable; Radha is a transformation of Krishna and hence they are inseparable.

We can also interpret the form of Radha-Krishna from the perspective of the goal of the creation – evolution of individual consciousness represented by Radha to the level similar to that of the Krishna. Let me use the following diagram  to explain what I mean.


In the above diagram, K represents Krishna, the Universal Consciousness and R represents Radha, the individual conscious, say humans. Radha resides in a magnificent palace protected by an eight layered strong boundary wall, outside of which her true-love, Krishna, dwells and calls her by playing his flute. Radha’s ownership of the palace keeps her extremely busy in her day-to-day activities which she also enjoys doing. The obstruction of the protections and attraction of the activities within the palace keeps her away from Krishna, though Krishna always wants Radha to be near to him. But when Radha realizes that the perpetual bliss lies in the company of Krishna, she reverses her focus and performs activities to meet Krishna, overcomes the obstacles of the protectors and finally joins Krishna to enjoy the eternal bliss.

Humans, the individual conscious entities, reside in this magnificent universe and the individual consciousness is protected or covered by eight elements. Krishna, representing the Supreme Consciousness, says in the Gita,

bhumir apo nalo vayuh kham mano buddhir eva ca
ahankara itiyam me bhinna prakrtir astadha

“Earth, water, fire or heat, air, space, mind, intelligence and I-ness are my eightfold nature (that has manifested as the universe).” The physical form of every conscious entity is made of five physical and three subtle elements which have their origin as Krishna. Five physical elements are space, air, fire, water and earth and three subtle elements are mind, intelligence and I-ness. The word I-nees refers to the Self that has the feeling on ownership of the body, mind and intellect. These eight elements create a boundary between the individual and the surrounding and protect individual consciousness by generating a feeling of self-identity with regards to the surrounding. These eight objects are like eight intimate friends of Radha. But their protection also creates an obstruction and hides true reality of creation, by driving individual consciousness to focus on the isolated view of the Self and the subjects and objects of the Universe, perceived through sense organs. From this perspective, there is only one Krishna and we are representatives of Radha!

Every individual feels a sense of ownership towards the surrounding and passionately carries out life process activities by using sense organs and organs of action; life goes on…… through a mix of joyous and gloomy events. But sometimes, driven by some indescribable internal and external stimuli, an individual reverses direction of his/her actions in search of discovering the self, the purpose of existence and the source of true bliss. And from the perspective of an individual, reciprocation of love for Krishna starts from there. Being the owner of the creation, Krishna is always in love with and affectionate towards his creation. But it remains unidirectional until the reciprocation starts from the other end. And once it starts, the bidirectional attraction brings both nearer to each other and finally the individual consciousness unifies with the Supreme Consciousness, the individual hears the omnipresent primordial vibration or melody of Krishna’s flute. Radha discovers Krishna and joins him, attains a state of perpetual bliss, enjoys the divine play of the flute and acts to serve the purpose of creation – the goal of the creation is thereby achieved!

Guru-Purnima 2021: The Way Back To The Self-Unified Field (Jyotiro Jyoti – The Light of Lights That Shines Forth…)

Sri Guru Babaji Maharaj

Let the heart open up

connecting the psychic energy with its cosmic counterpart

let the language of love ripple through the ocean of vastness

there is poise in this dynamic exchange

there is gratitude and thankfulness

from the seed to the flower to the clouds and the sun

the mirror of reverence has mirrored everything

Fluting the Great Awareness of the Gateless Path

there is the eternal throbbing of Existence itself….Jay Guru

Kalida Meditating
Sri Aurobindo

When the Mind is No-Mind, Duality is Apperceived (No More Cognized) Though ‘Things Appear As They Are’

The spectrum of light

is nothing but you dancing all around

when light ceases to function,

when time & space are no more

you are still there as existence

akhandam satchitaandam avang manaso gocharam

atmanam akhiladhram ashraye abheeshtta siddhaye

the quest is no more a quest but a learning experience in the form of dreams

when the nature of reality as SELF is intuited

Mountains are mountains, rivers are rivers

the child mind leaps around from leaf to leaf

singing like the grasses, crying like the skies

you and the grasshopper are the same

And birds fly over the river

floating like a reverie

that Chagall would know or may be Handel and Strauss …



99 + 1 -> 100….A Path towards Oneness – by Sri Khagendranath Jana

On 21 st June 2015, India witnessed that in spite of the unparalleled diversities existing among
various communities, it can be unified through a common cause. This time the cause was the
celebration of the first World Yoga Day. Experts will analyze and come up with all the benefits
that Yoga can have on one’s mind and body, but the underlying ethos of Yoga needs to be
understood in order to fully realize the immense potential this activity can impart on the world.

While we were watching the last part of the Yoga Day celebration organized in New Delhi, my
daughter who is 13 years old asked me what is meaning of Yoga. My answer was that Yoga
means…Being Connected. Her next question was who is connected to whom? With my very
little knowledge, I tried to explain it to her along with my son joining the discussion; the summary
of that explanation is described below.

If I look around myself, I see both conscious and inanimate objects and a sense of duality
comes to my mind differentiating myself from the rest of the cosmos.

Yoga means connecting oneself to the rest of the Cosmos through ones thoughts and actions
and getting unified with it. In India, the addition symbol “+” is called as Yoga; 99 + 1 = 100. Both
99 and 1 are separate numbers, but when 1 is added to 99 or to say in a different way when 1 is
connected to 99 through yoga (“+”), both become part of the same unified whole, the number 100.

So when one connects to the rest of the Cosmos through Yoga, the duality ceases to exist.
The ultimate goal of Yoga is to remove duality from an individual so that all thoughts and actions
of the individual become selfless and directed towards a greater cause of the creation. Through
Physical, Mental and Intellectual techniques of Yoga, one can achieve this level of unification.

While explaining this, I could not resist myself from mentioning a hymn from Isha Upanishad
where thousands of years ago, Sages ( Rishi ) in India had advised mankind about this
connectedness which is key to harmony, sustenance and growth of our planet.

yastu sarbani bhutani
atmany ba anupashyati
sarva-bhuteshu chatmanam
tato na vijugupsate

The person, who sees all beings within the Self, and the Self within all beings, feels no
hatred.The above hymn speaks about ultimate Oneness which an individual can achieve through
Yogic techniques; ‘who sees all beings within Self’ relates to You Are Mine – a total Possession
and ‘Self within all beings’ relates to I Am Yours – a total Submission.

State of total possession or total submission is the highest spiritual realization one can achieve
through Yoga and it may sound hypothetical from pragmatic point view. But this philosophical
view should be the driver to bring oneness in the every sphere of society.
In a world that is separated by beliefs, languages, cultures, food habits, preferences and
innumerable other elements harmony and co-existence can only be achieved if there is a
common element binding us all – that is connecting my own self to the rest of my surrounding.
It may seem farfetched, but Yoga can serve as the thread that connects every individual through
one common gateway. It is like music that everyone can appreciate without having the
knowledge of the lyrics. But today if I appreciate the music, tomorrow I will try to acquire the
knowledge hidden in the lyrics. By now it is obvious to all that Yoga has health benefits and can
be a cardinal way to maintain physical wellness. But the metaphorical meaning of Yoga
transcends this obvious definition and points to a magical thread of unity that can make way for perennial peace in the world.

Gita, Chapter 18, Verse 49: Naishkarma-Siddhi – Attaining the Highest Perfection of Freedom from Action

“Asatka buddhi sarvatra jitatma vigata-sprihah/Naiskarma -siddhim paramam sannasenaadhigachchati”

Naishkarma Siddhi or the state of actionlessness (Freedom from the causality of any action) is defined in Gita in the 18th chapter as Lord Krishna explained it to his disciple Arjuna before the war. It didn’t mean no action but it meant carrying forward all responsibilities as a worship to the Divine by giving up the expectations resultant from those actions. This then becomes Karma Yoga as it involves sacrifice of the fruits of actions. In a such a state all action is equivalent to non-action as there is no agency or doer-ship involved. All actions are product of the three gunas or qualities, namely, sattwa, rajas and tamas (sattwa for clarity/rajas for desire/tamas for dullness/delusion) and they manifest themselves as long there is functional body-mind. The whole creation is combination of these 3 gunas (qualities). The percentages of their mixing might differ from whats there on Earth compared to whats there on say, Arcturus or Sirius, or, may be, in Goloka. But Upanishads sat, TAT TWAM ASI, That Thou Art/You are that, which is to point out that you are pure awareness or Being or ISNESS (Presence) which is as Gita explains, is Trigunateet – beyond the three modalities of nature. The 3 gunas appear in you the consciousness, the pure Being – they are not independent of you – here YOU is not body-mind through which it is experienced but pure awareness where a body-mind, the universe appears to have an experience of it. The fundamental substratum – pure ISNESS remains unchanged , Sat-Chit-Ananda as its called remains so as Brahman/Atman. What appears to change and is impermanent is the combination 5 elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth) endowed with the 3 gunas. What about the PERIODIC TABLE? They are all fine and can be broken down to these gross five elements. These gross five elements do have origin in tanmatras or 5 subtle elements (more refined). But subtle or gross, according to Vedanta, they are part of what we can say is Matter. They are not independent of consciousness. But consciousness is independent of all these and can exist without manifestation (think about the post-dissolution state or pralay!). Any individual goes through three phases – waking, dreaming and deep sleep, and, it is interesting to note that in deep sleep state there is only consciousness with no ‘thing’ to shine on as body-mind is dysfunctional to process any experience according to Vedanta (Madukya Upanishad). Often called the void, the deep sleep state is replete with primordial ignorance (causality) at a seed level because though consciousness is there but awakening of the True Self doesn’t take place at that level. But there’s a secret door at that level, it’s called ”Cetomukhah” – the door b/w the Self and the waking/dreaming states. Because there is no mind-body experience in the deep sleep state, there is relative bliss (ananda) but this is not Absolute Bliss of the Being (Atyantika Ananda – joy which is not subject to change). It must be understood with clarity that Being or Isness or Buddhahood or Enlightenment is Existence which is pure consciousness and pure bliss – these are not qualities and is beyond cognitive expression via language or sound. One easy way to understand it is by uttering the word ”OM” (AUM) which is the origin of causality and also which is also ”trikalatitam” (beyond past, present and future or beyond temporality).

Let us also understand that Absolute Truth can be only approached while in the body-mind because ignorance of not knowing is symptomatic of the body-mind and not of the Being /Isness. So, purification of the body-mind (purification of thoughts/ideas) is very significant in self-realisation. Praying to Virgin Mary/Holy Mother is the way forward and if the practitioner can blend karma, bhakti, yoga (meditation) and knowledge.

“A prodigal of her rich divinity,
Her self and all she was she had lent to men,
Hoping her greater being to implant
That heaven might native grow on mortal soil.” – Savitri, Sri Aurobindo


Above: Photograph of Sri Sarada Maa (Holy Mother)

Divine Mother/Mirra Alfassa

Above: Divine Mother, Pondicherry

(Gardening Portulaca)

The flowering of life is graceful if there is acceptance and surrender…….

Aspiring towards the sun,

the petals open up to the wind and rain

they rise and fall with joy

the vibration of colors and fragrance

remain forever in the OM….



“The ego is dead; we are free from being and care,
We have done with birth and death and work and fate.
O soul, it is too early to rejoice!
Thou hast reached the boundless silence of the Self,
Thou hast leaped into a glad divine abyss;
But where hast thou thrown self’s mission and self’s power?
On what dead bank on the Eternal’s road?” – Savitri, Sri Aurobindo

Mythology is one of the richest heritages that have strong influence on Indian culture for thousands of years. These are in the form of moral stories and forms passed over generation to generation for centuries. These are not false belief or idea, but they represent the history of ancient India in a different way. Behind the stories and forms, there lies a subtle message that is conveyed to the people who could comprehend the same – it is like representing laws of nature by an equation. Each such story or form, at some point time had been introduced by a sage who had encapsulated within it, a revelation about the mechanics of creation that took place in his expanded consciousness. And hereditarily, this concept got transferred to the followers of that sage. While contemplating on the form or the story, the devotee or the followers of the sage actually worships or contemplates the divine message embodied it and orient their philosophical, intellectual and behavioral aspects of life accordingly.

But to those who are not acquainted, the story or the form could be like a subject or object or recreation and appear meaningless. Let me take the example of Einstein’s famous mass energy equivalence equation M = E/C^2 to make it clear. To a person, having no knowledge of the English alphabets, it would be just a set of unknown printed symbols; to a person who has knowledge of English but in no way connected to science, it would appear a meaningless set of letters in English; to a student of science it would be Einstein’s famous mass-energy equivalence equation, but to a researcher in physics it means a lot more! Similarly, mythological forms have a deep meaning attached to it. Normally it is only known to the lineage of that sage who had introduced it. As it is passed over from generation after generation for centuries, after some time the meaning is not even available to the followers of the sage. This has happened to most of these stories and forms.Thousands of years of their existence and loss of information while passing over from generation to generation, have obscured the actual message embedded within the story or forms and those have become pure recreational activities to most of the people. In this article, I will refer to one such mythological story and my endeavor will be to unearth the subtle message that the forms could be giving to us

Once devas (demigods) and asuras (demons) together churned the ocean to get precious things from it. In the process of churning, many things emerged out of the ocean; gems, gold, silver, including the most precious nectar which is called Amrita, the drink that confers immortality. But, in that process, deadly poison, known as Halahala, also emerged out of it and its action started destroying the creation. No one was able to control that deadly poison. Gods and demons together prayed to Shiva, as they knew that only he had the power to control this poison. To save creation, Shiva drank the poison and kept it in his throat, not allowing it to go down to his stomach. His throat turned blue and he became Neelkanth –“Blue Throated”lord. Thus creation continued. Let us see what message could be hidden behind this story. The message is for the individual as well as for the civilization as a whole.

In the Vedic age, cognitive attributes of humans were categorized into two categories, devic and asuric attributes.  Devic attributes are the attributes of harmony that try to create an environment of Oneness in the society.  Asuric attributes are the attributes of dissonance which try to create an environment of discord and isolation in the society. These attributes are driving human cognition explore or churn the ecosystem of the material universe.  This is symbolically represented as churning the ocean in the above story. This churning produces objects needed for survival, comfort, luxury and other material advancement of human civilization. When this churning is dominated by devic attributes, the outcome is peace and harmony. Wealth and power are acquired through proper pursuance and used for the right purpose to create harmony in the society – a drive towards a blissful state for the whole ecological organization on the planet. Such an environment fosters a reciprocative sacrificial and devotional view of life motivating many to explore the true purpose of self-existence and the purpose of the creation.  It ultimately leads many to unify their individual consciousness with the all pervading, eternal and non-dual Cosmic Consciousness and thereby achieving a state of immortal bliss. This state is symbolically represented as drinking Amrita in the above story. Individuals with devic attributes only have the right to get Amrita.

But when this churning is dominated by asuric attributes, cognitive power drives actions to fulfil greed and establish supremacy based on power, wealth, knowledge, specific belief and many other physical aspects which are totally contrary to the philosophy of Oneness. Negative energy drives the creation. Such actions produce lethal objects which are capable of even destroying the surrounding and the civilization. Such a scenario can be termed as poisonous for the creation. The Halahala or poison mentioned in the story points to this scenario in the creation. We can introspect the actions of present human civilization and try to find an answer, whether our actions are taking us towards Amrita or Halahala!

Shiva, being one of the powerful lords of the Trinity of creation, could have swallowed and digested the poison instead of holding it in his throat and displaying its presence by blue the colour. Being an immortal, Shiva would not die! It has a symbolic meaning. The poison is not a desired outcome with regard to the purpose and goal of the creation. And these are created by intelligent beings, possessing cognitive power to understand its impacts on the environment. Swallowing and digesting the poison means,  creating a system that can perpetually remove the impact of the poison from the creation. This would thereby allow domination of the asuric attributes to carry out actions that generate poison continually, creating a hindrance to achieve the goal of creation. It is like parents supporting the misdoings of their children who, in such a scenario, would be motivated to continue doing more such actions. So the poison in Shiva’s throat symbolizes presence of negative energy in the system with increasing disorder, showing and alerting to those who are responsible for creating it and also well aware about its impact. But can the creation continue unceasingly with increasing disorder? Let me explain using a scenario described in Vedic scripture.

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the Trinity of creation, are the governors of this creation; Brahma is the architect, Vishnu is the executive owner or the preserver and Siva is the transformational leader. The Trinity symbolically represents the conscious cosmic forces in terms of broad category of functions required in creating, preserving and transforming any large system. The scenario goes like this – Lord Vishnu, being the executive owner of the creation, is the emitter of positive energy, using which the creation continues its journey. As the creation progresses, negative energy gets generated in the creation due to reactions of various actions. Lord Siva acts as the absorber of this negative energy (controlling the poison), so that the creation continues. In course of its journey, when the negative energy crosses its threshold, chaos starts in the creation. Lord Vishnu incarnates himself as an avatar, eliminates the negative energy sources and sets the creation on the right path. It is like conducting a surgery to remove malignancy from the body. This process repeats in the creation until a time comes, when negative energy becomes so strong that the creation fails to proceed further towards the desired direction. Lord Shiva, in the name of Rudra, starts his vigorous divine dance (Tandav Nritya) to annihilate the weary creation and make preparations for a new one to begin. The annihilation is actually a transformation of the creation from its present state, to a radically new one that can set its journey towards a desired direction, with all knowledge stored in subtle form to be used in the new journey.

In my view, human consciousness and hence the cognitive power is at a very high level of evolution, though dominated by emotional attributes of dissonance. At this point in time, it possibly needs a transformation that would reverse the direction of how the cognitive power would be used to shape the future of humanity – transforming the domination of asuric attributes on cognitive power to devic attributes to meet the goal of the creation. Only the conscious cosmic  forces know, whether Vishnu would incarnate or Shiva would dance! But for transforming the creation from its present state to a new order, the present humanity possibly would have to go through many surgical events, either man made or natural, or a combination of both to remove the poison. A delightful planet with peace, harmony and bliss is the goal of the creation and hence this would be established in the future. But possibly it would come at a cost! The present civilization has created enough poison as its debt to Rudra. This debt needs to be repaid to Rudra by the present humanity before post-humans hear the melody of Krishna’s flute.

”A mutual debt binds man to the Supreme”. – Savitri, Sri Aurobindo

Khagendra Nath Jana



Your Presence and Centering Determines How You See the Unfolding Drama: Important Time for Humanity to Awaken and Act Accordingly

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guha Roy

You are seeing this drama as the Witness Consciousness
The drama unfolds a chain of causation in space time
These are the events happening before you
And you plunge deep into these events but actually don’t suffer
Once you can comprehend your presence as Primordial Consciousness which is Being with no-objective reality then you are awakened truly
That you have to do whilst you are in this body-mind
The body-mind doesn’t dissolve immediately until your present karma is exhausted
But you have a new sense of reality which is your eternal presence forever untouched by the vicissitudes of life
The cyclones will come, the war will be raged, tornadoes and tremors will wreck the ground beneath your feet
But you can be the still presence – the witness to all these
There is no birth and death for you….the cycles only appear in you the consciousness
The outside universe has no independent existence apart from you the consciousness
You are pure being-awareness – santam shivam adwaitam chaturtham manyante sa atma sa vijneyah (Madukya Upanishad)
You are the turiamthe fourth – neither the waker, the dreamer and the deep sleeper
But one which powered these mutable states without itself getting identified with any one of them
This is to be realised – you are the undifferentiated consciousness the true I which is no-thing
Once you stabilise yourself – once you are centered in your Luminous Presence
Which is the Clear Light of the Void – then you understand that Knower and Known these entangled pairs appear and dissolve in you – they are all empty
You are eternal existence consciousness and bliss
You are Sat-Chit-Ananda
It’s not that you become it
There is no-doing that will make you what you already are
It’s only non-doing but practically doing is essential to go through the various stages to figure it out your own way
Since you are conditioned by the body-mind complex, by the dualities of life – the process of doing is essential to exhaust you
When you understand no doing will make you what you are – then you are still point on the dancing wave
Life ticks on but you remain unruffled
In the midst of all action you are the luminous presence
This is therefore not a call to inaction but to understand that you never are the doer
This is to understand what Krishna says to Arjuna in the Gita
To find action in inaction and inaction in action
When the paradoxes are understood properly through the light of non-dual knowledge then you can do any action and still be free from causation
The paradoxes are used because the witness consciousness is beyond neurocognitive understanding through written or oral symbols
The paradoxes are pointers to that deeper reality which you already are
There is no way to understand it or experience than this way
You can’t technically experience it because then what is experienced becomes immediately an object and an experiencer who experienced it….it is not a recursive function
You have to get it intuitively
Once you are awakened
The world remains as it is – the scream of the butterfly, the surge of the oceans and the cracking of earth
You see this as part of your own reality – the other is now yourself appearing in myriad name form and function
The essential reality remains unchanged
Then what engenders in you is Maha-Karuna
The great compassion
For all sentient beings , for even the rocks and stones and the quasar and the quarks and leptons
Because you have apparently become that as part of the Lila
This is called maha-uddharan – the great salvation
The stage is set for the world
Eternity in time is -I-ternity
All becomes easy when you know –wei-wu-wei
The idea of doing-without-doing
And no doing at all

Your still presence have fashioned gleefully the formation of stars and microbes
Sing the song of your presence
The peacocks are dancing, the rain clouds will fulfil the lotus pond
And all children will be playing the fiddle in the land of the golden sun
This is the message of Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri
All life is then Yoga
Hari Om Tat Sat
Jay Jesus
Jay Maa
Jay Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sundor


Swami Vivekananda
The Tribal Dance , Bengal patachitra

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

Srimad Bhagabwat Gita – the Constitution of the Cosmosarticle by my colleague K. Jana

Srimad Bhagabat Gita is a Spiritual, Philosophical, Intellectual and Practical scripture which has been enlightening people throughout the world since Her inception. “Gita Mahatmyam”, the glory or the greatness of the Gita, is described in the Baraha Purana where Lord Vishnu explains the greatness of the Gita. He says – “Gita jnaanam upaashritya treen lokaan paalayaamyaham.” – I govern the three worlds with the knowledge of the Gita. The three worlds in this verse symbolically refers to the entire Cosmos – the gross, the subtle and the causal layers of the Cosmos. The same knowledge that Lord Vishnu uses to govern the Cosmos had been taught to Arjuna to enlighten his conscience to sacrifice emotional bondage towards him family and fight against his kith and kin for a greater cause towards humanity.

So the applicability of the knowledge of the Gita covers a wide spectrum – from governing the conscience of an individual to the governance of the Cosmos. Starting from an individual, it is the constitution of a society, a country and the whole humanity. But what is the foundation of this governance model? The foundation is karma (action), viewed as worship to the divine or as yajna – offering to the divine. The Gita proclaims – the whole creation is a yajna, performed by the Supreme, through which He has manifested within everything in the Cosmos. The Sun is continually burning or performing yajna and providing energy for appearance, existence and evolution of life on the Earth. Hence all our actions should be performed in the spirit of yajna.

The Gita Says.
“Brahmarpanam Brahma havir Brahmagnau Brahmanahutaṃ,
Brahmaiva tena gantavyamBrahmakarma samadhinah.”

The act of offering is Supreme. The oblation is Supreme. By the Supreme it is offered into the fire which is Supreme.Such persons, who view everything as the Supreme and carry out actions, attains the essence of the Supreme. Every action performed by the actor with the spirit of yajna contributes to the purpose and goal of the creation, irrespective of how small or big it is, or how simple or complex it is. A sage, a warrior, a farmer, a scientist or any other person serving the society with this spirit is actually performing worship to the Supreme and it paves the way to realizing the ultimate reality and a state of perpetual bliss.

Krishna says
“svakarmana tam abhyarchya siddhiṁ vindati manavaḥ”

By devotion to one’s natural activity, a person worships the Supreme and attains the state of perpetual bliss.
The context of The Gita is The Mahabharata war field. Just before start of the war, Arjuna, the most acclaimed Pandava warrior of the era refused to take part in the war. His conscience prohibited him from destroying his own kin. Since most people view war as an act of destruction, it is often asked and criticized by many, whether a spiritual scripture such as The Gita should have emanated from the war field. A serene and more harmonious time in history could have been more suited for the birth of The Gita. Or in other word how a Cosmic Constitution supports a war! Let me present my view.
All wars which have already taken place or will happen in the future can be categorised into following three types,
• Tamasic War – Tamasic Wars are primarily driven by ruthless aggression of powerful groups on comparatively weaker sections to impose their perceived supremacy of war power, wealth, religious thoughts etc. Such aggressive groups, just by virtue of their power, want to establish supremacy by any means, even mercilessly kill innocents.
• Rajasic War – Rajasic Wars are primarily driven to resolve a conflict between more or less equally powerful groups. The loser group has to accept post war terms and conditions put by the winner group and normally the war ends there.
• Sattvic War – Sattvic Wars is that war that takes place to keep the overall system in tune with its purpose and goal. Cell inside the human body are constantly fighting and sacrificing themselves to keep the body from harmful elements. The same is true is for human civilization also. As the civilization progresses, time and again situations arise when the human values take a back seat. People get driven by self-centricity, greed for power and wealth and establish ruthless supremacy at the cost of innocent lives. Such acts rip apart the society and become malignant in nature. It becomes essential that drastic measures be taken to prevent the potential catastrophe. Sattvic war is the essential Surgery that saves the society from further decays and gifts it a new life.
The Kurukshetra war was a Sattvic war for establishing righteousness in the society by eliminating tamasic forces. Sri Krishna – the epitome of extreme wisdom and Arjuna – the highest form of extreme war power – joined hands to perform the most critical Surgery to the society. They removed the malice through this Dharama-Yudh to establish a unified country, then known as Bharata. Before the commencement of the war, Arjuna got torn apart in his internal conflict. On one hand he had the option of not engaging in this heinous crime of killing family members and on the other hand his duty towards the society urged him to take part in the act, an act that would need the death of all the attachments he had towards his family. This conflict between moral values and emotional attachments was probably the toughest the world has ever seen. It was powerful enough to tear apart even the strongest warrior of the era. It is unimaginable to think of a conflict that is as devastating as this. Krishna, the wisdom, enlightened Arjun with his views through this discourse based on Duty, Knowledge and Devotion and left the decision on Arjuna. The hardest internal conflict of the most the powerful warrior at his highest crucial moment needed the guidance from the wisest person for its resolution. In my view, the perfect context for this fascinating discourse – The Bhagavat Gita. Though any form war is undesirable, to put the system in right path, a realistic constitution should support Sattvic War. Let us analyze the present scenario of human civilization.
Last four hundred years of scientific exploration of the material world has discovered the a few mysteries of its gross and subtle properties. The application of these discoveries has given unprecedented ease of survival, comfort luxury to human. This material advancement has a cost in terms of devalued mind which the humanity is paying now. It has generated limitless greed to accumulate wealth, power, and superiority within the individuals, communities and countries. Unfulfillment of the desire is causing anger and frustration which further directing human mind to put all time and energy towards achieving it. Another outcome of the greedy mind is the destruction of the ecosystem which is like the mother’s womb that causing appearance, existence and evolution of life. Human activities driven by population growth, demand for limitless comfort and luxury, supported by the industrial revolution, usage of scientific and technological research for establishing supremacy and many similar activities for advancing the civilization have created profound impact on the health of the ecosystem through reduction of biodiversity, increase in emission of greenhouse gases, reckless exploitation of natural resources, dumping of waste into water bodies and many more. Scientists have already alerted us about the harmful consequences of this degradation and if it continues like this, the planet may not remain habitable for life forms. We are heading towards what? The Gita, Cosmic Constitution, has alarmed us thousands of years ago.
“dhyayato visayanpumsah, sangastesupajayate
sangatsanjayatekamah, kamatkrodhobhijayate
krodhad bhavati sammohah, sammohat smrtivibhramah
smrti bhramsad buddhinaso, buddhinasat pranasyati”

While contemplating on wealth(material world), one develops strong attachment to it, such attachment gives rise to a strong desire to acquire it, un-fulfillment of this desire develops anger which gives rise to delusion. Delusion causes loss of knowledge about what is righteous and what is unrighteous, causing bewildered intelligence to drive for unrighteous or unconstitutional action to acquire it. This paves the way towards destruction. The message is not only for an individual, but for a community, a country and for the whole humanity. Vedic framework never disregarded the material world or wealth or advised one to stay away from it. They advised of the process of acquiring or using wealth by renunciation of lust, greed, anger, delusion and envy which are attributes of dissonance and isolation.
An action of an individual can be categorized in three types, a selfish action, a reciprocative action and a selfless action. A selfish action is driven by greed where the actor(s) wants accumulate something by any means even causing harm to other individuals, to the society, to the whole country and even to the whole ecosystem around us. In a reciprocative action, the actor respectfully reciprocates the service receives from others. As an example, the ecosystem nourishes human and hence as a reciprocative action human also should nourish ecosystem to keep it healthy. A selfless action is a yajna where actor spontaneously acts for welfare of all without any hope of receiving something. Such actions can be well represented by a sloka from the Rig Veda – “atmano mokshartham jagat hitaya cha” – for the salvation of one’s individual self and for the well-being of all on earth. Though the Gita stresses selfless actions, the starting point is reciprocative actions for welfare of each other. The Gita says, “parasparam bhavayantah sreyah param avapsyatha” – nourishing one another, there will be prosperity for all. Our present actions are mostly selfish and if it continues, it may lead to the path destruction of the humanity. So are heading towards annihilating ourselves through our deeds?
The answer is known to the Supreme! But the path of any evolution is apparently a continual friction between virtuous and evil and in the long run virtuous wins over evil. More than 3 billion years (1 billion = 1000000000) ago, life on our planet appeared through single cellular organism and through billions of years of evolution, a complex life form with trillions of interconnected cells (1 trillion = 1000000000000) appeared on the earth. The life form is human, having potential to search for its origin and explore to find answers to the questions like; why this creation? , what is life all about? , what is the purpose of existence? The questions are esoteric but very fundamental. Though modern science avoids answering such questions, Rishis in the Vedic age explored and found answers to these questions and explained scriptures like the Upanishads, the Gita and others. According to Vedic view, there is a conscious (consciousness of the Supreme) will behind the creation (contrary to the modern scientific view that the creation is random phenomena) and the evolution of life in our planet is a consciously designed activity to evolve the consciousness of the life forms to a level so that it can attain the level which is similar to that of its origin or the consciousness of the Supreme. The Gita proclaims it through the verse,
“bahavo jnana-tapasa puta mad-bhavam agatah”
Many purified by wisdom and austerity have attained to my state of being.
Hence there may be a grand plan behind the creation. Though it appears that present actions of humanity could lead to the annihilation of human, a delightful planet with peace, harmony and bliss could the future of the planet. But for that to happen, human needs a transition from the asuric view life to the devic view. In the Gita, cognitive attributes like mind, intelligence are categorized into types; devic and asuric. Devic attributes like worship, love, respect, empathy reciprocation, sacrifice etc are attributes of harmony that drives actions of the people to create and maintain environment of harmony. Whereas asuric attributes like greed, mistrust, anger, hatred etc that drive actions of the people to create an environment of dissonance. I hope, the readers will agree with me that, asuric attributes have become the driver of present humanity. But for transition from the asuric view of life to the devic, humanity needs a framework or constitution that is philosophical, rational, practical and implementable. Starting from an individual, the framework should encompass a community, a country and the humanity as a whole. In my view, that framework or constitution is the Gita. Eighteen chapters of the discourse between Krishna and Arjuna are like eighteen steps of staircase that transforms Arjuna from a state of self dejection to the state of self realization. In this journey, Krishna gives a holistic view of the Cosmos, explains purpose of life, synthesizes different philosophical perspective of life and details out artistry of performing actions that can lead an individual to the path of self realization as well as remove negative energy sources from the society for harmonious coexistence of all. A discourse that took place more than five thousand years ago has influenced sages, philosophers, intellectuals and practitioners since her inception. Even at this present time when matter has become the driver of human consciousness, influence and acceptance of the Gita is increasing day by day in various spheres of the society.
The time of transition from the asuric view of life to the devic view of life may not be very far! (This is personal view only.) But there is a price to be paid for every transformation. Possibly, the present humanity would have to go through many surgical events, either manmade or natural or a combination of both for the greedy their actions that have poisoned this beautiful planet. Such events would compel to establish a framework, applicable to an individual, to a country and to whole human civilization. That framework is the spiritual, intellectual and practical knowledge of Gita that can establish “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, the world is one family.
The knowledge of the Gita should spread among all. In this context, I respectfully appreciate the holly initiative take by Acharya Debananda Sastriji through Learn Gita, Live in Gita.
Hari Om
Khagendra Nath Jana

”Twam eva viditva atimrityumeti/nanyah panthah vidyate ayanaya” HE WHO KNOWS HIM GOES BEYOND DEATH,/FOR HE IS THE ONLY PATH TO LIFE IMMORTAL


Only by understanding the Self

The Cosmic Dualism will end

Though it will appear

But it will not affect the Being

And there is ONE Being and many apparent becomings

Our focus will have to be on the Being-Awareness

Which is not an ENTITY, not a-thing

It is not an object that is to be perceived

It is not a ‘vritti’, a modification of the mind

It is the very ground of every experience

It is existence itself

The stars are enfolded in it, they appear in their innumerable forms

And disappear in the void

Space-time, matter-energy – the very fabric of this universe is Awareness only

They don’t exist independent of this Being-Awareness

We have physical universes and subtle universes

And more subtle than that but all appearing in this BEING

Atman illumines every object, but it is not illumined by any thing

It is self-luminous (chit) and self-revelatory (swaprakasha)

It is one and without a second

So, there is diversity within this unity

Waking, dreaming, and deep sleep are different

But behind all that is the fourth, the TURIAM

Untouched, un-ruffled and imperishable

It is the UN-BORN

Beyond language and cognition

But the basis of all cognitive perceptions and simulacra

The wise know it by not knowing it (as an object)

‘’Sraddhasva tata sraddhasva natra moham kurusva bhoh

Jnanasvarupo bhagavanaatma tvam prakrteh parah’’

‘’Have faithfulness, my child, have faithfulness. Have no delusion about this.

You are the essence of supreme wisdom, transcending nature. You are the Lord, you are the (supreme) Self’’.

Astavakra puts the Upanishadic reverence (SRADDHA) of the Self for the Self as fundamental for self-knowledge and self-transcendence

Faith in understanding what is behind all our experiences

It is as Astavakra says ‘’Jnanaswarupo Bhagavan’’

Consciousness (caitanya) is devoid of birth and destruction

It is the enduring ONE called Wisdom / ‘’Jnana’’

Beyond the confines of the body-mind complex

Far beyond the reaches of Artificial Intelligence

You are the immutable existence itself


So, start thinking about what is happening in the world at this moment?

WHO is creating all this chaos?

Time has come for SALVATION on Earth

None of the perpetrators will be spared!