Yogishwar Sri Kali Pada Guha Roy and the Language of Love: The Cross-Beam Evolution and Sri Aurobindian Light from ‘Savitri’

Yogishwar Sri Kali Pada Guha Roy Revelation : “My Language is that of Love”. 

Yogishwar Kali Pada Guha Roy on a Christmas Day in Kolkata, 1912 (sitting on a chair)

Yogishwar Kali Pada Guha Roy (sitting on a chair)


The sweetest rose offers itself to the Lord

The yellow feathers of the song bird ripens the mango

Densely in the woods the nectar of the para-brahman unveils the logical sublimation of things

Material universe is the concurrent virtue of the supramental creation

He walks on the waters towards the sea where the navel superimposes the origin

He is the light in the divine rasa, the unfathomable source of love and peace

He is the mystery beyond mystery, the quantum article of non-relational faith

He is the vagabond zarticle in the ancient particle of the tetra-fluid destiny

Ether conquers ethereal space words are empty vessels on the pyramid of sands

The sun is the worshipped Lord of the Brihadaranyaka

From it thou art came as light manifested in the scriptural synthesis of matter

Matter is the Zatter in the relational coordinates of the absolute Yime

Sacred fire in the ocean of eternity consumed the offerings of the mighty force

He was alone in the Curzon Park looking at time from the distant multiples of life’s evolution

His smoking frills touched the corners of the banquet sky

Sri Aurobindo: 'The Golden Child began to think and see'/Savitri

Sri Aurobindo: ‘The Golden Child began to think and see’/Savitri

The Ganges was lit with a thousand stars above the horizon

On the diverse steps of Varanasi, afternoon waited for the evening to slumber

Involuting the boats on the heart of the river like a sage of wisdom

Many years have passed, the old not familiar but rare and strange, still lives

It waits at railway stations for an adventure into the consciousness

Looking into the future from the past cubicle the present starts slowly moving

And it was that promise of an unbroken rhythm that kept us all alive.

– Joy Roy Choudhury