The River is the Semi-Permeable Time in the Evolutionary Space of the Alblackica Consciousness

The River is the Semi-Permeable Time in the Evolutionary Space of the Alblackica Consciousness


Time is the evolutionary window of the species through which it can see the long-neck-tail of the serpent-wing in the eye of its coordinates; every pull on the z-axis frame has a syllabic change in the other two depending on the relative quanta of light differentiation in the vibrating Frensel glass diffracted medium of Red-Waziz Izwa. In the eye of the sparrow the sun is a small monochromatic negative film of albumen in the proto-decra space of the golden sap-box.

Red rose is the opera of the love in the black petals of the white light, in the umbra the penumbra eats the shadow of the reflective selves in the in-congruent  circles of the mind to become the vase of chrysanths in the vale of Bramhaputra

the child sees himself grow through the meta-lens of the photographer’s eye upon the story of bricks and mortar-railways casting myriad shapes on the origami of the Coriolis; spring comes with its memory of flowers and birdsongs, only to chase the clouds to bring rain in the hills so the ponds and lakes are colored light-boxes of the original rainbow dipping sand into the mud crack of the villages tiptoed into the theatre of the man decisive.


The journey begins before it ends the book of paradise is in letters written to the rivers by the forests of the night beneath a peacock-feathered moon eclipsing the sun. every two is one on one in the memory of the one from the zero Alblackica dawn walking the child with his eyes lit by the fire that burns upon rocks in the wheel of time; the empty hands of the mandala with its involuted center is the Bwajem-Prometric bliss of the all square in rectangles in the zatter of matter.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: B/w picture from Satyajit Ray’s Film, Pather Panchali

& Art picture from Exhibition, Kolkata, 2012