The Supramental Manifestation Is A Process of Time’s Revelation Through The Higher-Analogues of both Subjective/Objective In-Vision From Real-Virtual Studies of the Para-Prakiti & Paratpara

Kalighat Patachitra: Folk Painting Using Vegetable Colors by Village Artisans of Bengal


Sheshanaaga Antarikshe Kare Brhaman /Seshanaaga travels in the ethereal firmament

Swapner shesh raat anande male setu/The dream’s last night build the bridge of ecstasy

Jagat brikhe ashe dhoni ashe swarojer chintan swarup/The tree of life received its first sound like the thousand-petal revelation of the lotus

Neel garimay radhe-shyam baharipatay aj rashbihari/In that blue gravity Radhe-Shyam did Lila on the croton leaves

And in that xenon diesel harp of the proximal time

Froth of the seaward carbon manifested its cause

Creation arose from the dust of suspended matter’s elixir

Poison was the sap of every ounce of golden ambrosia

Drunk by the Trikal yogis of supramental time

Let the yime in yume exhume the darkness

That fathers the creative latex of every seed of this creation

The waxing moon is the supra-physical delight of Sri Prabhu Jagatbandhu

Nityagopal in Aurobindo is the Mahakal of Kali.

Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Bichche.

– Joy Roy Choudhury


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