An Excerpt From The Tribal Song(Jim Morrison, Ian Anderson And The Love Folk-Song): Journey Of The Light From The Void To Consciousness

Image: Tribal Patachitra Bengal


The band keeps on playing irrefutable is the eternal law

Birds in their twittering nests harvest the lunar synthesis  

Life’s adverse currents are swept away by the high tides

Jay jagadishwara, om jay vasudevaya namah

Jay hiranyakeshi, apastamba

Drops of water bring clarity to the mind of matter

And matter to matter is the mind of a higher mind: the Supermind

Sacred jyotir lingam is the essential script of the divine saga

Each movements of life – its involution and evolution are its own pedigree

The cell sap vacuole and the cytoplasmic fluid are dancing in the rain

They hear the beating of a thousand drums

Liberating the god from the chain of the dark years

The cry of the seagulls on the sun’s westward ho

The morning pageant of the blooming lilies, the hyacinths and the sunflowers

All a fulcrum on which the lever arm bends

These are songs that are yet been born

Connected to the solar-eye of the all perceiving truth

The roadmap to a higher spiritual realization in the creation

Krishna Krishna –Kali Kali-Wahali –OmSri Krishna

On the jet wings through the window I saw the sun lapping its bow

Musing on the choral prisms of its own flight it felt the warmth beneath the titanium mind

Brahman is Brahman: matter effused the mind and mind diffused the matter

Shiva-Shiva Adi Om Adi Bramha Adi Vishnu Adi Shiva

 – Joy Roy Choudhury

Supermind Walking in Space: Ultra-Tradit Speed of Consciousness/Jay Guru Deva Om

Nil Ashru Sarovare Agnir Tarobari Nilkantha Krishna /In the bluest tears of the lake the sword of fire is the Nilkantha Krishna

George All Things Must Pass

Samay ashe nai- Time hasn’t arrived

Samay ashiya pare- Time comes shortly

Breathing words feel the destiny of creation blossomed in their songs

Then what passes away is reborn again in the whole flame of the Light

Matter is neither created nor destroyed

Shuchona ak setu harek  rakamer

                                                                                                                 Many bridges are built to invoke the Eternal and only that which climbs the ladder is the source of thy perennial song.

– Joy Roy Choudhury













Pictures: From Archives: George Harrison



Consciousness Is Existence Is Bliss: On the Eve of 17th Nov, 2011

To find myself in every fallen leaf to smell the languor of the twilight earth its broken vestiges and branches the scattering waters that run into me and bid adieu to the sky- they all are me and me in them; true honor comes from loving what you are thou earth me and my self thou earth; as long as the creation be, the sleep in the chambers arose from its serpent coil for the hour is near when every cell fill thy pores with thy light and love and immortality. – Joy Roy Choudhury

“A New Light Shall Break Upon Earth, A New World Shall Be Born, And The Things That Were Announced Shall Be Fulfilled”.- With My Blessings- The Divine Mother (Mirra Alfassa)

George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord” And The Evocative Psycho-Kinesis of Paintings

Painting: Lord Krishna, Water Color on Paper, by Monalisa


Sabde bibhor banshi shunechi je/ Immersed in words the flute enchanted called

Ganer alokchitra  dhara kato chobi/In the songs the film had so many frames

Mayurer nupure tanpuray hridayer ange/Peacocks’ paradise the dance in the heart

Bashanter ved gyane -Govinda adi purush, anadi kalpurush /illuminated the spring with the carousal of Vedas

Govinda, the primeval Purusha, the eternal embodiment of the creational race

Satyer jay gan geye jay purushottam partha/Enlightened on his path the victory of truth

Tal lay chanda chandra prabhu nitya gopal/His lyrical kinesis is the moon’s epigram of Prabhu Nitya Gopal

In that deep melodious rhythm the flute appealed to the senses eternal

All in one grasp touched the heart’s most intimate chords  

George Harrison sang My Sweet Lord, Hm , My Lord…

Those feet on the oyster shells of the cosmic red palate

Brushed the green of the woods with the quiet sentiment of love

Anointed the days with the magic spell of the sun-born crucifix of the guitar

To dwell in the splendor of the moonlit eventides

I sunk myself in thee, thou art myself was thee

And as the body thinned like the mist etherized on the leafy boughs

I welcome the new creation of timeless moments

“Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

KrishnaKrishnaHare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare”.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Note: “My Sweet Lord”- George Harrison song appeared in his album “AllThingsMustPass” Harrison wrote the song while he was inCopenhagenduring the winter of 1969.

Sri Krishna Painting by Monalisa

The Supramental Manifestation Is A Process of Time’s Revelation Through The Higher-Analogues of both Subjective/Objective In-Vision From Real-Virtual Studies of the Para-Prakiti & Paratpara

Kalighat Patachitra: Folk Painting Using Vegetable Colors by Village Artisans of Bengal


Sheshanaaga Antarikshe Kare Brhaman /Seshanaaga travels in the ethereal firmament

Swapner shesh raat anande male setu/The dream’s last night build the bridge of ecstasy

Jagat brikhe ashe dhoni ashe swarojer chintan swarup/The tree of life received its first sound like the thousand-petal revelation of the lotus

Neel garimay radhe-shyam baharipatay aj rashbihari/In that blue gravity Radhe-Shyam did Lila on the croton leaves

And in that xenon diesel harp of the proximal time

Froth of the seaward carbon manifested its cause

Creation arose from the dust of suspended matter’s elixir

Poison was the sap of every ounce of golden ambrosia

Drunk by the Trikal yogis of supramental time

Let the yime in yume exhume the darkness

That fathers the creative latex of every seed of this creation

The waxing moon is the supra-physical delight of Sri Prabhu Jagatbandhu

Nityagopal in Aurobindo is the Mahakal of Kali.

Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Bichche.

– Joy Roy Choudhury