Leonardo Da Vinci’s Drawing, Woman’s Head: A Point Incarnates a Liberating Consciousness in Space

LEONARDO Da Vinci’s detailed and meticulous drawing of the woman’s head, composed with pen, ink and white pigment on paper, currently now exhibited at Galleria degli, Uffizi, Florence. Woman’s Head (1470-76), LEONARDO da Vinci, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence

Consciousness-Analogues: Meditation on Paintings   

Woman's Head by Leonardo Da Vinci

The Science of Beauty

A point incarnates a liberating consciousness in space

An ever evolving entity of time’s movement

Its laws uphold the past, create the present

And sustain the future

A divine resemblance of truth and beauty

It harmonizes the existence of creational order

And dawns the birth of new Christ in man

A freedom from the world-pain resembles bliss

She is the key to the golden door

The dream of miracle in nature’s book

A supreme symbol of the guiding force

An exaltation of the beauty in art

And a lighted fragment of the grace of god.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

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