The Zero Space Time Urn From The Origin of Origins Is The Space-Clock of The New Creation

Alblackica Consciousness – from the Origin of Origins 

ALBLACKICA CLOCK (2012), Samij Dutta 

Alblackica Consciousness – from the Origin of Origins 


Thou sacred art, thou art divine

Thou art alblackica as time

Thou art alblackica as the red horse of the sempiternal seasons

Rome in daxun time-leap, NY the frozen heart of the riddle without a tail

Amazon strange in the midnight-cross hanging over the bow

Pouring nectar on the crab-feet moun, time is empty

Zero added to zero – another run she will be free

She will be the lion of the ionic ember

She will be the template of the origin of origins

She cannot know before she does her work

Her language is not the tongue but ear, eye, hands and legs…

Entangled to words and rhythms of the alphabets

Every snowfall is the hush of the limelight of reason

Birds came, danced and went to take a dip in the blue oyster lakes

There was time to swallow the fig and the bone

There was no time to gaze at the screen

Time to remake the numbers of the holy chant and turn 1 into zero

The absolute of the Sai destiny is the infant cradle rocking the beams

What alms impregnate the begging heart into the rolling thunder of the drums?

What heart is beating like the winter solstice quivering the ocean salt?

Reason cannot warm a cup of tea bitter with its thoughts

Sweet are the sands that resonate with macro-ether stencil of free space

Gravity is ravity is avity is ity

Galileo born from the leopards of dark space

Ambrosia of the third movement of Beethoven is Venus

Imagination is the box-capital set of evavanagendra Vishnu

Tulips are red like onyx that has the power of luminescence

Moon’s halo is the sri circle of sri azuha sri azuha, Hari Om Tat Sat

Alblackica is alblackica on alblackica in alblackica

Clock’s arms are bent near the equator looking over the poles of Sri Vrindavan

Hens are the peacocks after the morning rooster saw the first showers of April circumnavigate the isles

A wasteland’s consciousness knew that its time to gather the woods for the light.

– Joy Roy choudhury

Netaji’s 115th Birth Anniversary, 23th Jan 2012: Divine Mother’s Consciousness In the Light of the Coming Time- The Final Purushottam Lila

Netaji’s 115th Birth Anniversary, 23th Jan 2012: Divine Mother’s Consciousness In the Light of the Coming Time- The Final Purushottam Lila 


A pure reflection of what we stand for our courage

Glasses stand for classes that do not exist

Although they exist in the intellectual virtuosity of the rational mind

But those who stand above in the clear consciousness of the being

For them man is equal to man and shall be to the divine

For the divine only spells the need for a classless being

In the dome celestial autonomy of a higher magnitude

Strength of knowledge and pure heart can win back and write the order of a new destiny

There syllables are the link with the past and the future

Mahabharata written many times in the handbook of the master’s soliloquy

The chariot wheels have fastened the words faster than time

And in the logbook of the eternity the dead is not dead

Neither frozen like the stars few million light years away

Vermillion stains on the bark tree-time                                                  

Can chant the mantra of the oblivious seed

But on the seashore sands the alphabets of man’s freedom

Await the journey of the final light

The sun was a shadow at the time of eclipse

The ravens only saw the tentacles of the crawling night

But none saw beauty’s petals that composed the lines on a fair dreaming horizon

It was the colors and music that gave birth to the grasses for harvesting a new life

Changes conquer the fallen world the consciousness ripens the truth

And in the yellow submarine of the Parabrahman Lila

The sky was the blue beak of a green alter of space, man the bird was finally free!

Jay Jesus, Hari Om Tat Sat (3x)

Om namo Bhagavate (3x)

– Joy Roy Choudhury




A soulful-singer, a musician, a poet, a lyricist, a man of letters and friendship, a true yogi- Dilip Kumar Roy once said: ‘I do not intend, as did John Milton,”to justify the ways of God to men”.  For as God is a real, throbbing Omnipresent Entity. His multiform divinity needs no ultramodern vindication, least of all when He is perceived solely through the devotee’s love. One who has love for Him does, in effect, say, a la Descartes: “I have glimpsed God with my Eye of Light, therefore I know what God is”. Similarly, one who has truly come to love Mother Ganga may well claim, mutatis mutandis: “Since  I feel in her the touch of the Divine I have no qualms about equating her with a goddess”. This is not an academic defense, but the acknowledgement of an experiential fact, to wit, that one whose heart has responded to the divine call of Mother Ganga can and does dispense once and for all with the services of an intellectual advocate. For he knows that what seems irrational to the mind may, in the last analysis, be suprarational and thus resoluble in the light of our intution. Indeed, are not all paradoxes resolved in the harmony of the Divine? To quote once again from Savitri (V, III):

The world is God fulfilled in outwardness.

The blue sea’s chant, the rivulet’s wandering voice

Are murmurs falling from the Eternal’s harp. – Sri Aurobindo

Years later I sang this song at Hardwar, where the blue-scarfed Ganga purls and dances along pauselessly, and my heart was filled with a deep exhaltation, so much so that on her bank I went composing song after song which I sang in ecstasy. …In one of these I wrote:

In my yearning heart, O Ganga, I

Sing but to appeal to thee:

Come thou to rend the veil that stands

Between thy Grace and me.

For then I’ll see thy light divine

In all and love all, Mother mine!

And learn to harken even in din

To thy soul’s own melody’.


Dadaji (Dilip Kumar Roy) and Mother Indira Devi at Haridwar

See the Dwarka threaded in his eyes                                                        

The haridwar the rishikesh in her eyes

Flowing with the swift ebb of tidal tears of the Ganges

Mother bathes the sun with a smile lost forever in nature’s arms

Or is it there where Narmada meets the sacred soul of its song?

The music rings in thy ears chanting like the waves

Carrying passages of dead earth from history’s charcoal years

Penciled at the bottom with a line or a signature

I am here in between the one and the many

Dancing my way to celebrate the nation

A friend is a friend is a friend is a friend

Love’s token are bird like wings seeking a hermitage

A wonderful carnival of primeval joy

A day when the young meets the old in their arms

A day when soldiers harp the flute of the lord

Canonizing the world eternal Hari OM!

A true seeker of love finds in light’s golden robe

The symbol of original bliss

That is the true mystic meaning of the word

Not in monastic meditation of solitude

But in life itself that has the true colours of trombone music

Rembrandt to Rolland to Sri Ramkrishna

Sri Aurobindo, Mother et al.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

BELOW: Sri Dilip Kumar Roy and his college friends in England, 1920. CLOCKWISE from lower left: D.K. Roy, K.P. Chatterji, Subhash Chandra Bose (Netaji), C.C. Desai.  Pictures courtesy Pilgrims of the Stars- Dilip Kumar Roy and Indira Devi/ Excerpt from Pilgrims of the Stars/ Dada ji & Indira Ma picture courtesy Hari Krishna Mandir Archives- website:

Nicholas Roerich’s The White Stone- Chintamani Sign (1933) And The Art of Manifestation


White Stone- Chintamani Sign (1933), Nicholas Roerich


If there is a single will that evolves from the navi-chakra of the parabrahman

Then that sound-mantra of the unborn music vibrates in my being

Singing hymns of the lost sun and the happy white horse of mirrored objectivity

Reflecting the light from the consciousness of the dark years

Through a perfect marriage of eternal time with the causeless-cause and effect

Green bed of the milky ways is the Adi lingam of the Agni-Surya-Rudra

They dance in cuneiform patterns they attain the liberation or moksha of the word

Summer’s wells are the tree-time justice hanging on every cross

Without which there is no freedom no order no frontier

From Satya Yuga light has traveled on this earth on the black box of a white boar

On the sky it etched the sorceress of the magic stone

Yehanta talk-time sleeping on the hills, walking miles of desert space luminously engraved

Returning by the dusk light, the evening has settled with the rose of Yerevan

Silence returns to its lap, the lion-man is a conscious force of the ancient kabbala

Signs arrest symbols of the past, the mega-moun clock is the Baquyitra eternal

Red-Waziz Izwa, Ionicixa, Mazuvont, what time of the year is the true sense of love reveal?

Angles change from zero, the horizon is a flat straight line made of ethics?

What curvature boasts the synthesis of realms, what light is coming to me O Lord?

Hare-Krishna-Rama-Hari-Radha, Sri Chaitnya Sri Aurobindo Nimai

Purple sandstone and gravel wash with the meditative flow of the river

They become the murals of the moonstone Ganges

A line appeared on the closed eye of the dawn

Cities burn in invigorating space, are reborn with an invariable strength and power

Then came Savitri from the whorl of the para-trath lotus

Seeking the word unborn in her, she manifested her being

And let the Sat eat the whole of the chit and transfer that consciousness into the para-ananda of the existential-bliss

Para-chakra, the dancing queen of the bee-hived flower is the Krishna-Kali-watiz-rider of the

Green-blue light.

– Joy Roy Choudhury




Beatles’ song I am the Walrus was written 1967, a critical time in the history of music or particularly in the genre of rock music in general. Different elements in the song explain the experiential process that monitored much of the lyrics and music of the time beginning with Beatles and latter taken up by other bands including the Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, The Doors, Velvet Underground and the Jethro Tull among many others. ‘I am the Walrus’ with its direct allusions to Lewis Carrol’s poem The Walrus and the Carpenter (From the book Through The Looking-Glass) is more than nonsense lyrics though Lennon was quoted saying in the Playboy in 1980: “The first line was written on one acid trip one weekend. The second line was written on the next acid trip the next weekend, and it was filled in after I met Yoko…”. Whether Lennon picked up the wrong guy, the villain of Carroll’s poem is not a matter of concern but what here is significant is the process of Transformation which marked the beginning of a new era of music and culture that would dominate audience character belief and ethos for at least few decades. Lennon’s mixed reactions to the Hare Krishna experience and to much that was happening around following the Lucy in the Sky experiments, would finally take George Harrison, his friend, to eventually sing with hope and promise the chanting song My Sweet Lord in the December of 1969. Quite interesting is the take up from Lewis Carroll’s poem, he was much the influence behind Pink Floyd founder lyricist and guitarist Syd Barrett’s compositions- Pink Floyd’s early music from the The Piper at the Gates of Dawn can be traced back to the Carrollian imagery mixing fluidity of space with harmony and tonal changes of music more experiential and musing and one that evokes creative interplay of the senses and the beyond. I am the Walrus song is more about the process of Transformation of Death though Lennon didn’t have a clue what he was singing consciously but he had the inner-vision of something at the subconscient level and since he was a man who was destined to find new frontiers in music like a messiah he was able to pen down the lyrics which became a symbol not only of the psyche but also of the meta-logic system that man inherits through the vocabulary of the five-senses and with the aid of an intuitive power which can bring light into the haze of his thought-mind.  An excerpt from the song: “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.
See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly.
I’m crying”…”Semolina pilchard, climbing up the Eiffel Tower.         
Elementary penguin singing Hari Krishna.
Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe.
I am the eggman, they are the eggmen.
I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob g’goo goo g’joob.
Goo goo g’joob g’goo goo g’joob g’goo… (etc.)”


The walrus painted the sea

It swam across the river of opulence

Danced to the metrical feet of an anonymous rhythm

That soothed the vocabulary of the early primates

A moment back, it had its dream

The walrus was an objets d’art

An antique made of crystals 2 feet high

It was the source of some inspiration hanging between the two eye sockets and the nose

Time’s predicate follows the rules of ancient wisdom

Movements anatomize the myriad verbs

Language constructs buildings and empires

Karma Se Karma Sree Chaitnanya Nimai

Rash Lilay Hari Dev Geye Othe Madhur Kanthe

Gouranga Lilay Mathura Haye Othe Hari-Sundor Om Jagat Bandhu-Sundor

A beautiful object is an advert for life

Charming dalliance of the moon is the little wonder that keeps her awake

Summer affects the monsoon of the green clouds and spring’s nocturnal’s are the winter hens of early harvest

The roots of the trees bore the wells

That can bathe laughter with the sunshine of a new day

Immemorial time gathered its force with the herdsmen of the North

And winds swept past the nostrils of its space

SURRENDER the word was a liturgical choice between the One and the Many

As the One in the Many chose for it the word it spells.  – Joy Roy Choudhury

The Geometric Construction of Primeval Space, Supramental Light and Adi Chintamani


Chalice of Christ (1925), Nicholas Roerich (Banners of East Series)

The Song of Shambhala- Chintamani (From the Stone Series)


The exact location is inside the eye

Where the blue petal rings the bell

After starlit windows are opened to the mind

Paths where the red sun drenched the soul

Glass like rainbow in the black ether of destiny

Shining amidst the dancing jewel, O Lord!


In every being it has no name

Existing beyond time’s eternity

In the sat purusha of frame-d-frame

Allowing its own radiance on the benevolent moon

Camping frozen nights in the tentless void of alblackica

Walking like a stick that crosses million miles of original space.


So far the dewed horizon

Was gazing at the trapezohedron

A celestial de-facto light filled the inner rhythm of the words

Brilliance met the fiery chance of time’s saviors

And incantation’s wings soared sunward into heaven

Lost in a thought the speck of sands waited for its rain.


Remembrance is a sweet word

A refrain woodcut from Roerich to Rembrandt

Notes of love’s embodiment snug prayers into eternity

A one world out of the husk and the hay

A Capitol of truth to be built with the lion of the laxacun circles

A point soulful triple automates its inter-vision of the thing. 

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Legends say that the stone Chintanani, often known as the Original Holy Grail, came from a star called Sirius. Its extraterrestrial origin was mentioned by the Russian mystic painter Nicholas Roerich who allegedly carried a part of the stone back to its mother eternal in Shambhala. This stone is mentioned in Mahabharata as the one that made Ashwathama, immortal, which he had to return after the defeat of the Kauravas, to Lord Krishna who in turn gave it back to Drupadi.

Robert Temple in his book “The Sirius Mystery” recorded an almost anthropological account of the encounter the Dogon people had in the ancient past with emissaries from Sirius. The Freemasonry group often regarded Sirius as the great blazing star andTempleincidentally found an intriguing connection with them and the Eye of the Triangle symbol which is present in the pyramid symbol on theU.S.seal. The triangle is an early Freemasonic symbol associated with the Grand Architecture of the Universe (Great Chain of Beings concept!) and the ‘Eye’ installed inside that pyramid is what the Dogon (African tribe) called the dwarf star “Digitaria” – a part of the trinitized Sirian grouping of stars and eventually recognized by the tribe as the Creator of the Universe. The Sirians had the concept of a One World Civilization which they tried to teach to the tribe.

Robert Hunter, the songwriter from the legendary band, The Grateful Dead wrote a song called the ‘Eyes of the World”: “Wake up to find out
that you are the eyes of the World…There comes a redeemer and he slowly too fades away…”.

Sri Aurobindo writes in Savitri:

“This mortal life shall house Eternity’s bliss,

The body’s self taste immortality.

Then shall the world-redeemer’s task be done.”

Is this then the time for the final redemption to take place? Can we become in ourselves the world-redeemer, invoke the power, the light, the love? Is there any connection between the stone’s superconscient light and redemption and finding of the Holy Grail (The Origin of Origins)?

Is this the stone which Sri Aurobindo and the Divine Mother called the Supramental Matter? Roerich mentioned that it was dark green in colour, possibly similar to Moldavite a meteor from outer space. It’s well known that this stone is now possessed by the King of the Worlds in Shambhala – the true leader of the earthly race. With so much speculation going on around the world and with events swiftly taking shape with changes predicted throughout the continents, could it be possible that the Satya Yuga or the Golden Age of Truth, Love, Light, Knowledge and Freedom is not very far away? The revelation of the stone and the power it will radiate to uplift human consciousness to a higher level or frequency so as to shun or block the creeping negative resources prevalent in our present system is significantly linked to changes awaited 2012 onward? Isn’t this the link to Shambhala Time and Kalachakra to The New World Creation/New Order as mentioned by Sri Aurobindo, Lahiri Mahasaya, Prabhu Jagat Bandhu and host of other powerful occultists and yogis whose words cannot be taken too lightly because as W. B. Yeats has said: “Surely some revelation is at hand;

Surely the Second Coming is at hand”. (The Second Coming, W.B. Yeats). The coming of Christ-in-man, the unlocking of the doors which were closed eons ago through the revelation of the stone, the supramentalisation process, the advent of the new technology of the psychic being and its consciousness to bring Heaven on Earth and eliminate the disharmony, the chaos are to be aspired by all those who dwell in the true scientific light of knowledge and prosperity, a time to be beckoned that will make every child a happy bird in all the continents making education the best possible guiding line that can be drawn from the cave-paintings of Altamira to the quantum spectograms of the Chintamani that this Stone From the Series bring into light. Evolution is the pathway to the shelf that has its own lock-and-key.

“A new light shall break upon the earth, a new world shall be born, and the things that were announced shall be fulfilled”. – 24th Sept, 1954, The Divine Mother,Pondicherry. (Parame Parame Parame)

Inscriptions on the Chintamani Stone as translated by Nicholas Roerich from Sanskrit: “Through the Stars I come, I bring the Chalice (Grail) covered with the Shield”.


– Joy Roy Choudhury

The Romantic Vision of THE STONE FROM THE SERIES (‘Chintamani’) and The Consciousness of the ‘Origin of Origins’

STONE FROM THE SERIES (‘Chintamani’)  by Artist Samij Datta

“Through the Stars I come, I bring the Chalice (Grail) covered with the Shield”.- Translated Nicholas Roerich from Sanskrit Insciptions Laid On The Stone

“A high and blank negation is not all,

A huge extinction is not God’s last word,

Life’s ultimate sense, the close of being’s course,

The meaning of this great mysterious world

In absolute silence sleeps an absolute Power”.- Book III: The Book of the Divine Mother/Canto II: The Adoration of the Divine Mother- Sri Aurobindo

  “Culture is based on Beauty and Knowledge”- Nicholas Roerich

“Awareness of Beauty saves the world”- Nicholas Roerich

“Wealth in itself does not generate Culture. But broadened and subtler thinking and the sense of Beauty produce that subtlety, that nobility of spirit which are distinctive for a cultured person. It is this kind of person that can build the future of light for its country”- Nicholas Roerich

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,’ – that is all / Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know”. – Ode on a Grecian Urn, John Keats

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still

 will keep

A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing”. – Endymion, John Keats

I (Chintamani)2012/Artist: Samij Datta 

“There is an art which in their piedness, shares

With great creating nature”.

Polixenes: Say there be;

Yet nature is made better by no mean,

But nature makes that mean; so ev’n that art,

Which, you say, adds to nature, is an art,

That nature makes” (From Winter’s Tale- Shakespeare)

From L-R: IV, III & II(Chintamani) 2012/Artist: Samij Datta                              

“An auxiliar light

Came from my mind which on the setting sun

Bestow’d new splendor…”- Prelude, William Wordsworth

Sri Krishna Sri Krishna Sri Krishna -In The Eye I Appear Again In The Stone

Jesus on the Chariot of Fire

O Come Peace Thy Last Resort of Destiny, Chant Thy Name On the Holy Mountains of the East,

Shantih Shantih Shantih! – Joy Roy Choudhury

Nicholas Roerich’s The Burning of Darkness (1924): The Pyre of Darkness that Emboldens the Consciousness of the Cosmic Stone

The Burning of Darkness (1924), Nicholas Roerich  

   Consciousness-Analogue: The Pyre of Darkness that Emboldens the Consciousness of  the Cosmic Stone          

Is the blue helios the sleeping side of the darkness burn?

And in the urn or inside the chalice the wheel of the life-force is getting resurrected?

For the second coming which is the time prevalent and now?

For how many from the stars we have come along the carbon path to further evolution?

No one knows the truth itself is the consciousness its form and canticle

Ananda and chit issued from sat from parabrahman circle of manifestation

And became the divinity of the artist’s eye, the boddhisattwa

Behind all the psychic consciousness of the stone is the green alter of the divine subaltern

It was there the material substance from the distant stars

A mould of the luminous consciousness of the Creatrix

Form, shape and colour came much after the broken lines of the words manifested its being

From the sat chit Will-Force of the universal design

Past in the past is also the present and the twin blades of time make the future congregate

Sing with the sages in the holy sepulcher of the Shambala

Maha-Kali is dancing in time

Udgrib Ujjal AlokRashmi bhara taray taray geye othe Om Mani Padme Hum

The sacred incandescent flame desirous like the manifold stars chants Om Mani Padme Hum

Om Mani HrimOmMani Srim

The day ends the darkness begin pure unalloyed like the sanctity of the stone, the Chintamani

Never before in creational history had such time arrived to record and rest

A true significance is justified by the acts that follow from it

Because existence has its own method of verification

But what is to be verified needs to be constructed first

How can you build an empire without the cycles of consciousness?

Without the ritam, satyam and the inter-stellar jyoti, life-force is incomplete, empty and vain

The true objects of identification, the substance behind the verification must be the consciousness only

From It all came, in It all ceased to go –that light has spend its time on the red earth of the mother-womb

Green shells become blue in the darkness of the chapter

Sri Krishna Sri Krishna Sri Krishna param purusha– Hare Sat Om

The strongest emerges from the pointillism of the right forces- Hare Chit Om

A sacred gold is also the white intonation when darkness burn – Jay Jesus

And then the white is the rainbow-soul of the Supermind-Kalki- Hare Chit Om

Turn the love light into the substance pure a future on hold is clearing its way.

Jay Sri Ramkrishna-Prabhu Sundor, Jay Trikal Sri Aurobindo-Mahakal.


-Joy Roy Choudhury



Nicholas Roerich’s Chintamani (1935-36) and The Fire-Ether Vastness of Sunyata is the Delight of the Blissful Stone

The Treasure of the World/Chintamani (1935-36) Nicholas Roerich 

Consciousness-Analogue: The Fire-Ether Vastness of Sunyata is the Pure Delight of the Blissful Stone

If you were my friend in the heart’s temple of light

Then thou speak from the vault of silence

Then thou raise your tears from the burning pyre of life

A sun so sacred rides the white lightning horse of the new race

He eschews all the script of the holy sages

Chintay dharani dhare tara mantra

Chetonay sara dey Mahakali-Kalki

Ami sabuj patharer nil rang dekhechi

I have seen the blue emblem of the green stone

That can cut across the layers of ignorance and falsehood

Bring new light and consciousness holding the chalice

Red earth scattered on the bottom of fog-green leaves

Shall we not seek the Word, the unborn divine spirit of the creation?

Shall we not flame the body with the Agni of immortality

The lion is the source the stone the power

An immaculate conception from the virgin stars of infinitude

Cross function cross from the land of Shambala

Nicholas let the vision rise from the far golden chandeliers of the sun

Let it come to us for it will surely come

Because the green embers are orange when flushed with the mountain crimson of the past

The future is true like the sky it adores the new divinity in things

The playground is set watch wait and bear the patience my friend!

– Joy Roy Choudhury

“In Beauty we are united, through Beauty we pray, with Beauty we conquer”. – Nicholas Roerich