The Quantum Hydrodynamics of the Cravhux-Moksha as seen through the Unilateral Cross-Domain Functions of Alblackica Time

WAY TO GYAN-GANJ/Samij Datta, 2011


Unilateral cross from the vestige of the winter prayers saw the lapis gold time of the creation in the dovhajkakoithanivyatromatin…ia azeza; algorithms of Alblackica are running the machine of quantum intelligence in the box-prime eternals of the bear-fox time…artists are azure artists in the artifacts of bovine numbers that illuminate the script-domain function of the Razder-base; the ratiocination of the akiki, of the habibi are poised on the wingless-poesy in the south of the Meru; there were aquatic species in the lumino-cravax hyperbolic space choosing the Andre Malraux in the rafiehan spindle- fibers; the angular momentum torque of the particle was only a reminder of how the elevation in height was to be regained without the supporting anti-gravity force within the desktop-c-creation-d. Pink-slips are the blue ocean mystic balls in the green article stones of fire recharging the crahvux-moksha iphone of the entire-creation-entire. Terms of time and the conditions of the self change are as explained in the evolutionary ladder products of the Alblackica, to step into the work-chain glass myths of the superstores, one has to design the new program of artificial intelligence not with numbers only but with alpha-beds of the consciousness because the tree is the cross of the feder functions of the black mamba in the ionic vapors of the Mombasa weqatra queen-radiz-queen; the diamond flex of the reverse river currents are falling on the mountain side of the zebra-equilateral triangle with the vertex making temples of the Voutas (qei-eternal particle) in the roaming heights of an Iroton-cube.

The decrax vessel of the bliss per extratet creation is the sign language of an alternate polymath via line 9 on Planck Morse-code and Schrodinger cat-box. The poison of the hydrophis belcheri is the venom of the Heliogram, without light the darkness is the ambrosia of the conscious evolving spirit of the Neanderthal in the pisces of the mid-galactic rift turning lemon clouds of the vesper into the architecture of the navigating cross.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

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  1. Nilanjan Chatterjee

     /  March 5, 2012

    Joy, You wrote about “Quantum-Intelligence”, In my
    literary work I found “h-Intellect”.
    *h* being the symbol of *quantum*.
    By Gematria:
    h-Intellect = 8+100 = 108 , the Hindu Number.
    h-intellect operates on *Quantum-Soul* or *h-soul*.
    By Gematria:
    h-soul = 8+67 = 75 = WAVICLE , Wavicle has dual Nature,
    sometimes Wave and sometimes Particle.
    *h-soul* re-incarnates.In Satyajit Ray film “Sonar Kella”,
    you have had the story of Re-incarnation finely woven. Interestingly,
    SONAR KELLA = 67+41 = 108,
    Also, SOUL-KEY = 67+41 = 108
    This Key opens the gate.
    Photograph of Planck and Einstein was good.
    *Good* too like *Kella* & *Key* is 41!

    • Absolutely! Gematria is the woodwork temple of the light.

      • Nilanjan Chatterjee

         /  March 5, 2012

        Yes!I salute you at that comment!
        Btw. Looking at the Planck-Einstein Photograph,
        I re-collected once again Einstein’s Statement,
        criticizing Q-Theory,…. “God does not play dice
        with the World”.
        Was Einstein imposing his own vision on God ? i don’t
        know , can’t tell , but as his 133th birth-day approaching
        [ 3.14.1879 , the so-called Pi-Day ] I cherish him with
        the title of DIVINE-WORKER , […] , indeed I find by
        ALBERT = 58 , EINSTEIN = 95
        DIVINE = 63 , WORKER = 90
        58+95 = 153 = 63+90

        May be this is a fun-calculation but who knows…?
        […] God may be smiling behind It !

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