White Light Synthesis: Shambhala Integral Hymn for Quantum Harmony

Lord Tonpa Shenrab Miwo

White Light Synthesis: Shambhala Integral Hymn for Quantum Harmony



Time is a vessel that cannot know itself but others

In the fragrance of the eternal moment

On the poetic realms of undimished space

Floats the feather of the bearded bird, thy grace on thy feet

In the shapeless stars of the Tazig-Tazig infinite reflection of functional sound the absolute

Shenrab on the gyal-go-thei-mor-syan-su-ra


There is no distance of separation between this and that

That being this is the only possible destiny of this beautiful creation

Changless bon acting on the

value of the changing time –dynamic automation of the supreme mind- the supermind

Thou art the judgement on the closed brackets of eisensates

In the cosmic alter thy face is the halo that shines on thee

Objects not objects but universal grammar of morpen-dorpen functions

To thy knowledge creation a particle in the wave cloud of many supramental realities

De-create the creation to light the stone once again in the chintamani circle of quantum time                                                                                                                    


Lodged in the heart of the absolute, bliss thy life with immortality

Moving across many horizons flowering like the sakyamuni in the ancient tree

Photons to photons exchange the royal qubit of life

Twilight approaches the naked perfection of truth in darkness

As the moths aspire for the last sacrifice

To cross thy sky in the red ocean of the sun

It dissolved the transparent language of the established order

Go away the fake monster of the worlds, it says

Disappear from this world once and forever

Man must live on the stone like grass and eat like the air

And be the dust of the light in another creation – the new creation from this fragment

Gods and demons must give way to the new species – the supramental race

Let the child be the monk in the wandering mind of his infinity and only then he can hear the primal sound


Dante by Sando Botticelli

In the sound is the sound the primordial mind of yashig-sensor

Determine the way you will trod

The line is drawn and cannot be seen. Anon.


White Light Synthesis: Shambhala

Shambhala is the mystic immortal land or paradise which forever featured in man’s imagination; it’s a land and a destiny. In reality, shambhala exists as a physical place (a land of purity: Olmo-Lung-Ring around Yungdrung Gutseg) the dimensions are not the same spatial dimensions of terrestrial space or time but something which changes as the coordinates shift in a quantum function, but, integrally it’s in the mind as well as an enlightening time/space as the causal system finds it through the hard labour of yogic knowledge, work and love – a will of perfection is the greatest achievement in winning a passport to this never-never land of Shambhala.

Philosophers and poets in Ancient Greece and Rome were trying to find meanings in their work by aspiring to reach this state or this place called Shambhala. Their pathways may have been different, but their aim was the same.

Beauty of forms is there in matter and this sense of beauty connects it with the spirit to give the divine aspect of beauty which Diotima confers to Socrates in Plato’s Symposium.

“This is the right method of approaching the ways of love or being led by someone else: beginning from these beautiful things always to go up with the aim of reaching that beauty. Like someone using a staircase, he should go from one to two to all beautiful bodies, and from beautiful bodies to beautiful practices, and from practices to beautiful forms of learning. From forms of learning, he should end up at that form which is of nothing other than beauty itself, so that he can complete the process of learning what beauty really is.” (Plato’s Symposium, The Mysteries of Diotima)

The concept of Divine Harmony – harmony of forms and of substance; harmony of thoughts and ideas – all contribute to harmony of well-being and wellness which is a priori to immortal life. Homer and Dante have tried the same through their poetry, through the emotions that are released and are finally purged as well (Aristotle’s catharsis/chitta-suddhi), the divine beauty of forms and of substance (the spirit in forms) are therefore, invoked through sounds and images, each carrying a spectrum of seven colours (Sapta-Rasa-Lila Mandala) as they interact with the One (the unseen Absolute)

Dante expresses the mystery of divine love as concealed in us to express itself to attain its highest and purest state: “But already my desire and my will/were being turned like a wheel, all at one speed,/by the love which moves the sun and the other stars.” (Divine Comedy, Paradiso, Dante)

Matter for the universal good, matter for the divine good is a common subject among philosophers and scientists. Whether as metaphysics or as socio-economic philosophy, thought leaders (like Lenin in Russia) have dealt with it from different perspectives, their views may have been different, but their objective of common good which is the underlying concept of shambhala, remained the same historically.

The carvings on Karl Marx’s tombstone at Highgate Cemetry, London reads “Workers of All Lands Unite” – this as the final line in his epoch making The Communist Manifesto is for those who work to assemble the body, mind and spirit to the reshape the new avatar of light that falls on all things equally – equitable distribution of knowledge wealth via deltrom-geltrom protein fibre (You Need To Call Your Lord Via Deltrom-Geltrom-Protein Fibre Line to Zoom Matter As Dance) ensures profitability and sustainability of existing order of harmony and allow each of us to grow as we want (life divine) for the general good and happiness in “us and them”.

(‘Us and Them

And after all we’re only ordinary men

Me, and you

God only knows it’s not what we would choose to do…’ – Us and Them, The Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd)

Huang Tsang, Chinese Historian, Philosopher and Monk who traveled to India during the 7th century was also in search of the lost ideals of Shambhala and also the hidden termas – he must have felt while crossing the dreaded Taklamakan desert that life is not a chance or coincidence but, something more intriguing than just pain on the bare legs under a hot sun:

Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man, Salvador Dali, 1943


the honey fed on the donkey’s milk  

the stars showed the sign

exactly an hour later 

two bactrian camels while crossing that land with the monks

saw the artist alone by the twilight

radiance of sound swelling like darkness 

disappearance of the silvery orb speeding fast across the sky 

the prayers were sung 

nothing moved 

but tentacles of an invertebrate 

then silence devoured another pall of silence that swirled like a smoky fire.

In the end, we must say we have one destination – SHAMBHALA

Integral harmony and Peace need to be attained from there- we move towards it as it moves towards us- greater sanctity earned and all that we lost are found again.

 – Joy Roy Choudhury



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  1. tuli

     /  November 26, 2012

    SHAMBHALA, is the ultimate paradise of man.


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