A Spiral Converse in a Holographic Universe Meditating Upon a Beam of Laser to Exfoliate the Decaying Matter of Gravity

Qui-Qui in a Hologram, Samij Datta 2012

A Spiral Converse in a Holographic Universe Meditating Upon a Beam of Laser to Exfoliate the Decaying Matter of Gravity


Just as the satellites dish out the varying signals

Automated upon a superdisc levitating in a macro-causal vacuum

Ether to ether was a dark holes submission of matter and energy

Into asynchronous worm holes in a spectral hologram

Leaf is an arrangement of dreams grid together with quantum gold plates

Auric aurum aurora auroville

Points are incarnating consciousness in space

Lines are the building blocks of supermind gravitating in zero-fulcrum

Rose-carp bliss Boson carrier of the truth-vehicle inevitable      

Krishna to Krishna is the chariot of fire across the prima facie of Christ

Arrow of time melts on a super luminal space craft

Within the microtubules matter-mind psychic entanglement takes place

Différance is a term of non-local retro-causality

The clouds clasp the gadgets of light and invert a chain of signifiers into the dawn-mist sea

Came rain from the first holocaust, Savitri saw the sun from the templates of other suns in luminous hyperspace

Darkness came as a outer exotic-membrane of light peeled to reveal her quantum car

An orange in the non-unitary matrix of non-linear isometric symbols

Revak vak Tat Vashishtha Rohaman–Johaman-Froaman-Droaman-Mroaman

Brahman is Brahman in the infinite delight of massless supramental qui-qui Shakti

– Joy Roy Choudhury

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  1. Nilanjan Chatterjee

     /  March 29, 2012

    Supramental qui-qui Shakti,
    is also,
    Supramental Time-Time-Shakti,
    and is also,
    Supramental Trace-Trace Shakti !

    Qui = Time = Trace = 47

    *Trace* or *Archi-Trace* is a Derridian Concept,
    same as *Quantum-Interconnectedness* of David Bohm.

  2. tuli

     /  March 29, 2012

    transported to a colorful world of divine harmony


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