Crossing the Event Horizon at the Heart of the Self: Promise of Savitri’s The Everlasting Day

Mountains in Tahiti, Paul Gauguin

Mountains in Tahiti, Paul Gauguin

Crossing the Event Horizon at the Heart of the Self: Promise of Savitri’s The Everlasting Day


Polynesian soil ouiro ouiv ouiro sacred earth

Time trunks within empty de-sitter space allows gravity to warp

Zenpha tensor bar rhythm parallel

Goric circle druid work pay load > unmanifest

At the point of intense density without vacuum fluctuations the proposition stands as zero

Metaphors are meta-entangled polynomials crossing hair pin bends in the event horizon

Within it the absolute is the Sat negative of the Chit-force of ionic acceleration

The quantum tantra of ananda is the back-spin of general relativity while describing the apparatus of singularity

Time eats the monstrous space serpent while integrating the cosmological eventuality

The point of the unqowoest gives rise to lateral membranes of the unmanifest universes

There is one in too many of these tetrahedrons– singularity from multiplicity of effect on cause

Stars hang like medallions

The night is now the everlasting day

Walking in the supramental way

The last wall of boundary collapsed like the ‘mind of the god’

Straight and curved wavy like a ripple curled inside gentle white space of the folded geometry

It connected with ‘it’ beyond ‘that’ into another self-connected pool of eternal madness

They called it ‘her majesty’s quantum miracle’

But it was nothing more than arrangement of sounds that made music the particle that falls

Rains swept the desert of ruins

Lightning struck mind with neutrinos, the Schwarzschild proton is speaking now

Flashing as it appears knowing that it disappears before words can trace the beginning of an unending parable called existence [from sat to sat via quantum stargate]

The whole became the point of immense density where measurements collapse into spectroscopic units of tetra-foliate matter (Ra-dolf eternal )

Ages hide the wisdom of suns on the skin of leaves that turn and twist

-Joy Roy Choudhury