Dialogue between the Master Architect and the Disciple Student/The Free-Learner Experience: Examination of the Laws of Creation and the ‘Intelligent Mind’ Behind All

Creation as a Bubble in the Mind-Architecture- Beyond Intelligence-Processing Towards the Unknown Loveliness/Pic Source: dailygalaxy.com

Creation as a Bubble in the Mind-Architecture- Beyond Intelligence-Processing Towards the Unknown Loveliness/Pic Source: dailygalaxy.com

Dialogue between the Master Architect and the Disciple Student/The Free-Learner Experience: Examination of the Laws of Creation  and the ‘Intelligent Mind’ Behind All 

Student: We are isolated yet having a social structure that connects us using technology

Architect: You have to admit that you all are individual self-organizing units that actually work in isolation as well same as in unison. I think you will not follow the above statement correctly because your judgment and the meaning-processing mind is not fully developed. Social connections i.e. between humans and with the environment is equally necessary as existence itself – different parts must combine and recombine to give essence to the creational principle which is both unison and differentiation. Here, of course, differentiation is not based on any injected social distinction that you have incorporated based on your conditioned prejudice and preferences. Even in the midst of deeper isolation which is a figment of your false ego, you are deeply interconnected with the world and with the creation. So, there is nothing called isolation in the sense that you have defined here contextually.

Student: Do we have a ‘intelligent mind’ which can process ‘real meaning’ that makes sense to us and the creation?

Architect: You have a mind that is primitive or aboriginal which is creative to the core but only when you step out to wear the mask that hides your real identity then you make barriers for yourself to process meaning because you then curb your natural instincts which are based on pure feelings. These barriers are already there in the false identity that you drag with yourself wherever you go thereby obscuring your ‘self’ to enjoy the ‘beautiful experience’ that creation allows bringing you on the brink of despair than enlightenment. ‘Pure Intelligence’ is like an ocean with waves that needs to be accessed, it’s like a stream flowing inside you from the origins – you have to be a perfect navigator or mariner to be in contact with the field where everything rests eternally. In different points of time in the history of your civilization, higher beings have arrived to give you a ‘message’ which afterwards was used by some foolish men on earth to propel their own ships of agenda. Once the process of meaning went wrong there was no chance of revival or recovery from that point. This almost explains if not fully the slow process of human development in terms of consciousness.

Student: What is the ‘real meaning’ of our existence?

Architect: The real meaning is not inside the truth that implicates the meaning but it’s residing in the mind which experiences this truth from one point to the other as you  travel towards your origins both physically and non-locally. It’s all that you experience encapsulated in a decompression chamber about all that you don’t experience or will never experience or there to be experienced by anyone beyond any experience at all. That’s a very hard statement and a bit harsh like the cold wintry spell or the hottest summer without rainfall. Let’s for a moment sing this song, it’s a hymn:

an apple entwined                                                   da Vinci Sketch Showing the Flight Pattern of a Bird, circa. 15th Century High Renaissance

the sun that we see, inside and outside

we ride the tide 

above below


little mind in a capsule

lifts itself 

beyond time and space 

grace for us all 

we brace the loveliness in things!

Student: Is our present knowledge efficient? What you mean by loveliness in things? Is there any thing ‘out there’?

Architect: I think your calculus didn’t probe into loveliness in the proper way, it’s a classic case of non-alignment to the core principles of creation. What you have received so far is not knowledge but broken pieces or chunks of raw data that you stored as information systems in your brain as ‘qubits or in your machines as bits. This is very different from knowledge that exists in the creation as free to be used or accessed – this is primarily based on experience which I have already pointed out- that which comes to you naturally in your unconditioned mind – loveliness is a feeling centric experience which connects you to your perennial source. The source of this is within your self and also outside the physical finite realm that you cognize with apparently as ‘things known’ to you. What is known is alternately unknown to you and vice versa. Try to comprehend the deeper sub-strata of reality that confronts you which can be subsequently experienced irrespective of the social garb that you have created to make the world run its administrative functions. Everything is ‘out there’ as you experience and simultaneously ‘in here’ as you experience it, it’s only the loveliness that matters most, each adding value to the system by quantum integration of the multiple infinite sub-units that makes both the macro and micro-cosm which we sometimes call existence patterned as geometry of the unknown zero expanding and contracting for a life beyond experience into the pure consciousness of the loveliness that matters most and is of utmost significance.

If you didn’t comprehend this then probe into the word ‘loveliness’, investigate the very structural symmetry underlying that information pattern, program the ‘qubits’ to process what you will in nanoseconds but still there is something that you will not know about this creation. But, for a second if you open your mind to possibilities without any sequential alignment to the creational mystery of loveliness you will know it as the face of the great moon or the tree ripening its fruit or the dog watching the sun hibernate beneath a thick veil of clouds bringing rain to end the draught of spiritual instability and utter neurosis.

scattered sun everywhere

the petals of the moon are rose-tinted hues pink or purple and white like the sea-foam

waves eternally in

and out

loveliness is the lonely child apprehending the creation in ‘things made from itself’

when you are free as a quasar or as the ‘imoglitan vran’

nothing is preconceived

so it can be a tree or a stone or a bullock cart

And nothing at all

Except the loveliness…

of a bird in flight…

uncognized beauty is the true essence that is forever the labour of the creation

recognize yourself as a part within that…

Student: I thank you for this dialogue, my final question and by no means the end of it all- Can we reach a higher stage in the creation by the process of evolution?

Master Architect: The smallest point is a circle as a dot -it circumambulates the creation faster than light but you don’t see it. But if you can visualize it by the creative manifestation of your mind then you are reaching a grand scale in the process of evolution that other master races have comprehended. Miss-comprehension is a malady, a disease no-comprehension is even better than it. At the bottom of your self you are left with interactions that bring more interactive fields which generate the evolution of your biological and spiritual entity. We are all entities unconfined by the creational law – you and me and the creation itself are loveliness that we behold together as the constant play between the ‘player’ and the ‘architect’, the piper,  each becoming the other and reversing the role till there is no role to be assumed or prophesied in the realm of the eternal loveliness where beauty wraps itself in the honey the butterfly seeks, each drop making the flower more dearer to itself and to nature, and, each strand of color in the wings making it happier to brush the air with the instinct of an artist hidden in the solitude of the bud reprise to the sun this very dialogue between the Creatrix and the Student of Transformation. 

In the end, just remember one thing – you are here to live the ‘eternal moment’ as you wished before you began!


Important Notice:

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when one contemplates the mystery of eternity, of life, of the marvellous structure of reality. It is not enough if one tries to comprehend only a little of this mystery everyday”. – Albert Einstein

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Temi Tea Estate

‘’While the barred clouds bloom the soft-dying day,

And touch the stubble-plains with rosy hue;

Then in a wailful choir the small gnats mourn…

And full-grown lambs loud bleat from the hilly bourn;…”

(Ode to Autumn, John Keats)

‘’Lest I wither away someday in the blue mist of Hemanta

As the paddies will be shed with their drooping eyelids

In the fields of Bengal…

As the yellow leaves will be mingling

With the brown ones in the courtyard…

(Ruposhi Bangla, Jibanananda Das)

mirrored in the mind

the universe hangs

within and without

perceptions create the reality around

the cave paintings allude to the pastness of this experience

and future is stored in the latent potency of ideas

they are like sparrows and squirrels, elephants and horses

they move about yet they don’t

pixelated in the skull as the theatre of time

unfolding the atomized beauty of the waning and waxing

shapes or patterns that conjugate name and form

and dissolve in the pure no-thing vastness

to which it only appears as the scream of Munch

the Byzantine art recollected in tapestries

or in Wagner’s Parsifal, in the late autumnal glow of Jibanananda

if I have known all these

then let the mind be emptied of its songs

let the raindrops swell the bud and the branches

and fragrance remain in the twilight hours

before sleep,

I have left bare all disguises on the moonlit dew of grassy embankments



Sri Ramakrishna and the Integration of different pathways into a Non-Dual understanding


The force of gravity and one of the dimensions of space might be generated out of the peculiar interactions of particles and fields existing in a lower-dimensional realm – Juan Maldacena

‘’Om ity etad aksaram idam sarvam

Tasya upavyakhyanam

Bhutam bhavad bhavisyad

Iti sarvamumkara eva

Yac canyat trikalatitam

Tadapy aumkara eva’’ – 1.0 (Mandukya Upanishad)

(AUM, the word is all this. All that is past, present and future is verily Aum. That which is beyond the triple conception of time, is also truly AUM)

In a world where pure reason is even doubted and everything defined by computational synergies inside the brain, its hard to gloss over an event where a village boy of merely six years experiences an ecstatic state – an internal mental absorption which renders the physical body to a calm disposition of stillness, – a trance where the logic of the membranes falls apart only to merge into a great ocean of existence called life, by just having a seen a flock of snow-winged cranes flying past against a great backdrop of dark grey monsoon-bearing clouds. This is astonishing to a few, for the rest of the world it is just a mundane event for the village folk whose minds are orally coloured by nuances of the folklore, the fairy tale and the narratives of gods, sages and demons! The event itself, evokes the mytho-poeic mind to compose a song or poetry, or, play a classical raga suitable to express what the heart wants to say than what the computational logic threshold might suggest. For the Zen masters, or the wandering Sufi’s or the mendicant Baul’s, this is ‘’satori’’ – an experiential moment of ‘’suchness’’/’’tathata’’ (the Ultimate Nature of all things, as expressed in phenomena but inexpressible in language) where totality is accessible in a flash. This totality is the Being-ISNESS in Adwaita Vedanta, the substratum on which events are cognized in a matrix of space-time and causality. A simple event of individual realisation opens up to the core polemics of our scientific understanding, our knowledge, our thinking, our behaviour, to ratify all that we thought as the known, the measurable and the unknown or immeasurable. One can point out with the usage of the latest tools like functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), that the brain states could reveal patterns and configurations which can be easily mapped to reveal more datasets on this experience and the neuronal corelates can be contrasted against other brain states amidst normal waking activity or REM sleep and lot of information can be retrieved based on the cycles and rhythms pertaining to alpha, beta, gamma or theta waves. Does then the brain activity describe the 1st person subjective experience of the trance state? No matter how we go deep into it by an objective framework of measurement, the subjective experience cannot be fully explained by modern neuroscience and how something biological can have qualia or subjective experience is still now unresolved as the hard problem of consciousness. Though the hard problem is not necessarily hard if we consider what Mandukya Upanishad suggests by explaining that there is one permanent consciousness behind every experience, consciousness is merely illumining every activity of the mind and thereby the physical world of objects via the sensory gates using the synapses in the brain, consciousness is the only fundamental reality where space-time and causation are experienced by the knower. The knower and knowable arise and subside in an ever-present awareness which we are as Existence-Consciousness, an objectively no-thing that can never be localised. This atemporal consciousness is behind all experiences which are limited by time and causality, it itself doesn’t change but provides the platform where apparent duality of subject-object distinction is observed by the mind-body complex in a surge of fleeting sensations. Our probing into the reality had practical usage, we had to understand the diversity of our own experiences, the complexity of the processes involved but, meanwhile, while the probe went on with zero-point energy quantum vacuum fluctuations, matter disappeared right in front our eyes into merely gibberish names, forms, and structures by giving rise to virtual particles that pop in and out of existence continuously. And what had happened to the boy in trance is therefore merely a speculation into the heart of matter or is it something which is beyond cognitive understanding, but which supports every act of memory and recognition? Of course, the boy grew up to become one of the greatest known spiritual masters of the modern time, Sri Ramakrishna, who said that reality is always one and universal expressing itself in manifold ways, the seed idea of the Upanishads, and, of the Gita, which remain yet to be fully comprehended and integrated by our own scientific pursuits.

The boy in trance is merely metaphor for physical transformation? Of shifts in our cognitive behaviour – an evolution of matter itself in guise of mind? And isn’t that mind is also changing with the alterations in our perceptions, thoughts, memories etc.? Can these changes be plotted in various ways depending on how we want to tell this story and the subsequent data visualisation based on relationship, distribution, composition. comparison? All these what constitutes our data analytics paradigm are based on the premise that this universe that we experience is solely objective that can be measured by using sophisticated tools and techniques which themselves are subject to change with respect to time and causation. But in no such instances, the knower and the knowable and the knowledge or instruments of knowledge are beyond our ‘’’being-awareness’’. There is no universe out there, no atoms or quasars, and qubits, independent of the consciousness we are, and this supreme realisation is available to us in our triple states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep. In fact, the very sentience we feel right now, in every act of our knowing is because of this consciousness which is the absolute reality not subject to change and alteration. Swami Vivekananda, one of the foremost disciple of Sri Ramakrishna, practically took it on him to empower the world and to liberate us from this constituent chain of causation by saying that ‘’for in the Absolute there is neither, time, space, nor causation; It is all one. That which exists by itself alone cannot have any cause. That which is free cannot have any cause; else it would not be free, but, bound. That which has relativity cannot be free”.  From the gross physical matter to subtle energy-bodies are all subject to change but that which by its presence is a witness to these apparent changes is the pure awareness, the reality of this universe and of all sentient beings. The apparent diversity of the universe is a superimposition on that consciousness, and, once this illumination dawns in, everything is cognized as one supreme is-ness not subject to any causation. Though duality, which is the structural DNA of every experience, is perceived, but it no longer remains so in our deeper understanding.

Lord Shiva

Sri Ramakrishna testified to this harmonious unity or oneness – the fabric of reality, by different pathways, and, all lead to the same source of existence. In his own simple, rustic style he was able to convey the deepest truth unadulterated by any malaise of the body-mind complex. He was open to accepting the highest truth by an integration of action (karma), love (bhakti), concentration (dhyana) and knowledge (jnana) which comprises in a sequential stage-by-stage process the attainment of highest non-duality. Each stage of human development, each cycle of its understanding, retains the practical benefit for the aspirant, and by no means, the stages of progression compete against each other for fulfilment and competition but rather they facilitate the learning process of self-enquiry into Brahman or What Am I. The consequences of this realisation is very contextual at a time when earth and its inhabitants are wrecked by multiple problems ranging from climate change to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the malnutrition of children, the inherent instability in human behaviour and the differences caused by caste, creed, language and gender. If diversity is understood as the singular dance of matter within consciousness, then this objective universe though relatively real is just a dynamic holographic projection of one universal reality which is described as Sat-Chit-Ananda or Existence-Consciousness-Bliss. The transactional universe is not something independent of the Self/Being-Awareness and much to our astonishment, that which was perceived as the Other-than-Self can now be integrated back into the non-duality unity without any error. This has tremendous implications for the world-crisis, transactions are purified by love and friendship and competition is challenged by mutual co-operation, and collaboration. This is a resolution to the fundamental duality inherent in nature, not by one act or force, but, by a coherent understanding which integrates the dichotomies without interfering with the three levels of reality (Prabhasika/Illusory; Vyabharika/Transactional/both Explicate and Implicate; Paramarthik/Absolute/Super-Implicate).

In short, language is a great indicator or a pointer, it enfolds and unfolds the semantics and semiotics of the Self; it has embedded in it the geometry of life and forces of physics and the equations of mathematics but finally the sacred texts all fall into silence, the dharmas are all empty and there is no path, moksha or liberation – ‘’Na nirodhah na ca utpattih na ca sadhakah;/Na mumuksu nav ai muktah ityesa paramarthata’’ – ‘’There is no death, no birth. No one is in worldly bondage, no one is trying to get liberation, no one is seeking it, and no one is liberated either. This is the Supreme Truth’’. (Mandukya Karika)


‘It is here, it is now and it is nowhere’- The Digital Metamorphosis

The Hermes Effect

– J

Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and Swami Vivekananda: Celebration of Infinite-Existence-Awareness


beyond the abode of dream and sleep

I am awake as awareness itself

witnessing as it unfolds

the sun dipping in the lake

the flakes of snowy moon etching shadows of juniper trees

where thoughts rise, dissolve and fade

where winds squall in b/w the mountain passes

there and there itself

the withered petals have scattered everywhere

and new mown grasses have grown

from bones in the dust

the eagle soaring high

remains motionless and still

it’s beak resembling the prison of time,

and the wars, bloodshed and death

the horror, the holocaust and the hurricane

and symphonies that surge towards the crest of a wave

and fall with the resembling inaction of its action

the dried sunflowers wilting on the canvas

are suddenly awakened by the morning ragas

or by the chanting of the rivers

offered sacredly to the great existence that I am

you the name and form have endured incision of the surgeon

suffered the palette knife the scalpel and scythe

under the rock or in abandoned asylums

the doors swings

the wind blows hustling the sound of sirens

and echoes of the last hour

in reminiscences of tolling bells and embers of fire

the city vanquished is emptied of its dreams

is existence itself

there silence hath covered the face of the deep

and I don’t know why

and I don’t know why …..


Sri Aurobindo’s Maha-Samadhi and the Chalice of Consciousness: ”Self-Reliant” India (Atma-Nirbhar-Bharat) is the foundation of a Deeper Conscious Reality

Anadi chetoner matri garve alor darshan

In the the womb of the infinite consciousness there is always the light that shines

tarei kriya pakriyay ei bhasoman jagat

that shining forth is this multi-verse afloat

purnwa kare premomayi pratimar bija

it fulfills the desire to manifest the seed-form

akhanda satyer naad shaktir antarale futiye tole phool pahar ashru kishalay

the undivided existence manifests the world of myriad things

sabda rashi punja chetonar aloy bhariye tole bhuvon

from the primordial sound, words are born in the chalice of consciousness

they carry forth the fragrance of a LIFE DIVINE!

‘’Atma Nirbhar Bharat’’ is a policy that supports the vision of a self-reliant and self-sufficient nation effectively in terms of core infrastructure, economy, technology, demography and demand to support all levels of human growth and development. Conceived by the Shri Narendra Modi,  the Prime Minister of India, in 2020, the policy engenders implementation of various schemes and stimulus packages for garnering growth in businesses including MSMES, for optimizing the livelihoods of the poor farmers, for innovation in the agricultural sector and in industrial cluster upgradation to supplement manufacturing from solar PV to defence equipment with full IT logistics. The visionary model of Atma Nirbhar Bharat or Self-Reliant India is based on paradigm shift of perspectives where the sustainability and growth not just incremental growth but a quantum jump in the economy are both fused into the fabric of the nation’s unity in diversity spirit which it had sustained for many millennium.

The word ‘’Atma’’ and ‘’Nirbhar’’ relates to the individual self and the reliance or self-sufficiency of it to foster the concept of an organic unity despite the manifold differences that show up on the surface. This is the central teaching of the Upanishads and the Bhagawat Gita, the cardinal scriptures that have defined the triadic structural symmetry between the individual (microcosm), the universe (macrocosm) and the Supreme Self. Once the dynamics of this triadic relationship is understood perfectly and at all levels of human perception, then the impetus in the seed idea becomes self-activated for the individual and the nation. The clarion call for the dynamic mobilisation of resources, both, human and natural is the operating praxis for such a national policy and it stems directly from the Bhagawat Gita. In the scripture, the call for immediate ACTION which is like a sacrifice or ‘’’yajna’’ where the spirit of dynamism is not deluded by the uncertainty in the possibilities of its outcome is extolled by Krishna, the great preceptor. When a whole nation is awakened by a great cause to action without any selfish desire or motif then that is karma yoga of the highest order on earth: ‘’karmany-evadhikaras te ma phalesu kadachana/ma karma phala hetur bhur ma te sangostvakarmani’’. In this most famous teaching of Karma Yoga, in Gita, the teacher says that we all have the right to work/action but no right to results and we should avoid inaction. The results of any action depend upon many factors some of them are controllable by us using the most sophisticated technology and the others are not. If we get an immediate notice of an impending tsunami in a certain area by using sonar technology, we would take all steps to evacuate people from that place, but the final outcome of the event cannot be predicted by our effort. Our intention and effort without thinking about loses or gains can be considered as one single concerted action that the universe or the cosmos is performing like an orchestra undeterred by any interference of its outcome. In Indian metaphysics, the concept of the individual self is extended to accommodate the entire cosmos whereby action is finally de-localised and agency is distributed across the entire stream of space-time in the universe. Thus, the individual in its deepest sense is an expression of the entire universe in its totality making reality we experience as play within an unchanging consciousness appearing as manifold differentiated local realities. Once, this profound understanding of who we are is dawned then any action we do is an orchestrated action of the entire universe in all its variegated display. This is a motivation, the highest of its kind for equitable action based on the Gita’s concept of ‘Samadarshitwa’- seeing the same reality in every experience making the model for ‘’Atma Nirbhar Bharat’’ a signifier for all-inclusive evolution and development.

Another important aspect of this policy is the understanding of universal intelligence which is operational here in the cosmos – from micro-organisms to neutron stars to supernovas all exhibit and share this intelligence across a network of space-time in the universe. This intelligence with its awareness exhibited in man via the synapses in the brain is a unique feature that gives him power and responsibility to find solutions to every problem. The responsibility aspect of intelligence is a guiding force that can mitigate crisis by optimizing resources that contributes to the highest well-being of a nation. This takes us to the fourth aspect of this policy which is well-being of a nation or ‘Swastha’’. The buddhi yoga of Gita is directly connected with the well-being of a nation and with the idea of a sustainable universe. For a policy to become a movement, one needs to explore the foundational equity of that seed idea which must be organic and supportive of further evolution. If one understands the deep metaphysics of the self in its universal capacity then connecting that to the yoga of action via a fractal network of intelligence for well-ness or wellbeing becomes a reality. Training of minds to resuscitate the visionary goal of such a policy becomes the onus of the executive functionary of that nation seamlessly across the 5 envisaged pillars of economy, infrastructure, systems, demography and demand. Awareness of the ‘’Atma Nirbhar Bharat’’ program is finally linked with the ‘Digital India’’ platform where accessibility of knowledge and understanding have been made to include everyone across every square mile of the country to participate and share their innovation in a two-way information exchange. This has to happen in every strata of the community, the urge to be self-reliant has a scopic field of experiential learning which expounds the growth mind-set of its people in contrast to a static mind-set not open to change. Change is happening every second in our experience, but to find the wholeness of the substratum on which such changes do take place is the work of a balanced mind or Sthita Pragya as explained in the Gita by Krishna the great teacher. This directly follows the path of disinterested action which is the final goal of the self-realization or enlightenment inherent in the policy of Atma Nirbhar Bharat. Self-reliance is based on Law of Conservation of Mass/Energy which outlines the governing dharma of our material universe. Capacity building and innovation are direct outcomes of the thinking mind whose potential is optimized when there is contextual awareness of the situation. In Gita, the teacher imparts this contextual awareness which the student was lacking because of a pre-conditioned mindset. ‘’Trai-gunya-vishaya veda nistrai-gunyo bhavarjuna/nirdvandvo nitya sattva stho niryoga-kshema atmavan’’ (Gita Ch 2, Verse 45) – to become free of dualities and to be self-aware is the goal of all sentient beings, this in fact, is the true meaning of sentience or cognizance where one learns to apperceive where duality is transcended. A contextual problem then reaches its long-term vision of becoming self-luminous as pure existence-consciousness-bliss because that’s what it has been always. With that the whole nation becomes Self-Reliant, because the cosmos is so in its deepest core – there are no more waves competing against each other but only a vast ocean of waters that shines forth eternally.


Apperceiving Duality and Being Self-Aware: The problem of the world is distortion of meaning

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy: Tapoban Katha

Distortion of meaning is the real problem of the world. This is specific to the states of the mind, that are, continually fed by the information coming through the sensory apparatus. To be precise, pure consciousness has nothing to do with it, it is the apparent self (the Ego-sense or ‘’I”) trying to grapple forth whatever coming its way and trying to generate meaning out of it. So, strictly there are no states of consciousness but states of the mind which uses this consciousness reflected in the mind and identified with the ego-sense. The subtle bodies in the human persona have subjective experiences (touch, taste, smell etc.) and these experiences are dual in nature. The very basic structure of experience tells us that knowledge via experience is split into the subject/object or knower/known binary. The knowledge that comes in is processed by the mind to further generate meaning and tag that in the memory for later usage and retrieval. The associations that the individual self uses to make yes/no type value judgements are mostly based on cultural and socio-economic conditioning. Today, digital social-media is also playing an important part in disseminating information that attracts or detracts clusters or groups of people. As I said, ‘’pure subject’’ or the Witness Consciousness is not involved in making any judgements or cognitive-decision making process, it only ‘’shines’’ forth thereby giving the intellect (buddhi), the mind (manas) and the sensory-apparatus an access to consciouness reflected in the mind which the Ego then transmits through the connective conduits till the tip of our fingernail. To the pure consciousness or Sat-Chit-Ananda there is no inner mental world or outside physical universe, no subtle or gross- all these appear in it as transitory objects and are impermanent.  Lack of understanding about our fundamental reality is the root cause of all these problems in the world. What does this lack of understanding mean? It is very simple and profound – we don’t know or recognise who we are and that’s the central problem. We don’t understand that we are the pure consciousness (Brahman/Atman/Sakshi) where the universe with its manifold realities appear and dissolve. Pure Consciousness is always unchanging, its intensity is never increased or decreased, it’s like the screen where pictures are projected which keep changing. The witness is beyond space-time, causality, but, interestingly in and through it as manifested reality which we identify with.  

So, what is the problem of the world in simple terms?  


It is the most fundamental problem. All other apparent problems of existence and survival are linked to it.  

What is the solution?  

Only by KNOWLEDGE can IGNORANCE be removed!  

What Knowledge? Does knowledge about gravity waves or quantum information in the black holes remove our IGNORANCE? Does KNOWLEDGE about capital markets and AI powered advanced healthcare remove our ignorance?  

The answer is NO.  


How can we get that knowledge?  

Through the process of Vedantic Self-Enquiry we can only intuit WHO WE ARE!  

If you try to know it, it becomes the known or object and loses its pure subjectivity .  

If the SELF is known, the problems of the world will be greatly reduced RIGHT NOW!  

How? Will earthquakes stop or Tsunamis end? Or diseases disappear? 

No, they will keep appearing but having known the Self our REACTION TO ALL THESE WILL BE VERY DIFFERENT .  HUMANITY will react like ONE UNIT and there will be TRUE LIBERTY, EQUALITY AND FRATERNITY.  

Sri Krishna and Arjuna, Mahabharata

We will enjoy the differences knowing they are apparent and there will be one great human song of TOTAL LIBERATION.  

Our ways of life will change? Yes, drastically…..there will be a paradigm shift in how we look at the WORLD. We will continue to use technology for the betterment of humanity but since we are aware that it is one Consciousness appearing as many, our ethics will improve, our compassion will shine.  

Can we do this perspectival change?  

It would mean going back to the Upanishads and the Bhagawad Gita……and re-live the truth or wear the truth in our sleeves.  

Is it possible?  

Yes, we are the PURE SELF whether we know it or not – right now! We have to recognize it. When the mind is pure or in a state of no-mind, the self-reveals itself without doing anything (Swaprakasha). The body doesn’t get MOKSHA. Neither the subtle bodies, they drop off once knowledge is dawned upon, and you stay in your OWN GLORY forever. Sat-chit-ananda is no quality, qualities belong to the states of the mind. Sat-Chit-Ananda is Existence-Consciousness-Bliss, it is the substratum of all realities ontic or epistemological.  

That knowledge or understanding is AWAKENING or ENLIGHTENMENT – all the great sages and saints talked about it in the past, they exemplified it in their lives….Buddha to Kabir to Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda and many others have followed the same path. THIS IS THE SUNLIT PATH BECAUSE THERE IS ONLY THE LIGHT – JYOTIRO JYOTIH – THE LIGHT OF LIGHTS – it’s our inner light, of what we are… 






Shiva Art Showcase – A Perspective from Art, Science and Spirituality

I have received some artworks from friends who are doing research on Shiva Consciousness from different perspectives. I am showcasing some of these works but I will add more works as they come along.

Artwork 1 titled ”Worship” – presented by Subhabrata Basu, Project Manager, T & D – done using Mobile Touch Pen

Worship by Subhabrata Basu Project Manager, T & D

Artwork 1 in the Slide Show Series titled ”Shiva Parvati” archived and presented by Dr. Somnath Bhattacharyya, Senior Professor and Founding Director of Nano-Scale Transport Physics Lab @School of Physics, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (From his collections)

Artwork 2 titled ”Churning of the Ocean” photograph, presented Dr. Somnath Bhattacharyya – Churning of the Ocean – traditional Temple Painting and Decoration

Artwork 3 Quantum Tunneling in Amorphous Carbon Systems by Dr. Somnath Bhattacharyya

Artwork 4 Spin Tunneling Through Superconducting Layer by Dr. Somnath Bhattacharyya

Artwork 5 Nano Crystalline Diamond Substrate – Knower and the Field Interactions by Dr. Somnath Bhattacharyya

Shiva Art Showcase Slide Show

Shiva Digital Art Showcase Sept 2020: The Beyond Duality Project

After having interactions with my friends, we have decided to digitally launch an art showcase on Shiva in the light of the Consciousness. Artists, Scientists and Designers would exhibit their works on what they understand about Shiva Consciousness based on their individual experience and research. The first sutra in Shiva Sutras of Kashmir Shaivism says ”Caitanyam Atma” – Consciousness is the Atman from the Adwaita (Non-Dual Standpoint) – this is the fundamental reality behind all experiences in the three states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep. Everything is consciousness, or, everything appears in consciousness as its contents (flower, mountains, seas, quarks, leptons, black holes, body, mind, time and space) but throughout the process consciousness remains free, pure and non-dual.

Art Showcase on Shiva


Q-Ganesha: The Supreme Intelligence and Processing Power with the Ability to Generate Understanding & Meaning

Ganesha Poster

”Om gananam tva ganapatim

havamahe kavim kavinam


jyestharajam brahmanam brahmananpata

anah srnvannutibhih sida sadanam

om sri maha ganapatya namah “

(Mandukya Upnanishad)

The great sage Sri Krishna Dwaipayan Vyasa who compiled the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas and wrote the Gita, unmistakably felt the need to have an extraordinary intelligence by his side who would be able to write down the verses he was composing using his sruti (intution) and smrti (memory for Gita). This would mean that he sought the divine help of a great processing power which could be only provided by the supernal intelligence of Lord Ganesha. That’s exactly how it happened and they struck a deal in between themselves – Lord Ganesha’s terms of condition was that Sage Vyasa won’t be able to stop the flow of the verses and if he had done contrary to it, Ganesha would stop the project immediately. Sage Vyasa had also set how own terms and conditions by asking Ganesha to understand whatever he writes and sometimes he deliberated composed some verses whose meanings very deeply concealed which would mean that even Lord Ganesha will have to contemplate a bit, understand the coherence and then write it down. This gave Sage Vyasa little chance to have a breather before composing the next set of verses. This, of course, if we are talking about the Vedas, Upanishads and Gita, is a necessary pause because these texts where dealing with truth at the absolute level and at the relative level as well. What is amazing here is the Processing Power of Ganesha, he is understanding the meaning and writing at that speed. We are about to enter into the world of Quantum Computers and quantum internet and an estimated 30-qubit QC has the processing power of a conventional computer that runs at 10 teraflops (trillions of floating-point operations per sec). A desktop runs at speeds measured in gigaflops (billions of floating point operations per sec and by comparison we can understand how much advanced a quantum computer is. The QC does processing and all computation work but does it have the capacity to UNDERSTAND AND GENERATE MEANING – does it have QUALIA? Subjective Experience of understanding the verses and write them at that speed?

We can easily infer that Lord Ganesha is an embodiment of supreme intelligence and wisdom though almost humane in his power of blessing us – the world for further evolution of consciousness in the relative domain of existence, though the final goal is beyond this relative multiplicity into the poise of Sat-Chit-Ananda (Existence-Consciousness-Bliss) which was the main topic of all these manifold verses.

Q–Ganesha 1 , Artist Sri Samar Dutta, Sketch Artwork on paper

Here on this auspicious day, I am showcasing artworks by Sri Samar Dutta, resident of Gurugram, India. Mr. Dutta is a commercial artist how was instrumental in designing prestigious SAIL and Coal India pavilions at Pragati Maidan Delhi and elsewhere; he is a prominent figure in the New Delhi Creative Art circa, though he doesn’t take part in solo/group exhibitions, his design ideas are incorporated by the Govt and Industry at various levels. Please enjoy the art works in Ganesha done by him during this pandemic and hope you all will like his artwork. These are great collectibles/art deco for any residence, office or cafes. If you like any of these works you can contact his office MS Associates at +91-9560984717

Q-Ganesha 1 Artist. Sri Samar Dutta, Sketch Artwork on paper


The Song of the Lord and the Way to Transcendence

Children Are Playing…

With a pure heart

And a silent a mind

Unto you in that widening space

Where you have become the Song of the Lord

Fluting the transient pulse in an eternal frame

That holds within it crimson sparrows and moonlit names

And many forests of sunshine bathing in the rivers that twirl and swirl

Every Crack in the Creek

With the clouds and the agony of thunder and lightning

With war and famine and pestilence and death

The lamp deep into your heart

Unhindered, by every crack in the creek

By every pore in the skin

The lamp Is overflowing with the milky ocean of love

Children are playing;

Milky Ocean of Love

The calves are dancing;

And rain falls softly like a song.

Did you gather the strength gained through patience?

Did you gather the universes in your fold?

And there’s no end in thy beginning I am told

When your blessing touches our causal self

May you take us through the untrodden path

Into that undivided wholeness of pure bliss

Where truly I exist

As pure being that I am

Where everything is not….

Where everything is naught…

And light that shines forever in the void…


Kalki Avatar Ink on White Paper