Grefuhaman: The Syllogisms of a Motionless Time as with the Higher Cause behind the Para-Brahman Lila

Grefuhaman, Samij Datta, 2012

The Syllogisms of a Motionless Time as with the Higher Cause behind the Para-Brahman Lila


A tapestry of flower becoming the heliographic stars

(integral synthesis of matter and spirit via Lixasinath-Narayana, active vertical-space-driver domain-9 perpetual motion particle- Height less Burn-Fusheyon)

Flowing through a rhythm base of time in-constant

Myriads of being float in and out of the subsystem of matter through consciousness

And through the syllogisms they merge into the unity of the whole

Paradox itself is a paradoxical vessel that breaks into units when composed into a hymn

The fire and earth can blend with ether vibrating medium of the mind

And in the waters of rebirth, they form their unison with the imaginary abacus   

Words connect with words, consciousness with consciousness

Grefuhaman alone in the wild deserts of eternity

From there it all began, the quest for the light, the seeking for knowledge

Caravans are moving across a horizon of sands

The sun is about to fade out, the vesper about to reveal her senses

She has come with her glory and the might, in the queen Alblackica night

Huang truang mrinumva tavath

Huang truang mrinumvha tavat

Hari Om Tat Sat (3)

Chit Chit

– Joy Roy Choudhury

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