Alblackica Clock Series II: The Relational Sequence of Time in the Quantum Matrix and the Non-Curvature of Hyper-Solids in Laser Helio-Madeb




The Relational Sequence of Time in the Quantum Matrix and the Non-Curvature of Hyper-Solids in Laser Helio-Madeb

The compass points of the indivisible vectors of the ultraviolet fragmentation are sine and cosine of the violet in the glass-tubular vessels of the black sun. its not a mystic recognition of the coplanar magnitudes of life and its relative multiverse but that of the eternal beyond the eternity of time’s unsound consonants. The goat is the sheep made to run in the tunnel where the wind is the fire of another river song…the civilization starts from there and progresses along the lines of the Nile or the Ganges, Mississippi or Volga. The cross-talk domain of the Terrasuxa Qataz is the zebra-prime vessel of the spring. Man or no-man can reach this point, that’s not within the other of the within shifting from the centre but it’s a joke of the idiot playing a match of football in an empty stadium that once rocked the audience with the grass-power vision of the Woodstock germ. There are no more the arms that can destroy the creation, One unfolds the One in perimeter of the circle and the zero is the alblackica of counter-faith that has seen streets made of gold turning into silver madness of the moon. That night is within the Michelangelo in the wime-goat plates that can make and unmake the reading of a film into the unified separation of the rise and fall in the madness of ether carrying birds in the footprints of the lion.

The ions of the ionized circle without the helium cannot manufacture anything but can subtly tell the story long unheard by the apes in their evolution into the man-of-nothing. Dust is dust to dust is pro-dast of every dust in the collar-zime-yime vision of the time. A flower is a flower when the withering stumps of the micro-seconds turn the colors into some macro poetry that talks about the anointment of the earth in the vision of the serpent. Sleep is the wakinghood of another reprise in the violent chaos that mothers the disciple of disciplines for some good work with a prayer that remains unaffected even after the transfiguration of coal into diamond lights. Serene is hopefully an adjective of another adverb that stands still looking ahead into the Alps of the romantics- that is the eponymous vision unaffected by means that come on the way with their divergent dreams to maim the word which is an empty set full of possibilities and change.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon Album Cover Art