The Supreme Supra-Quantum Potential of the High Mind of Reason is a Non-Dimensional Irrational Intelligence of Trectom-Neotin in the Slow-Fin-Fish of Imagination

PRIMA MATRA Artwork, Samij Datta 2012

The Supreme Supra-Quantum Potential of the High Mind of Reason is a Non-Dimensional Irrational Intelligence of Trectom-Neotin in the Slow-Fin-Fish of Imagination


All life is yoga perfected by the will, by the back-formations and back-reactions in a superquantum field grid with a high-potential; when da Vinci says ‘bird is an instrument working according to mathematical law’ he means the superfluidity of transitional space curve structure projected into the mind by the hypothesis of macrospace of many worlds; within space the coordinates of space also change as the observer finds non-locality in multi partitional-optical Lie sphere geometry as the states of consciousness migrate into higher planes with time diegesis; when matter communicates with energy to bend as with space-curvatures in a 4 dimensional space-time geometry then we know that every face of Monalisa reconstitutes a mathematical vector-bird diagram on a horizontal space with algebraic formulations Time Square = M + N (The Alpha-Sovereign Grey Hound Lines Transformed the Ancient-Cloud Technology into the Time-Square of the Vitruvian Man) M the formal historical drawing, and N its evolving state reached in Time = T; Time is the temple of the vector-bird Monalisa, half-lines show the metamorphosis of the morphology of being on a classic ontological consciousness-platform that starts the Gita of habit by the value add-ons of knowledge via karma line 6 to 7 based on love soluble with a high coefficient at a low temperature; rest/motion per habit in giga-electrospace is bird-bird-bird-flying and freedom; formalisation of painting is a way to escape from dreams and coming back to reality from future black holes of Alblackica; reason is a monomer on a hypotonic solution that solubilises the gecra-imaginative faculty class with symmetric asymmetric non-local intelligence-bond; Eragman in Krishna is the solar-holocaust in Alblackica to maintain others stars balance the super-quantum-aquantum potential for the orbital high density fluids to pass through the macrotubules of the hyper-electro-space; the blue is the crystallization of red in white quartz transposed in helium on argentine atoms; the yellow bird sits in the trees, is waiting for the spring to camouflage it otherwise she will think sun has come down from heaven on the berry leaves and the garden, the sky was her mirror and the moon her silver comb that made her look like a bird that can fly; flying is still an ancient art, the artefacts from the stars are buried in some place, the Argonauts called her the fleece of the golden light; Krishna was Krishna in hyper-solid space as back-reactions of the matter-moun-tree-curve in a relative quantum field.

To me life is a back-reaction of new matter and energy on pi-pi mind-curve

Existence is retro-space dance on bliss

Leaves are semi-solid gunctions capable of holding rain drops

The sun is flat as seen through the pores of the x-chromosomes

Wave-function is active on amorphous nights after diffusion of lights

Darkness is light on Krishna-Kali matter-mind adverbs the Cauvery is flowing into the Ganges of Nile

With every light the darkness disappears into the heart of empty-lions bathing in the sea

Tyger on tyger is tyger-eye in the dark half-moon light climbing the stairs of conscious qualia

Yoga of life is time-square on e-curve prima matra of laser helio-madeb

Quarks: up down bottom top strange and charm

The baryons and mesons of the composites are better on the run

Brahman is bonimxot, crazy lazy-rabbit-fur-infinity!

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Observations made by my friend, Physicist Nilanjan Chatterjee:

Since David Bohm said Physics is Triangulation of Light, Matter & Meaning, he finds by gematria: MEANINGLIGHT =63 + 56 =119 = SUPERMIND= NEWMATTER = PiPiGHOST!

He observes, Light not only has energy but has ‘Meaning’ too! What is the meaning of ‘Sunlight’?

Possibly and probably the answer lies with Laser-Helio Madeb in Alblackica Space-Ships.

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  1. Nilanjan Chatterjee

     /  March 19, 2012

    “Bird is an instrument working according to mathematical
    law” -Leonardo Da Vinci

    This “instrument” must be a Vector-Bird continuously
    flying-flying & flying inour mental landscape.

    Mathematics is “The Mother” and the Instrument is Her

    THE MOTHER = 112
    That *Instrument*, is it the Instrument designed
    and therefore functioning as GRAVITY-WAVE?

    Who will measure Whom?
    Is it GRAVITY-WAVE measuring,detecting the INSTRUMENT
    OR is it the Other way Round?

    GRAVITY-WAVE = 102+51 = 153
    INSTRUMENT = 153
    153 = 163

    One thing leads to Another.
    To Da Vinci MONALISA became
    that Mathemetical Psychic-Bird , the Vector-Bird it is!

    PSYCHIC = 83
    VECTOR = 83

    A MAGIC-BIRG too! That Orchestratred!

    MAGIC = 33
    BIRD = 33

    OR Else?
    OR [Orchestrated Reduction] said SIR ROGER PENROSE.
    OR = 33

    In our Brains there are Organs called Microtubules
    and inside them there are TUBULINS which design
    all Science,Art,Music and Mathematics.

    tubulin = 99
    physics = 99

    And Mind ?
    It’s only an accumulation of Habits!
    MIND = 40
    HABIT = 40

    Now, how many BITS are in (T)HERE ?

    Inspiration: Sir Roger Penrose

    • I was thinking about Microtubules the other day and you mentioned it here, psychic connection drawing on the bird-vectors diagrams of da Vinci/alblackica

    • And OR is On-Rhyme Meditative Process of the Sub-Atomic Krishna (5/6yrs): Gopala the Eternal you understand! Its also the Other-Relation of the motionless motion when On-Run (typical vector-verb-bird: Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundor): Check:

  2. Nilanjan Chatterjee

     /  March 19, 2012

    On the Question:
    What’s the meaning of SunLight?

    You wrote:
    “Possibly and Probably the answer lises with Laser-Helio
    Madeb in Alblackica Space-Ships.”

    I saw just two letters missing.Let it be:
    “Laser-Helio Mahadeb in Alblackica Space-Ships”

    Laser you know is Art-Wise “Third Eye of Mahadeb”,
    Scientifically it is Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission
    of Radiation based upon the idea: POPULATION INVERSION.

    It is a Quantum-Idea first put into practise by Albert Einstein.

    To invert the Population is now Mahadeb’s Task!

  3. Nilanjan Chatterjee

     /  March 19, 2012

    Conscious Qualia?
    It gas got to do something with FRACTAL Design!

    Gematria Shew:
    QUALIA = 61
    FRACTAL = 61

    Western Intelligence is now “Mad” after Qualia!
    It contains Quantum-of-Information, bit-by-bit,

    One has to look beyond the Rabbit-Hole!


    Prabhu Jagat Bondhu Sundor – A Mahanaam it is,
    A beautiful Universal Friendship is in the Making!

    FRIENDSHIP = 108
    Chanting is going on in Every Atom!

    HARE KRISHNA (X 108)


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