Beyond Alan Turing’s Tests and von Neumann Machines: The Wonderful Blue Light of the Child as God Particle

Blue Light Synthesis

Folk Art, Bengal/Photograph: Joy Roy Choudhury


Alan Turing cannot compress thoughts into designs

Therefore, computers cannot process meanings

‘blue light-cone of the oceanic peace’ flows in tandem with ‘music from the flute’ (Interchangeable Constants – Krishna = Buddha to become the Christ in every matter-anti-matter)

violins are integrating feelings at the heart of micro-gravity (supra-elevation Gross body function mechanism as per Absolute Black Body Radiation at the vital-body at rest)

no one knows- how? (chi-en—chi-en)

at the base, at the navel, the serpent of eternal coil sleeps in the shrouded monastery of primal-delight

the adi-tattva is there – the ‘tandava’ is there

collapse wave into a cloud of particle and then sing the blues


Who are you? Who am I?

multiple essence of one supermind

generating meaning from unlimited morphogenetic n-quasi spiral fields

service world as words with feelings – human and god-like

angelic, demon or monster

finally nothing but divine

higher the light in Shyam-Sundor Vessel of quantum re-creation

Xenon-Calf superman walking…running

Systems collapse, cities burn

….re ra ru re dream

annihilation and the cross of becoming

on the river bank she sleeps

her hair on the grass pillows winding  like a black body

Adam looked up to the stars

God the Father is the Child in Man as the Woman in the Tree of Life

beautiful butterflies flapping wings like eternity

streams dissolve von Neumann machine


one point non-local Sri Aurobindo.

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  1. tuli

     /  November 6, 2012

    Krishna Buddha Christ = divine blue radiation

  2. Nilanjan Chatterjee

     /  November 7, 2012

    Yes,computers can not process meanings,it requires
    a human-brain to do that.Human-brain is a close
    analogue of Quantum-Computers. I write: h-Computer,
    because h-computer = SUPERMIND [ = 119 ]
    Joy has written: “One-point non-local Sri Aurobindo”
    But it requires at least two-points to function like a
    SUPERMIND, these two points were Sri Aurobindo &
    The Mother. Non-Locality is Supramental Action.Einstein
    could not accept in his Lifetime…. may be he is
    accepting it posthumously !! I am a devotee of both
    Sri Aurobindo and Albert Einstein and it gives me
    a “primal delight” to think, as Gematria suggests:
    = 153 !
    This poerty of Joy is awefully good, beyond the Turing

  3. Reblogged this on RoysBlog.

  4. Aren

     /  February 5, 2014

    Fantastic! With love.


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