Pissaro’s Dynamic Cityscape and the Involuntary Will

Cityscape and the Involutary Will

A winter morning at the Boulevard Montmartre – everything here is in a state of dynamism, the painting itself exhibits the movement in the cityscape that changes with time. Nothing is static: people, vehicles, trees, leaf, odor, taste and sound. There is only Self Permanence in the artist’s will and that is held in a sharp contrast to the outward creations in nature. It’s the will that’s not subject to the law of flux and change. And this will of higher consciousness comes from the psychic entity of the self, and from the inner-depths of the spirit. It embodies the truth in things and rarefies the real, or the subject of vision. As a part of the process, the self-delight of the involuntary will becomes the real source of the creation in the world, and the joy to be.

– Joy Roy Choudhury, Art-lover, Consultant, Art-Critic @ ArtVantage http://www.art-vantage.co.uk /Email: e.aryans@gmail.com/artvantage.uk@gmail.com

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