Primordial Consciousness-Grid Map and The Lines that Originate from Alblackica





Primordial Consciousness-Grid Map and The Lines that Originate from Alblackica


In the plane of consciousness point (x) represents points (y), (z)….n

An evolving line is drawn between the connecting threads

Mountains, rivers, plains and plateaus are symbols of final destiny

To the point the point is a clear water crystal illuminating depth

Journey to the centre of all originations – aboriginal mud-clay-cliff and rock-sand deserts

History is a pipeline of mystical experiences feeding the present with dreams from future

Avalokiteshwara on the high-noon tide of a cold spectral spring

In the zero substation of bounded-unbounded space the rhododendrons are red purple and pink

Coronation throne lay on the mound of heaping ruins



It says some plants experience micro-gravity in Shambhala

They know too that flowers are cosmic diagrams of supreme effulgence

And art is a passion that springs from the heart, colours speak through musical lines

And follows it to where there is light, there’s darkness that embrace

A wonderful night of scientific truth, the stars are hiding epilogues of many galaxies

They rear the commonplace with the highest wisdom of the sun

In the retro-causal monomer, gravity is a zero-effect cause fulcrum protagonist

It denotes time and eternity

And when words coalesce with substance and form, light is travelling faster than light

And beings are micro-causal effects of subliminal dreams projected on the macrospace

They come from a superluminal embedded structure, a microlith congregation of consciousness takes place

Lehang mehng dromos dero ‘doors and windows…’

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Picture taken using Dell Mobile