Divine Salt Plate IV: Terrasuxa Qataz Eternal

Divine Salt Plate IV

Creative Artwork & Photography: Samij Datta

 Terrasuxa Qataz Eternal 

An item of gold, a hard metal salt plate grinding the earth

Under numerous rocks of the volcanic plain

Sand, gravel and copper makes what there are

Shining eternity in on a black zabber of Pashupatinath

Kali is dancing, dancing in time

Like a red violet powder of the feathers of the lost birds

Before they flapped their wings to knock on heaven’s doors

Bliss was the sky that brought the sun from the cover of the darkness

To resemble the creator’s illumining head

There was a time when none sang the song of justice

None fell, none were apart

Beauty’s rays touched the solemn reprise of the moment eternal.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

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