The Rickshaw Puller of the Sun is the Sovereign Horus of Alblackica in the Mandala of the Mind

Alblackica Plate IX/ Samij Datta, 2012


The Rickshaw Puller of the Sun is the Sovereign Horus of Alblackica in the Mandala of the Mind

The rickshaw puller of the sun is the gypsy of the meadow’s butterfly, his load is the burning sensation of time’s eternity in the bowl full of water with petals. The sound actualizes the heaven’s beauty  in a nectar of dust free polinatria, her rhythms are the artful synagogues that play with themselves as death plays with destiny and leaves immortality in the spring wells of paradise- if your hands touch the ground and your feet the sky then you are the fly, the fly …that has no sleep in the winter months of the summer haze but has the laughter of the aging rock. The fire burning in the moldavite is the letter of Inonocixa -heart to the lonely zabber of existence. Consciousness calls the empty circle a vigrahaman of this life roaming in the circus as the lightning rides the horse, over the distance the sun has wept, it had no Other than itself but as the vision grows with the maple leaves that float in the streams of holographic continuity, another sun of the hour-glass in the alblackica self of no-time has taken birth in the shape of the shapes within the wind-hole of the ancient prima matra.

Above and about to be is the art to be thyself; two to two is two but two from two is not two; a song is called a song when it answers the zero and then becomes the time and then the one of not the ‘one in one’.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Photograph by Satyajit Ray taken from Photography Exhibition Archive, 2012 (taken using Dell Mobile)

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