Marc Chagall’s Paris Through The Window & The Trasformative Architecture

The Transformative Architecture of the Paris, 1913Marc Chagall’s Paris Through the Window (1913) is symbolic design architecture of the future city, a liberated city from the bondage and attachment of any ideological premises and thoughts. Such a democratic arrangement is a result of a new futuristic consciousness that man is capable of achieving and evolving into. This is not science fiction or any hyperreal anatomy or a meta-narrative but something which is going to happen by the descent of the supramental light and consciousness on earth. Human beings are slowly getting ready for this moment and time.

Here, I have tried to draw out the evolving consciousness of this Chagall painting by simply meditating on the subject and on the art.

Paris through the Window/ Paris par la fenêtre. (1913), Marc Chagall, The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY, USA.

Consciousness Analogue: Meditation on Paris Through the Window

A view opens from the window

With the sound of horns and horses and carriages

A winter in the Paris of 1913

Nailed the cross on the frost bed of the earth

The streets in their scenic pomp and chandelier lights

And the long gloved woman speaking Russian

Among men of high taste and caliber

This was the time when Europe was changing

Through the long toil of their body and brain

Through their minds’ vital energy and force

And though the heart was left alone unaware

There was a corridor to the distant lights

It glimpsed the twilight in a cradle full of stars

And a frenzied tower marched into the silence of the night.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

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