The Invisible Magnetocraft in the Yogic Consciousness of Ancient Matter on Alblackica Time Separation at a Distance

Negative Mass Saucer, Samij Datta, 2012

The Invisible Magnetocraft in the Yogic Consciousness of Ancient Matter on Alblackica Time Separation at a Distance


The invisible swirl of the terrapin on a zero saucer fuel

Migrating into dense dimensionless temporal atemporal planes

Within the cycles of time negative mass energy of the graviton

Beaming enlightenment into outer space

The clouds were a paradox that brought the rain on the hills

Stones crowing like empty wells were filled again

Quetzalcoatl shed his wings and looked up to the skies

He saw the great light of the ancient wisdom on the new feathers of dawn

He asked Borges to take photographs of the shining discs on E7-Pyramid line 7

9 was an occult sign it stood above the standing horizon

Thoughts started taking shape around its’ rim ‘

The ‘intelligent will’ of the yogic solenoid allowed the ring to levitate

As all points merged into one single point in the yidam

And made consciousness flow as a natural river across high azimuthal superconductive fields

Within Shambhala other Shambhalas of the micro-congregation taking shape

Learning by the curve sustainable delight of the laser helio-madeb

The peacock could desire the alchemy of fleeting moments from the dance of monsoon ripples on the lake

And as the passing cloud’s hymn to Yuwaziha  was re-echoed across primordial rocks bounded by Altai Mountains

The camels heard nothing but the silence of the wings speaking to the ancient heart of the wheels of aoxomorim on a vertical time separation

They drank from the shooting stars of the milky-way and hymned

hrum yuwaziya

ivohu yrum yuwaziya

ivohu hrum yuwaziya

ivohu krum yuwaziya

(And it slowly faded across the deserts!)

– Joy Roy Choudhury

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  1. Nilanjan Chatterjee

     /  March 30, 2012

    “Every absurdity has now a champion” This is how
    J.L.Borges portrays the Philosophy of *Modernism*
    in his work “The Flowering of an Art” (1976)

    And with that very line Arthur Fine begins to discuss
    *Einstein Realism and the Quantum Theory* in his book
    *The Shaky Game*.(1986)

    I don’t know whether Gematria is *shaky* or *Non-Shaky*,
    but it is a Game alright, and this date it shows me:

    CHAMPION = 79
    STOMACH = 79
    EMPTY = 79

    So, I say: EMPTY STOMACH is the CHAMPION !
    It always provokes!

    ZERO FUEL TECHNOLOGY is the Technology of UFOs .
    “Negative Mass” means – if you “push” is away, it will come
    towards You!

    Thanks Joy & Samij


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