Maha-Samadhi of Sri Aurobindo, 5th Dec 2011: “A Vast Surrender was His Only Strength”

On The Eve of the Maha-Samadhi of Sri Aurobindo – 5th Dec 2011

“This Light comes not by struggle or by thought;

In the mind’s silence the Transcendent acts

And the hushed heart hears the unuttered Word.

A vast surrender was his only strength”. –

Sri Aurobindo, Savitri Book III: The Book of the Divine Mother, Canto II: The Adoration of the Divine Mother


He who prevails when the lights are put off

The invisible sun is within the vest of the matter’s mind

And mind reveals itself to matter and matter to the Supermind

A higher Supramental law must travel through the aeons to manifest its origin

Based not on the decree of scientific reason and the validation of its earthly logic

But on a higher purpose and destiny, the ultimate calm behind the unmanifest Para-Brahman

Ashwapati in the integral law the wheel turning with the force of Savitri’s love

Opened the petals of the multifoliate sun

The gleaming rainbow cloud had many ships bearing the signature of life

It touched the ethereal matter’s supreme elixir

The rasa of eternal delight, its liberation of an entire race

Hari Sat Chit OmTat Sat                                 

Sat Chit ChitOmAnanda Om

Light bear the eyes that close darkness’s sleep

And awakes the ignorance from its primal vault

In another time, it were thou had created thy magnificent Will

Laid before its sand the enigma of material existence

Shapeless shape drawing the prehistory of mankind

On cave stones that bear the name of the god

The mark indelible had a thousand symbols

And a long apocryphal kirtan that measured the descent of grace

Hari Om Tat Sat- glory to the God that’s within us all

Glory to the Supreme arabesques on mandalas and on mosaic walls

Andhakarer pakha swapner ghumonto jalashoy theke dekhe suryer chintamani/the despairing wings of darkness from its dream pools recovered the lost Chintamani

She bhavte shekhechey, she katha bale/it has learned to talk, it has started to think

Harin jamon savder adeshe chute jay/It can run like a deer responding even to the minutest sound

She tamne tarit chalito rathe pari dey udoyer pathe/It speeded in super-mesonic cars on the solar vernal path of the equilibrium/

Rakte ranga charon beshe othe bhavanir hridaye/The feet of the Lord has appeared as the red java on Devi Bhavani’s heart

Sandhay tulsi manche ek abishranta raat ek nirudbighna pradip/Affront the Tulsi tree it was a relentless evening with an undying flame

Ar jhulonto dolnay dole nirabe cigaretter dhoya Kali dar/Only the swing in the spring tide was filled with the lateral smoke of Kali Pada Guha Ray’s cigarettes

Savde gara itihash bhashar lagne gore tole bhalobasher chobi/The sound made the history of the languages spoken and fashioned the archive of an eclectic film.

 – Joy Roy Choudhury


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