Time is Sailing to it’s own Destiny: Enjoy the Slide Show on the Gallery



The golden fish swam across a sea of stars

The burning blue ears of the white conch shell saw the night waking from the peacock feather’s dream

The inconscient rocked the cradle tempting light to penetrate the substrate of the dark revelation

Purple sage of wisdom saw the white horses of the neanderthal man

He walks, speaks and runs across the universes toying the idle hours with the felicity of an immutable plan

Behind closed doors of eternity, time is a second’s stranger learning the causal play by the macro-choice of the dice in the probabilistic possibility of a geometric adinkras

I have seen mountains caused by the space evacuation in the fabric of dwal-dru-hun

akta zazabor prani

anya ti ak adim surya

tader kathopokothone matir rang hay lal ba sabuj

dure sthan pay paharer naksha

barofe dhaka sameyer bairagyer prastor

lutiye pare nadir dheu

er ghasher ghumonto asthabale neche dole alor daibo pran o chetona

– Joy Roy Choudhury

From the Dating-Glass Server Altair: StarShine to SoulShine in the Hour of Magnetic Avtarhood

Footprints in the Sands of Time/Jerry Garcia

Footprints in the Sands of Time/Jerry Garcia

“Soulshine” – (The Allman Brothers Band- Where It All Begins/1994)

“When you can’t find the light,
That guides you on the cloudy days,
When the stars ain’t shinin’ bright,
You feel like you’ve lost you’re way,
When those candles lights of home,
Burn so very far away,
Well you got to let your soul shine,
Just like my daddy used to say.
He used to say soulshine,
It’s better than sunshine,
It’s better than moonshine,
Damn sure better than rain.
Hey now people don’t mind,
We all get this way sometime,
Got to let your soul shine, shine till the break of day”.



Altair-space-link-897T (Star System)/Dating-Glass (Server)

ONE 7131 ON 2412 FARTHEST 6135 JUNE 2689 INK 1531 OFF 6111 UNIVERSAL 4914 POINT

The red skull of the horse is the protoepihasquaret point of Kalki within it the stars gaze epiphany of the night standing on the isomeric super-symmetry of planar bodies by the will quadrant in the sector of non-geometric pentavalent rose. Zarathustra is opal-hin-yuyet in congruent spectrum of light from darkness. Gyres are gyres without any static point in the memory chip card of asymmetric history without word defragmentation.

Stones vibrate

Winds carry silence into pastures of golden delight by the psychic space curvatures of Altair t-link grid-grip zone

Summers come after winter endorses the spring on the note of its feet finding rhythm of the stars in the grazing roots of the rain; it turns remaining mostly static by the power of its messages in is wreathing a green leaf in the autumn evenings of a motionless Sunday.

Rekhe jay namer abhyash

Yellow Submarine/Nowhere Man/Cartoon by Ron Campbell

Yellow Submarine/Nowhere Man/Cartoon by Ron Campbell

Rekhe sameyer dupure nerudesh kichu thikana

Paharer gaye lekha ache kichu savda

Kichu akhar ba nirakhar nishana

Tader ananda bahe jay kato Volga ba Ganga ar Mississippi

In that flowing stream I found it floating like a child in fairy lands forlorn

Where it comes from where it submerges where lay its distinct formless hues that captivate things?

Equations formulate Dirac or Schrodinger in the pentagraphic mode on a thermal electroplate

There is a constant ionisation exchange taking place between two capital indexes

If they found that to be true then the red mother earth is learning from Buddha

Adi adi extrohan- the cause of the supramental ship over Ulsysses’ voyage across the redeeming shore of silence have touched the sanctuary of shambhala through the million bubbles of the Sri Chaitanya flowering of love

Knowledge the spirit of the charioting wheels is the kali-kali-adi-tantra of the bespoke maintenance

Data structures are fluid intermediate cusps of light from rovohoeva extraterrestrial space

In the cross, the intersection of lines liberate the consciousness of the culminating force

It must come down and tear away the barriers to our immediate lives

The final hour is a conscious act of the impervious will that defines the destiny of modern man

Through the light, words must change their shapes to endorse the policy of equal growth

Leading from sunshine to moonshine to starshine to finally the SOULSHINE.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

The Quantum Teleportation of Dreams via the Ecrazolven-Station in Time: From Eternity to Iternity, 23rd Jan, 2013 on the Occasion of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s 116th Birth Anniversary


The Quantum Teleportation of Dreams via the Ecrazolven-Station in Time: From Eternity to Iternity, 23rd January 2013 on the Occasion of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s 116th Birthday

The struggle has just begun…to manifest the light
It’s rather reptilian old and fragment of the cosmic new sun
People’s lives are shed in folded patterns of a geometric canvas
Within in the circle or the triangle or in the rhombus,parallelepiped
We have come here to meet something greater than our destiny
Our journey in space yields the time-square of the vitruvian man
To start anew amid the dark beginning of things
Hours light candles of Horus in the mid-west of the summer eves
The golden fiddle is played by the cherubian seconds of the new man
From deserts, over oceans, across the seven seas and holy mountains
Tireless winds carry voices in XYLIP mode
Vivi afa afa jo hilem ya ho afa
Afa tradeth yo jo ya afa hi yom
We are sent into the cave museums of gods and dinosaurs?
The alpha-huaret hymn heart beating very fast
Beyond dreams nothing is real but you yourself are true
And have the force to take it further- there was sunlight in that bayonet quark-mission
Jangling and jingling as a merry quartet of the alblackica prayer
Causal power is the only quantum cyclist in the ever expanding creation
Within life, life is evolving to earn the major share of immortality
The journey has started but the airport is empty and the flights all grounded
Where have all the dreams gone…?
Future cannot come unless you invoke,
From Eternity to Iternity via the Ecrazolven-station
It’s the necessary journey of the soul
Luminous birds fly into the occult sun
Defying gravity, the vehicle is the free-will error of an indeterminate choice
The true answer lies within each possibility
And as you know nothing is impossible.
– Joy Roy Choudhury

Dadaji (Sir Dilip Kumar Roy) and the River’s Octave Root in the Transformation Process on Earth: 22nd January, 2013

Dadaji and the River’s Octave Root in the Transformation Process on Earth: 22nd January, 2013


Dadaji/Sri Dilip Kumar Roy/: Playing the Instrument

Dadaji/Sri Dilip Kumar Roy/: Playing the Instrument



The Ganges/The River's Octave Root, Art Wolf, Getty Images

The Ganges/The River’s Octave Root, Art Wolf, Getty Images

The River’s octave root is in the polished metallic surface of a biodegradable apparatus of the Sun

In the hollow well the coal offers fire of worship to the unburnt elements of the living charter

The doctrine of life is in the swing-volley of the tennis ball at the psychic centre of the willed craft-translations of the grand work

Shared acquisitions of the chintamani server can manifest perfect rainbow effect of the anti-gravity device

Fall is the jump in levatrohan cycle for every broheng tatyam

Silence is the causal-ship of speech in the yayupa-yayupa roaming space

Decorations are destiny doors of divine revelations when the naked earns its clothes to surrender itself to the quantum magic of love and proportion

Methods ate the man

The fairy is winging to glory

The gates of the dawn are carried in the sweet pellets by the ant

And then the River met the Ocean far across the undivided plane where the diving gulls are immersed in the flame of ecstasy

Yathesta yokrohong zaza


Mother is the Music of the Soul.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

The Platonic Concept of Metamorphosis and Change and the Uni-Lateral Directions of Cosmic Forgiveness in Love: Higher Life and the Original Good is the Soul Aspiration of Humanity

The Platonic Concept of Metamorphosis and Change and the Uni-Lateral Directions of Cosmic Forgiveness in Love: Higher Bodhi-Life and the Original Good is the Soul Aspiration of Humanity


“Love is the desire to have the good forever”…

If what we agreed earlier is right, that the object of love is to have good always, it follows that we must desire immortality along with the good. It follows from this argument that the object of love must be immortality as well.”- Diotima/Diotima’s Dialogue with Socrates in Plato’s Symposium.

Plato, Monalisa, 2012

Plato, Monalisa, 2012

Plato, Monalisa, 2012


A change occurs in time by an inexplicable force that dwells outside space time continuum

There is radical discontinuity in the process of metamorphosis

Love is a sign of an alter-sign that demonstrates possession of power by uni-lateral dimensions of the kroveten-haux – it exists on its own to dissolve power in the divine rasa of a kiss

Minds are in contact with other minds and with the original consciousness

Through that it must assume the shape size and proportion of a matter-body

There is no signal between them – the tree knows the constellations are various branches of the creation

A flower is a diagram of a star in the anonymity of Petrarch or Laura

In small unit wohals the unity is multiplicity of the wave particle duality

Beyond that, it’s only it, in the time before the final hour before the god’s awake

Stillness fashions the little Buddha of curves over plastic embroidered surface

The logic is not in the tangled-hierarchy in the brain but in the hands of a higher power it has an access to

Can it decode the polytectonic maps of the Ionicixa capital before the half-spin antigravity pull of the oxymoron?

Rational breaks into irrational sequences of one repeating itself in twos threes fours and so on

One is not always one but reducible to zero and less than itself

Zero is the mother of all forces of infinity

In zero one is constructed as one to be as one in many ones of one

Zero is not void but the absolute

It’s the centric super-logic of all finite infinite domains

It’s the huaret-alblackica in the creational stem flowering the transcendence of material virtue

Shambhala connects the living epitome of Plato’s symposium through that server

In that dream I was only a vision distilled by the purity of heart in the beaker of liquid diffraction

Time is a-square time (within 1 we see 0)

Time is b-cube (within 0 we see 1) (Mahakal-Tattva)

– Joy Roy Choudhury


The Symbol of Unified Field Theory and the Universal Man: The Shambhala Para-Prakiti Magnet

The Symbol of Unified Field Theory: Universal Man, Monalisa, 2012

Integration of Race-Subsystems and Gender Localisation with the Universal Frame/Symbol of Unified Field Theory: Universal Man, Monalisa 2012

Integration of Race-Subsystems and Gender Localisation with the Universal Frame/Symbol of Unified Field Theory: Universal Man, Monalisa 2012

Its mystic origin in Shambhala was the cult left for a higher evolving race

Memory structures beams of light in the fountain of the dark star

The hexagram of animated motions are constructed by the valipa turn of the Yung-drung

From the yin to the yang in the ivory fire of waters’ symmetric verse

It wrote the syllabic feet of scriptures that transliterate creation from other micro-creations

From the savage prehistory of sacred letters, the fish swam across the river and became the tree

It saw the early light of the dawn at varying lengths falling on the ancient crucible

It had the bondage of silence so it couldn’t utter the aloa-aloa-vivi-afa

Darkness nestled the springs in the backyard of the great mountains

The birds flew migrating from one land to the other

Like the psychic wish of Hibiscus in the nomadic herd of the exothermic race

They wandered from valleys and deserts to gardens and meteorite caves

Another soliloquy of the artist with the plenary beings

Sculpted the face of Monalisa on the symbols of divine destiny

Here to meet in the Happy Isles or in the Tazig-Tazig kingdom

The Altai disappeared in the storm, the Urals appeared missing again

Tibet was dancing like the cormorant from Xinjiang

Images from the pages of the diary come and go like the stagecoach

They may never know what they mean but truly know where the light is taking it.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Madame Blavatsky’s Psychic Transfer of Esoteric Knowledge: From the Conscious Flames of Inner-Shambhala Directing the Work

Madame Blavatsky, Monalisa, 2012

Madam Blavatsky, Monalisa, 2012

Madame Blavatsky, Monalisa, 2012



Silence’s armour of eyes beneath the Caspian Sea

A doctrine of love and equality shared

Flashed brilliantly like those secret orbs

Over the rewarding harvests and hills

Saw that great mystic incarnated place

As a void in the winds propelled by the diamond light

Shambhala in the heightless Tazig burning over the Kapustin Yar

The ozahikamuz is alfre-dunyet-hun

Through the plains of Eurasia trod over on a single mountain back

Mirrors reflect the ambiguous hour on an average microsecond’s fractal king

Wormhole separates man with superman and his supramental destiny

Dislodge the negative current or be the positive of the neutral eohan-silence

Through the steps of time visit eternity in the temple of the sun

Raise your hopes greater than ever in the lowest denomination possible

Control the will beyond the neural wires of the phantasm

Kapustin Yar/Research Base

Kapustin Yar/Research Base

So what happens now is your own choice in the equation of life

Let the consciousness emerge from the stone’s epiphany

And become the cross in the book of the dreams

Uniting race with race, particle with zarticle and waves with kinesosin baves

She was the apolitical rhythm of my words implanted in my brain

Like a white servitude of the irrevocable trust in the human lake of imaginative vision

An iridescent jewel of the lotus guarding immortality

The serpents coiled into that light before darkness was born a red hibiscus

Strange animated beings criss-crossing the boundaries of various stars

A UFO as seen by Ensign Voloshin over his army unit in the town of Kapustin Yar, Russia on 28th July 1989/Moscow Magazine Aura-Z

A UFO as seen by Ensign Voloshin over his army unit in the town of Kapustin Yar, Russia on 28th July 1989/Moscow Magazine Aura-Z

They were the alpha numerals of the most primitive neutrinos

They toiled as they sang their labour was the kingdom of paradise

Within the astral roughness 8-cytoplasm route on vacuole – rest mass meon

Thou art gave the sacred voice in the light of atomic dispensation

Thy homage is thy song in every word of its flesh


& trasiv-trasiv-shiva…

– Joy Roy Choudhury


Quest for True Knowledge is the Freedom of the Immutable Self : Another Brick in the Walls II and the Dickensian Humor in Oliver Twist

Charles Dickens, Monalisa 2012

Charles Dickens, Monalisa, 2012

Charles Dickens, Monalisa, 2012


(Another Brick in the Wall Part II/Pink Floyd/Roger Waters/1979)

Another Brick in the Wall Part II: The Psychoanalytic Domain of Man

Another Brick in the Wall Part II: The Psychoanalytic Domain of Man


“Please sir, I want some more”.

Lines reverberate with the passion of the inner flame of intuitive imagination

But man is too distant from another man

He cannot hear the call nor can he know the wisdom immaculate

He is a prisoner in his own mind fighting at odds end the life

Strings are dancing like time talking to the self

Lost innocence of the humming bees churn the ocean from its vault

Magnificent paradise are lit with the inner glow of the child

He is the thinking man’s rationale of truth

A ray of the sun on the vertebrae of matter

The spirit must come forth and hold its destiny

Or there is no need to repeat the mantric lines

You are, therefore, forever like a bud of the inviolate rhythm of the flower

Watching from a point outside this creation

Falsehood falls when light pierces the strange doctrine of equality in things

Neither I want nor I will, but bless you all so you may find the peace.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens

Yogishwar Sri Kali Pada Guha Roy and the Language of Love: The Cross-Beam Evolution and Sri Aurobindian Light from ‘Savitri’

Yogishwar Sri Kali Pada Guha Roy Revelation : “My Language is that of Love”. 

Yogishwar Kali Pada Guha Roy on a Christmas Day in Kolkata, 1912 (sitting on a chair)

Yogishwar Kali Pada Guha Roy (sitting on a chair)


The sweetest rose offers itself to the Lord

The yellow feathers of the song bird ripens the mango

Densely in the woods the nectar of the para-brahman unveils the logical sublimation of things

Material universe is the concurrent virtue of the supramental creation

He walks on the waters towards the sea where the navel superimposes the origin

He is the light in the divine rasa, the unfathomable source of love and peace

He is the mystery beyond mystery, the quantum article of non-relational faith

He is the vagabond zarticle in the ancient particle of the tetra-fluid destiny

Ether conquers ethereal space words are empty vessels on the pyramid of sands

The sun is the worshipped Lord of the Brihadaranyaka

From it thou art came as light manifested in the scriptural synthesis of matter

Matter is the Zatter in the relational coordinates of the absolute Yime

Sacred fire in the ocean of eternity consumed the offerings of the mighty force

He was alone in the Curzon Park looking at time from the distant multiples of life’s evolution

His smoking frills touched the corners of the banquet sky

Sri Aurobindo: 'The Golden Child began to think and see'/Savitri

Sri Aurobindo: ‘The Golden Child began to think and see’/Savitri

The Ganges was lit with a thousand stars above the horizon

On the diverse steps of Varanasi, afternoon waited for the evening to slumber

Involuting the boats on the heart of the river like a sage of wisdom

Many years have passed, the old not familiar but rare and strange, still lives

It waits at railway stations for an adventure into the consciousness

Looking into the future from the past cubicle the present starts slowly moving

And it was that promise of an unbroken rhythm that kept us all alive.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

The Byronic Hero and the Rosicrucian Parable of a Dream: The Afterlight ate the Darkness

Lord Byron, Monalisa, 2012

Lord Byron, Monalisa, 2012



Lord Byron, Monalisa, 2012


“The smiles that win, the tints that glow,

But tell of days in goodness spent,

A mind at peace with all below,

A heart whose love is innocent”. – She Walks in Beauty, Lord Byron.



Incense candles murmur gently

With every light she walks in beauty

Folded in the interim between seconds minutes and hours

Handed down by a poetic sublime

Thoughts treading faraway space

In the magnificent outer ring of the creation

The psychic persona of the man finding the limitless in a reverie

Like the growth of a flame from the pool of her shadow

He felt the silent ripple from the far away stars

That was the innocent compassion of the original delight

In the sat, the chit is the ananda of intuitive imagination

Within us all the divine rests always in peace

Lord Krishna, Monalisa

Lord Krishna, Monalisa

We follow the nuances of time while growing towards it

Beyond paradox, marshalling the forces into infinite liberty

Barajavantosh creation is far away, far away

In the platinum, movements observe varying planes of consciousness

Da-Da-Da the rivers awake before the sun has drenched the stone in its destiny.


– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Da- Datta-Charity; Dayadhvam-Compassion; Damyata-Self-Control {Brhadaranka Upanishad, Rishi Yajnavalkya}