Rabindranath Tagore’s Paintings and the Romantic Birth of a New World

The Romantic Birth of a New WorldI was waiting for an opportunity to apply my practical knowledge and understanding and learning in the form of remitting consciousness on some of the subjects of Rabindranath Tagore’s paintings. I know art critics are talking about the history and the value of these paintings and their artistic value as pieces of contemporary Indian art, but, my objective here is to observe art and to dissociate art from the historicity and the inner subjectivity of the personal mind. The process is to be non-empirical and yet attain the impersonal consciousness that these paintings carry and also find the locus of its evolving spirit in time, particularly in the present context of time to be precise. Tagore is closer to the new scientific truth involving Consciousness and its connection with Quantum Physics  that describe the microscopic universe and integrally linked with Cosmology that explains the acceleration of the macroscopic universe which we call cosmic inflation due to presence of unknown dark energy. Poetry has its direct connection with what renowned Physicist, David Bohm called the implicate order – a kind of potential hyperspace with a vibrating 11 dimension space-time dubbed as the Membrane or Magic or Mother -M-theory and this has far greater sense of oneness with the Quantum Field which runs thought patterns in the poet’s mind and gives it the universality making it non-local. Tagore’s Archetypes are replete with patterns that form the lattice of the hyperspatial dimensions which mathematics and quantum physics is re-discovering and this only gives it a sense of unity and integral oneness and, interestingly, Tagore’s approach was completely based on Surrender and Offering – the offering His soul made to the perennial source in the Higgs-Field or to say the Super-Implicate Order.  This was almost a discontinous process in him – we can call this ‘Quantum Jumping’ but after assimilating ‘thought-patterns’ from the Field or by receiving them, he had to express or manifest them through his poetry, so, his persona or the poetic-self was important as well in the final cumulative assertion of that journey. That is The Declaration of the Independence of the Spirit or the Self.

Super-Implicate Order /The Field/Supreme-Unmanifest (Consciousness Field) Supra-Trascendental ———(Implicate Order/Thought-Patterns/PSI Field/Unmanifest (Beyond-Space-Time) Universal Man/Transcendental ———–Explicate Order (Poetic Mind)/Manifest/World of Relativity and Space-Time

To read Tagore’s works – we are supremely blessed that we get this rare opportunity to connect with the Field and absorb thought-patterns or fresh ideas and apply that in our daily affairs of life.  This will help us to re-create the bond with both the Microscopic Sub-Microscopic Worlds and with the Macroscopic Worlds as well.


Consciousness Analogue- Based on the Tagore painting here:

In the paradise of the awakened spirit

She arose from the cusp of the blooming lotus

Like a star in the unfathomable mystery of the space

She was time undivided, timeless and unbound

Her lone self victorious over death and the waste of life

Conscious of the divine flame burning in her bosom

And on bare metal and stone and on the rivers diving into the sea

She has come from the ancient vault to rescue the earth

To free man from the chain of grief and tears

The Lord has slept in the path of her dreams.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

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  1. andrew

     /  May 7, 2011

    dear joy,
    great words and work!!! just had a look at your vita…
    we are doing a 150 birthday of tagore here in Munich on 9th of May.

    • Andrew, Thanks for letting me know, can you share some details of the event, the programme so i can put something up as well on this.


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