Nicholas Roerich’s Chintamani (1935-36) and The Fire-Ether Vastness of Sunyata is the Delight of the Blissful Stone

The Treasure of the World/Chintamani (1935-36) Nicholas Roerich 

Consciousness-Analogue: The Fire-Ether Vastness of Sunyata is the Pure Delight of the Blissful Stone

If you were my friend in the heart’s temple of light

Then thou speak from the vault of silence

Then thou raise your tears from the burning pyre of life

A sun so sacred rides the white lightning horse of the new race

He eschews all the script of the holy sages

Chintay dharani dhare tara mantra

Chetonay sara dey Mahakali-Kalki

Ami sabuj patharer nil rang dekhechi

I have seen the blue emblem of the green stone

That can cut across the layers of ignorance and falsehood

Bring new light and consciousness holding the chalice

Red earth scattered on the bottom of fog-green leaves

Shall we not seek the Word, the unborn divine spirit of the creation?

Shall we not flame the body with the Agni of immortality

The lion is the source the stone the power

An immaculate conception from the virgin stars of infinitude

Cross function cross from the land of Shambala

Nicholas let the vision rise from the far golden chandeliers of the sun

Let it come to us for it will surely come

Because the green embers are orange when flushed with the mountain crimson of the past

The future is true like the sky it adores the new divinity in things

The playground is set watch wait and bear the patience my friend!

– Joy Roy Choudhury

“In Beauty we are united, through Beauty we pray, with Beauty we conquer”. – Nicholas Roerich