Reading Turner’s Sunrise Through Vapour (1807): The Actual Sediment of Truth in the Psychic Consciousness of the Sun

Sunrise Through Vapour (1807), Joseph Mallord William Turner

Consciousness-Analogue: The Actual Sediment of Truth In The Psychic Consciousness of The Sun

The time’s consonants are S and N types

In between all that the vowel sleeps and rises in the east

Pregnant with memory she is the consort of the ultimate time

She is the vast mystical chronicle, a sound without an effort

That questions minds’ silence about the presence of the self

Is that who you are standing motionless at the doorway?

Listening to the myriad notes of the world

Sailing ships afar when the quest is unknown

To what alter do you sit and offer your prayers?

Languages are still silent gestures of the unborn word

Siddhartha sat like a white marble antique among Corinthian decors

He was the pillar of the little light musical forms

Wonderfully admired by the sense beyond sense

In the extrohan leaf blades the flower is a small cherub toy

Dancing with the chalice that engulfs the winter sun

A mystery out of the vapor, the mist and the dust

A rich intellect guided by a calm demeanor

Sometimes idle like the colors in Turner’s treatise

Because he fought the many wars in ancient times

Left his throne to search the space in between space

A time in between time where lay the secret vowel of all revelations

Pure at heart he looked further into the dawn of the new day

Happy 2012 – All my friends! Love & Peace

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Circles of Self-Revelation in the Osmotic Balance of the Cells: The Mystical Nativity by Botticelli ( circa. 1500-1501 Italian Renaissance)

Circles of Self-Revelation in the Osmotic Balance of the Cells: The Mystical Nativity by Botticelli ( circa. 1500-1501 Italian Renaissance).



Reconciliation is a birth in the true sense of the term

When the earthly matter accepts the grace and pronounces the change

When the shepherds’ old visages are worn and torn

And new cloak adores their formal desire

Back in the manger all at peace

Flower blooms their scents bring the stars

Animals pray their divine solitude

To the new hectogram of the Christ

Ascending in solid pyramids blue, green and red

Light atones light and make darkness the ‘play’

Hallelujah in the parame

Ananda Hari Om Tat Sat

Brahman in matter is adjusting itself

For the new truth to be revealed soon

A sun in the corner has harvested a great race

In its rosarium saw the next steps of life

A quiet servitude is balanced by an almost glory of joy

Never today but at this very moment in the recesses of the nanoseconds

Electrical fields are charging the earthly conductor for a massive transformation

Pray to that ‘love’ that has the answer to all the questions of your mind

Pray to the Lord, Love, Light, and Truth.

– Joy Roy Choudhury






Krishnaprem: In the World of Universal Lights connected through Music across Distant Hearts Soul-to-Soul, Mind-to-Mind, Body speaking to an another Body through ‘Love and Friendship’

Krishnaprem: In the World of Universal Lights connected through Music across distant hearts soul-to-soul, mind-to-mind, body speaking to an another body through ‘love and friendship’


Sure baje mor mon-majir shathik thikana

Surei lekha ache mor sahasray geet natya sangram

Ami jenuk chetonay paari dei chandrer dwarokay

Ami ashi bar bar falake lekha mor rakter abder

Sri Hari Sri Hari Sri Hari Jesus

Sri Hari Sambad

Sri Hari Ramakrishna AurobindoKrishnaprem

Sri Hari Krishna Prem Sri Hari Krishnprem,Krishnaprem

Jeweled in the secret of the moon’s lonely luminescence

I have seen the clusters of stars enrolled their name                

In the book of the whole creation one by one

They came unto me arose with me and within me

Each a part of the truth-loving entity: Hari Om Tat Sat-Hari Sat Chit Chit Om

A part of the my own true strength and knowledge

And light that illuminates evangelical nights

After the body attained the film of immortality

I am not dead but alive in a few who loves and lives

Who kept the thread spinning round the mother’s infinite circle

Embroidering the flower of the cosmic delight

Dancing, dancing to the steps of time, to Maha-Kali’s auspicious nodal point

After sleeps consecration reached the end of its yogic perfection

And was the soul source of its Savda-Brahman-Lila.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Notes: Photograph b/w: Left -Sri Dilip Kumar Roy and Right- Sri Krishnaprem

“Sri Dilip Kumar Roy and Sri Krishnaprem shared a spiritual friendship that lasted a lifetime”/”Before he received initiation from Yashoda Ma, Yogi Krishnaprem (Ronald Nixon) had been professor at Lucknow University”. – Pilgrim of the Stars by Dilip Kumar Roy and Indira Devi.

Picture 2: Divine Mother’s Symbol


Lahiri Mahasaya and the Unmanifest-Manifest-Unmanifest Linkup

In the Extrohan Poise of the Supramentalisation from behind the Brahman Unmanifest-Manifest-Unmanifest linkup 


It’s even before the eyes can see or the ears can hear

In between the apostrophe of the stars’ silence

The new matter of the earthly consciousness

Rapid random as it can change

Manifests a garden of pure psychic flowers

Turning cyclical pinks to orange, white and silver

Like a catafalque of cosmic spiritual cryptograms

From the green emblem of the leaf’s design, from the calyx and the corolla of the primordial lotus

A point of light emanated from the Sat-Guru’s forehead

It self was its own premier locus, power and destiny

Forever aligned on the supramental pathway

Performing Sri Hari ‘s kriya-yoga through the Cross of involuted time

It has learned to speak through the language of intuition

The new innovation the creative mind must bend to learn

To reach the new stage that awaits us all

Through a single phrase of love distilled to perfection

The new freedom will come

Action must partake the new resolutions of the body, mind and spirit

And it’s only through a strong will that one can attain such states of higher growth and development.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Note: Sri Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj said to Lahiri Mahasaya after initiation (middle of 19th century): “The Kriya Yoga that I am giving to the world through you in this nineteenth century, is a revival of the same science that Krishna gave millenniums ago to Arjuna; and was later known to Patanjali, and to Christ, St. John, St. Paul, and other disciples.” Later Yogananda also reiterated the same that Lahiri Mahasaya and Christ were in direct communion and of course will fulfill the holy task. It’s time for sacred patience to manifest thy will and act in the acts for this great change coming to earth within time.

Sri Ramana Maharshi And The Golden Orb Over The Arunachala Mountains

Sri Ramana Maharshi And The Golden Orb Over The Arunachala Mountains:

Consciousness -Analogue

 And he lives there beyond the speechless vision

Where eyes not merely are instruments but the measuring apparatus to gauge the unforeseen depths

Things prevail as they are on their own true sense

Illumining the seeds of the sun

The sage and the seer in the divine constellations purport to take their journey

And marshal great forces that bring harmony to stabilize the earth

The empty shells of the terrapin can bear the sea salt on the shore

In a another turn it shall be free

Released like the silent dance in a perfume refractory

That distills the essence of the sweet China rose

Matter speaks within itself to the spirit of the Lord

In the divisionless kingdom of Supramental joy

The pentagram that was cross bred born and given

Was only the living symbol of the divine destiny of man (Brahman is Brahman)

It shall forever shine on the mountain of the gold.

 – Joy Roy Choudhury

The 9th December 2011-Birth Anniversary of Sri Kali Pada Guha Roy: One of the Greatest Yogi in the Entire-Creation-Entire

The 9th December 2011-Birth Anniversary of Sri Kali Pada Guha Roy: One of the Greatest Yogi in the Entire-Creation-Entire


To you whom we belong because to us your love is more than itself

Words may fail have mercy on us O Lord

We partake your vision – a simple life is profusely meditating

Smiles knock the golden door to awake the laughter of the undying spirit

Energy to console energy to dive deep into the unfathomable sea

True as we are our hearts are locked with yours

The one beat that manifests divinity

Forever cooing the cuckoo’s spring harmonica

Blending the real with the provisionary and the passing

Days are like momentoes tossed in the field of desire

Nights are the working shifts of the mind’s ethereal surrender

The eternal directs the path of true oration

From above the navel the speech shall rise

And touch the eternity from where no man can fall

That light above the head is the solar plexus of the manifold Devas

They resign to the work that makes the creation it is

Only love can be the guiding sign to the far beyond plenitude.

Jai Kali Daar Jay

Jai Kali Daar Jay

Jay Kali Daar Jay

Glory to Kali Pada Guha Roy- HariOmTat Sat

Glory to Kali Pada Guha Roy- HariOmTat Sat

Glory to Kali Pada Guha Roy – Hari Om Tat Sat

The true garland of the rose above the Eternal shines.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Notes: Pic Top Left: Cover Art Photograph of book Yogishwar  &  Down Left: Pic of the room in Taragonia where the Lord stayed sometime during his Lila. Taragonia Temple -House is near the Icchamati River (Bengal-Bangladesh border )

Maha-Samadhi of Sri Aurobindo, 5th Dec 2011: “A Vast Surrender was His Only Strength”

On The Eve of the Maha-Samadhi of Sri Aurobindo – 5th Dec 2011

“This Light comes not by struggle or by thought;

In the mind’s silence the Transcendent acts

And the hushed heart hears the unuttered Word.

A vast surrender was his only strength”. –

Sri Aurobindo, Savitri Book III: The Book of the Divine Mother, Canto II: The Adoration of the Divine Mother


He who prevails when the lights are put off

The invisible sun is within the vest of the matter’s mind

And mind reveals itself to matter and matter to the Supermind

A higher Supramental law must travel through the aeons to manifest its origin

Based not on the decree of scientific reason and the validation of its earthly logic

But on a higher purpose and destiny, the ultimate calm behind the unmanifest Para-Brahman

Ashwapati in the integral law the wheel turning with the force of Savitri’s love

Opened the petals of the multifoliate sun

The gleaming rainbow cloud had many ships bearing the signature of life

It touched the ethereal matter’s supreme elixir

The rasa of eternal delight, its liberation of an entire race

Hari Sat Chit OmTat Sat                                 

Sat Chit ChitOmAnanda Om

Light bear the eyes that close darkness’s sleep

And awakes the ignorance from its primal vault

In another time, it were thou had created thy magnificent Will

Laid before its sand the enigma of material existence

Shapeless shape drawing the prehistory of mankind

On cave stones that bear the name of the god

The mark indelible had a thousand symbols

And a long apocryphal kirtan that measured the descent of grace

Hari Om Tat Sat- glory to the God that’s within us all

Glory to the Supreme arabesques on mandalas and on mosaic walls

Andhakarer pakha swapner ghumonto jalashoy theke dekhe suryer chintamani/the despairing wings of darkness from its dream pools recovered the lost Chintamani

She bhavte shekhechey, she katha bale/it has learned to talk, it has started to think

Harin jamon savder adeshe chute jay/It can run like a deer responding even to the minutest sound

She tamne tarit chalito rathe pari dey udoyer pathe/It speeded in super-mesonic cars on the solar vernal path of the equilibrium/

Rakte ranga charon beshe othe bhavanir hridaye/The feet of the Lord has appeared as the red java on Devi Bhavani’s heart

Sandhay tulsi manche ek abishranta raat ek nirudbighna pradip/Affront the Tulsi tree it was a relentless evening with an undying flame

Ar jhulonto dolnay dole nirabe cigaretter dhoya Kali dar/Only the swing in the spring tide was filled with the lateral smoke of Kali Pada Guha Ray’s cigarettes

Savde gara itihash bhashar lagne gore tole bhalobasher chobi/The sound made the history of the languages spoken and fashioned the archive of an eclectic film.

 – Joy Roy Choudhury


Joni Mitchell’s 1969 Painting And The All-Blissful Centre of Musical Forms

Joni Mitchell Painting, 1969


Felt the lines that move unmoved

Between the serial affections of the mind and its behaviour

Woodstock on the dancing grass laden with spring vine

                Touched the thought-mist on the window glass

And a winter sun was drowning in the seas

I had not yet heard the song of the night-shift whistle

And recaptured the beautiful reprise of the morning on the hills

Tomorrow, may be, it will be another day

A basket of apples on a carpet of snow

Smiles bring laughter autumn rose the bee

A circle in a circle will shine from its geo-centre

Its petals will reflect the creation of the soul

From nothing she stands at the midst of light

From the void and the darkness to the angelic door

Love the sacred thread to the new matter and consciousness

And perfection the aid through which knowledge is to be known

Bliss is the ultimate cause of the unmanifest manifest

OmSatchindananda Para Brahma,

Purushottama Param Atma

Sri Bhagavathi Sametha

Sri Bhagavathe Namaha

Hari Om HariOmHari Om

Woodstock – Lyrics excerpt

“We are stardust/We are golden/And we’ve got to get ourselves/Back to the garden- Joni Mitchell 

– Joy Roy Choudhury