STHI-ZUN, Samij Datta, 2012

The Parameters of Earth Day Celebration, Light cast Love and Friendship Between Man & Nature (Primal-bond kinesis on auto-electrodes of Alblackica) – Consciousness is Absolute


Time and its movements on Earth are sacred to the Sun

Sthi-Zun is the oldest particle on vacuum-hymn tetra-aeonic bliss

Happiness is the golden ratio in the pentagram

Upward flame pointed towards the sky on an auto-helio-matrix

Re visioning the five fragments of matter as consciousness

Cyclical anti-cyclical movements generate energy and balance

Light as love is peace as knowledge

Light as love is light again, after the darkness the star awaited her return back to the seas

Wave of beings floating in the air of sacred hieroglyphs

They are Rohaman, Johaman, Froaman, Droaman and Mroaman

Love is the freedom in mortal cytoplasm

Existence on earth as love is the fruit we bear for the hard toiling in the woods

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