Nicholas Roerich’s The White Stone- Chintamani Sign (1933) And The Art of Manifestation


White Stone- Chintamani Sign (1933), Nicholas Roerich


If there is a single will that evolves from the navi-chakra of the parabrahman

Then that sound-mantra of the unborn music vibrates in my being

Singing hymns of the lost sun and the happy white horse of mirrored objectivity

Reflecting the light from the consciousness of the dark years

Through a perfect marriage of eternal time with the causeless-cause and effect

Green bed of the milky ways is the Adi lingam of the Agni-Surya-Rudra

They dance in cuneiform patterns they attain the liberation or moksha of the word

Summer’s wells are the tree-time justice hanging on every cross

Without which there is no freedom no order no frontier

From Satya Yuga light has traveled on this earth on the black box of a white boar

On the sky it etched the sorceress of the magic stone

Yehanta talk-time sleeping on the hills, walking miles of desert space luminously engraved

Returning by the dusk light, the evening has settled with the rose of Yerevan

Silence returns to its lap, the lion-man is a conscious force of the ancient kabbala

Signs arrest symbols of the past, the mega-moun clock is the Baquyitra eternal

Red-Waziz Izwa, Ionicixa, Mazuvont, what time of the year is the true sense of love reveal?

Angles change from zero, the horizon is a flat straight line made of ethics?

What curvature boasts the synthesis of realms, what light is coming to me O Lord?

Hare-Krishna-Rama-Hari-Radha, Sri Chaitnya Sri Aurobindo Nimai

Purple sandstone and gravel wash with the meditative flow of the river

They become the murals of the moonstone Ganges

A line appeared on the closed eye of the dawn

Cities burn in invigorating space, are reborn with an invariable strength and power

Then came Savitri from the whorl of the para-trath lotus

Seeking the word unborn in her, she manifested her being

And let the Sat eat the whole of the chit and transfer that consciousness into the para-ananda of the existential-bliss

Para-chakra, the dancing queen of the bee-hived flower is the Krishna-Kali-watiz-rider of the

Green-blue light.

– Joy Roy Choudhury