The Magdalen in a Landscape: The Union of Forces that Descend through the Spiral Stair

The Magdalen in a Landscape, Adriaen Ysenbrandt, 1510-25, National Gallery, London


Some lilies adorn the amaranthine bowers 

Some flakes of light like a rainbow full of showers

And prayers read the lips from the fountain of her god

These are the signs of the mirror of glory

The Eternal descends through the stairway of her story

And history’s angels show men the paths they ought to choose

She came with a heart pure full of love and care

Bloomed like a prothalamion of stars that bare

The crucifix that held the kiss from her golden robe

In these Elysian fields I, wandering alone

Sing only the song the world has never known

At the intersection of two diamond pyramids of truth.

These are the centers where the love-force is hidden

The sacred verse unto which it is given

The lunar splendor shines through the interface of my soul.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Sri Aurobindo on Divine Mother (an excerpt from his Essay on Divine Mother written in 1927)

“The Mother not only governs all from above but she descends into this lesser triple universe. Impersonally, all things here, even the movements of the Ignorance, are herself in veiled power and her creations in diminished substance, her Nature-body and Nature-force, and they exist because, moved by the mysterious fiat of the Supreme to work out something that was there in the possibilities of the Infinite, she has consented to the great sacrifice and has put on like a mask the soul and forms of the Ignorance. But personally too she has stooped to descend here into the Darkness that she may lead it to the Light, into this Death that she may turn it to godlike Life, into this world-pain and its obstinate sorrow and suffering that she may end it in the transforming ecstasy of her sublime Ananda. In her deep and great love for her children she has consented to put on herself the cloak of this obscurity, condescended to bear the attacks and torturing influences of the powers of the Darkness and the Falsehood, borne to pass through the portals of the birth that is a death, taken upon herself the pangs and sorrows and sufferings of the creation, since it seemed that thus alone could it be lifted to the Light and Joy and Truth and eternal Life. This is the great sacrifice called sometimes the sacrifice of the Purusha, but much more deeply the holocaust of the Prakriti, the sacrifice of the Divine Mother”.

 “Without him, I exist not; without me he is unmanifest”. – Mother Mirra Alfassa (The Divine Mother)

 “Mother (Mirra Alfassa) and I are one but in two bodies; there is no necessity for both the bodies to do the same thing always”. – Sri Aurobindo