Joni Mitchell’s 1969 Painting And The All-Blissful Centre of Musical Forms

Joni Mitchell Painting, 1969


Felt the lines that move unmoved

Between the serial affections of the mind and its behaviour

Woodstock on the dancing grass laden with spring vine

                Touched the thought-mist on the window glass

And a winter sun was drowning in the seas

I had not yet heard the song of the night-shift whistle

And recaptured the beautiful reprise of the morning on the hills

Tomorrow, may be, it will be another day

A basket of apples on a carpet of snow

Smiles bring laughter autumn rose the bee

A circle in a circle will shine from its geo-centre

Its petals will reflect the creation of the soul

From nothing she stands at the midst of light

From the void and the darkness to the angelic door

Love the sacred thread to the new matter and consciousness

And perfection the aid through which knowledge is to be known

Bliss is the ultimate cause of the unmanifest manifest

OmSatchindananda Para Brahma,

Purushottama Param Atma

Sri Bhagavathi Sametha

Sri Bhagavathe Namaha

Hari Om HariOmHari Om

Woodstock – Lyrics excerpt

“We are stardust/We are golden/And we’ve got to get ourselves/Back to the garden- Joni Mitchell 

– Joy Roy Choudhury

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