Edvard Munch’s Madonna: The Sacred Creed of a Mysterious Light

Left: Madonna, 1894-95, Oil on Canvas, Edvard Munch, National Gallery of Norway, Oslo

 Right: Madonna, 1895-1902, Lithograph, Edvard Munch.


How deep are the voices that break the spell?

How far from the navel of the eternal sea?

Life, death and rebirth we confront

As steady as the wind that paces affront

A ship into the voyage never ending and continuous

Till the self is found for which it is made

O! Madonna of the sacred years,

O! The sprit of the golden sea

O! The rivers and lakes, and forests and mountains

Through the storms we embattle our body and soul

Into the naked realms of nature’s sleep

Awakening the dawns and twilights of a mysterious creed

That fashions the felicity of a boundless love

And each in its centre held the rosary of light

Till all are diffused into that Infinite space

And the parable is born like a thought from the stars.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

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