The Super-Luminal UFOs of a Mystique Congregation Bringing the First Light to Conquer Time and Eternity (Superfluid Micrograviton Centrifuge)

UFOLOGY, Samij Datta, 2012

The Super-Luminal UFOs of a Mystique Congregation Bringing the First Light to Conquer Time and Eternity (Superfluid Micrograviton Centrifuge)


Super Self-luminal saucers flying in the sky

Across Tibet and ‘Shambhala’

Within the universe and within a multiverse

Open as gyres a wheel within a wheel

Hydra-clock Alblackia Hydro Quang Acrux                                       

Sirius on the green belts of sparkling lights

They come and go, merry they go

Like a small child who dreamt flying in a hot air balloon

Rain must come after the dry months in summer

And the earthworms may look at those things in the sky

Immortality is the secret of mirco ethereal transmission                             

Zebra stars shine on thee

Oh zebra stars shine on thee

Wao awo quang stratochemic graviton

Superfluid Superluminal Centrifuge

Time to the sacred trust of thy mind, Kafka!

Dynamic objects in the book of Nirvana.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Aspiration Design, Samij Datta, 2012

Observations by Physicist Nilanjan Chatterjee,

*Mystique* Congregration, I shall have to say:

These three very Letters UFO is *Mystic* to me! The reason:
They are associated with numbers 21,6,15 in succesion, and
they are related by the simple Arithmatic: 21 = 6 + 15, not only
that I get three dates associated with them:
21 February :Birthday of The Mother
6 May : Birthday of Sigmund Freud
15 August : Birthday of Sri Aurobindo.

I ask: What has Sgmund Freud to do with Sri Aurobindo
and the Mother?

In Book :P hysics of the Soul*, Author Physicist Amit Goswami
has realted UFO to Sri Aurobindo’s Vision. He has said:
UFOs [Extra-Terrestrials] are more Conscious than we human beings are.
In fact they have already realized the Supramental.

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  1. tuli

     /  March 29, 2012

    Samij Datta, Aspiration…………divine spiritual bliss


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