Macrospace E7 and The Consciousness within the Psychic Domain of the Parabrahman Lila

E7, Samij Datta, 2012

Macrospace E7 and The Consciousness within the Psychic Domain of the Parabrahman Lila


I heard a voice ‘Have you heard of Uri Geller?’ He (the macro-space binding, unbinding) is trying to speak to Him

Cross-triangular hatch gnomic space

In the Auric lambda of the PSI, time-space fields are irrational constants


There is a river in every circle of the trapezium watching the sun-spots reflected on its plate

The tree calls the distant other by the box-capital time

E7 > 1 > 0 <E7

There is no unity without the separation

The whole constant ratio is the migratory hymn of the sun-blacksheep-alblackica

The surds are the boatmen of Methuselah, Uri said I heard

Closed-aperture gap is only what the camera knows when light fears the velocity of light

Levitate on cobalt cadmium and helium-4

An answer from the farthest point is arriving soon

Who is the host in a world of awesome stupidity?

Run back in time to run forward in time, walk on eating your legs Sage?

Grass power-moon Chandrapat absolute

Lorahimcratekfelt feldspar mind on jaziz-jaziz turn, twist wrap and shout on Bandhu-Lila-Tarangini

Elohim Elohim on kaon koan and baryons

As the south sea faces the vast enclosure at its mouth

Gazing it ate the stars of the frozen nights-belts entangled

Oxytomes is Sidgwick In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

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  1. Nilanjan Chatterjee

     /  March 26, 2012

    Our Time is not Real, It’s Post-Real.
    Our Age is not an Age, It’s a Post-Age!
    Future is the Past ,Tomorrow has already
    happened !
    It’s Psychic-Time Boss!
    Gematria suggests:
    Post-Age = 70+13 = 83
    PSYCHIC = 83
    PSYCHIC is Post-Age !
    A particular theory in Physics [Heterotic String Theory]
    is defined in a Mathematical Space called E8XE8,
    A Combination of Luminous Matter and Non-Luminous Matter
    in equal proportion.Non-luminous Matter is also known as
    Shadow-Matter.E8XE8 can be thought as a CHESS-BOARD
    plane/space on which Physicists are working out their Game!

  2. tuli

     /  March 29, 2012

    Run back in time to run forward in time – thought provoking

  3. Nilanjan Chatterjee

     /  March 30, 2012

    “In the Auric LAMBDA of PSI, time-space fields are
    irrational constants”

    Wolfgang Pauli spoke of *Irrational Dimensions of Reality*
    But I feel the following equations will lead one to Supra-rational

    [ 33 + 44 = 77 = 77 ]

    JAI MA PSI-Devi !!
    JAI SPIRIT ArdhaNariswaram!!!


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