The Conscient Circle of Alblackica: The Will -The Trial and The Final Redemption

Alblackica Plates I, Samij Dutta, 2012

The Conscient Circle of Alblackica: The Will The Trial and The Final Redemption 


The grass was painted on the celestial glass

And planted on the edge of a voyager’s dream

On the mind’s magnetic field

The vectors aligned themselves in different directions

The crow-beak length the same the cats were running into the seamless void

They heard the sound of the inevitable

Waves tossed air’s manger into the dust of the trees

What trial after Kafka into the involuntary design of the will?

Existence not a question but answer is the bliss

To the divine matter of immortality

The supra-physical descent of Angira took place

And it was not a Woody Allen show

A strong hour is the virtuous turn of the argyle diamonds

Sat Tat Om Hari Chit

The electro-giga field of the stone was a series of circles

Seven up on seven Aconcagua was burning

The stars are nine and one avatars of the creation

They awake the Vashnu in the Brumhi of Shavi

The zero opera of the basilica is the point of convergence

The terrestrial will-gate is the navi-vishnu of bramha

The zero circle of all is alblackica, alblackica

Pro-kratoshivam monument of time is the pyramid

The running wheels of time are older than Wagner

Thou space has the dignity of its movement Wahali?

Angels fly into the lost mandalas of Tibet

Resurrect the old and the young in the heart

The song of Shambhala is coming to me O Lord!

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Reference: An undated photograph of Franz Kafka/Source: The New York Times, Sept 22, 2010

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