The Crow-Fast Intelligence of the Black-Cow Deionizing the Mental-Purity of the Onion created the Everlasting Day


The Crow-Fast Intelligence of the Black-Cow Deionizing the Mental-Purity of the Onion created the Everlasting Day


In the hour of the Loxodonta Africana, the tusk of the anti-parabrahman circle saw the super fast modes of intelligence working in the nitrium halides; there were the tree, the crow and the beak of poison in the ratiz-cube of the cobra; the ivory marks of the ancient cross saw the ions accumulating in the decra-vessel of the space craft; time was the superlative song of a kajeb-adjectival space whose grapes threw  away the deserts and washed them with gourd-space ions of Hevajra; the willow is the atomic processor of the Alblackica mind, tuning the lights of the violet summer into the cherry orchards of Chekov; Rosenberg was the line within the spot in the Humphrey Bogart of 52.9981 hours to the trawidth of 25.1899 hours where above Chile the China was dissipating the African Queen (1951) in the wee seconds of the sunset time as observed from the smallest fusheyon.

The night was an oak mind-tree of the self seeing all variations that take a detour into the forests of the twilight sound and receding into the vastness of the Alblackica frame where the eternal stars are light-buds of a motionless time, anointed by the bliss of the extranet truth in the roaming heights of extra-terrestrial life. Without you I am not me, or without me you are not your self in the prime time spring of the sea anemones; cherries withdraw their colored sweetness of letters into the magnificent speech of the sun-ward ho!; time on time is time to time on earth where space just a toy in the hand of the time-keeper’s self.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Humphrey Bogart b/w photograph taken from Archives.





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