Nicholas Roerich’s The Burning of Darkness (1924): The Pyre of Darkness that Emboldens the Consciousness of the Cosmic Stone

The Burning of Darkness (1924), Nicholas Roerich  

   Consciousness-Analogue: The Pyre of Darkness that Emboldens the Consciousness of  the Cosmic Stone          

Is the blue helios the sleeping side of the darkness burn?

And in the urn or inside the chalice the wheel of the life-force is getting resurrected?

For the second coming which is the time prevalent and now?

For how many from the stars we have come along the carbon path to further evolution?

No one knows the truth itself is the consciousness its form and canticle

Ananda and chit issued from sat from parabrahman circle of manifestation

And became the divinity of the artist’s eye, the boddhisattwa

Behind all the psychic consciousness of the stone is the green alter of the divine subaltern

It was there the material substance from the distant stars

A mould of the luminous consciousness of the Creatrix

Form, shape and colour came much after the broken lines of the words manifested its being

From the sat chit Will-Force of the universal design

Past in the past is also the present and the twin blades of time make the future congregate

Sing with the sages in the holy sepulcher of the Shambala

Maha-Kali is dancing in time

Udgrib Ujjal AlokRashmi bhara taray taray geye othe Om Mani Padme Hum

The sacred incandescent flame desirous like the manifold stars chants Om Mani Padme Hum

Om Mani HrimOmMani Srim

The day ends the darkness begin pure unalloyed like the sanctity of the stone, the Chintamani

Never before in creational history had such time arrived to record and rest

A true significance is justified by the acts that follow from it

Because existence has its own method of verification

But what is to be verified needs to be constructed first

How can you build an empire without the cycles of consciousness?

Without the ritam, satyam and the inter-stellar jyoti, life-force is incomplete, empty and vain

The true objects of identification, the substance behind the verification must be the consciousness only

From It all came, in It all ceased to go –that light has spend its time on the red earth of the mother-womb

Green shells become blue in the darkness of the chapter

Sri Krishna Sri Krishna Sri Krishna param purusha– Hare Sat Om

The strongest emerges from the pointillism of the right forces- Hare Chit Om

A sacred gold is also the white intonation when darkness burn – Jay Jesus

And then the white is the rainbow-soul of the Supermind-Kalki- Hare Chit Om

Turn the love light into the substance pure a future on hold is clearing its way.

Jay Sri Ramkrishna-Prabhu Sundor, Jay Trikal Sri Aurobindo-Mahakal.


-Joy Roy Choudhury