The Tigers are Coming Back from the Heliotropes: Put Thy Feet in the Alblackica Sea

Alblackica Plate VI, Samij Datta, 2012 The Tigers are coming back from the Heliotropes: Put Thy Feet in the Alblackica Sea


An ancient ladder-tree is the doctrine of the winter months that centrifuge itself in the summer eclipses of the sun; the rosa-beam twirls itself in the twilight hours, crab-tree moun gave to it the flowers of the zero-circle, a gift of Yuwaziha to the other greatyana eternals waiting to put their feet in the alblackica sea; they must know the sand-vision king who offered carnelian roses to the rivers of the lost paradise; zero from zero is zero minus the one; the space-eating blimtra crocodiles are not fasting today they admire the power of the symbol: thou see the distance that time has moved, thou see the fast-track mind of the Razders and the Baquitras; a free rope is a carriage of the cross over the ladder to carry time into the spaceless non-ethereal matrix of matter: the hen is the crow of the raven’s shelter from light but its not the horn that quits the struggle for a loss or a gain; the bull-elephant is driving the saucer into the farthest point of this creation, the tigers are coming back from the heliotropes; with the turning of the master key the lock of the ice-bed revealed the warm purple rose of the pastoral unicorns, they are the new Zebaxta eternals of the Yuwaziha.

Thou remain calm excrete all fear,

the moon of the last bow has fired the arrow

into the orthocentre of the triangle,

the dawn-mist time of Alblackica is dancing as it comes.

– Joy Roy Chodhury

Reference: Human Body in the pentagram from Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s Libri tres de occulta philosophia

The Zero Constant within Time-Fluctuations: The Yuwaziha and the Zebra-Moun-Book of Eternals

ALBLACKICA PLATE V, Samij Datta, 2012

The Zero Constant within Time-Fluctuations: The Yuwaziha and the Zebra-Moun-Book of Eternals


Sun’s dancing spirals can eat the cow of darkness madness hear the words of reason’s after-light the pantomime crow is the destiny of all –travel far and beyond the creation, to make the creation the creation it shall be.

That shall be the door of an open courtyard many separated differences of lives put together to churn the mill that harvests the milk of the absolute or rather the amsolute in the aksolute. It’s is the best price that can be paid at the alter of Alblackica. Yuwaziya watches the time that has no personnel but the persona of this song is the real unmanifest and the virtual self-professed manifested pentagram in the cross-palm history of this earthy race.

Trees that have feathers are the burning spectacle of a lion in rage he fathers forth the entity of time that came from the cave-pigment of the bell-vision; the vision is the truth that had the binomial function of an azimuthal quantum number, energy dissociated are transferred back to the prima matra and in the mirrored hologram of the mind cast-lind-wall- it’s rather in the plates that the unread chapters are read again to give matter the highest frequency that it can maintain with the spirit in unison to fill the promises of an open bargain with the creator or the creatrix. Where are you in the dying vision of the ‘burning giraffes’ of Salvador? The insignificant are casting their vote into the pyramidal structure of the grand design – they are taking the shape of tigers that are the white-sage elephants- the million Bwajem-Jwahyu Sadhus of the non-time matter, of the other-space coming down on earth:

Tetrat Terav Tetrat

Nestrat Nihayo Nestrat

Love is the Wind of the River of No-Time.

Follow her steps as the streams squeeze the grapes to make the setting sun twine with the vine and as the drops fill the lapis with the yellow laughter of the moon, Yuwaziha is dancing…far from time in time to time but not in time as the words end the end of themselves.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Reference: Grateful Album Cover Art (Axomoxoa)