Hyper-Space Realism Allotment of Consciousness in Matter-Mind Unified Field

Lie Sphere, Samij Datta, 2012

Hyper-Space Realism Allotment of Consciousness in Matter-Mind Unified Field


Matter-Mind Realism in the hyperspace is not only about the geometrical dimensions and their projections and curvatures but it’s about the understanding of the basic unity that lies within dualistic modes in any platonic idea. Consciousness in the hyper-space realism is the true verification of what matter stands for at any given level or plane of existence. Though matter and mind are different, the psychic terminal through which one end of reality is connected with another end, may be, with the dream-end, is the conscious awakening of ‘each in the other’- matter in the mind and mind in the matter in the hyper-space matrices.  The green polytopes carry their consciousness in the unified symmetric  hyperworlds, they are the true non-Euclidean tools of higher dimensional kinesis that throw some light on the roots of consciousness.


Man thinks he sees the arrow in the 100 mirrors of the sun

From his eye the mirror sees the sun in the arrow of the eye

Space-time warped as consciousness flows

The matter mind terminal is hyphenated by san-zan-van infinity

Worship Time A-D-E strings and knots, bells and caps.

– Joy Roy Choudhury