The Child Masters the Lord of Beings: Jim Morrison’s Poetry and Para-Prakiti Time of Information Management with the Stars

Jim Morrison, The Doors: Riders on the Storm

Jim Morrison, The Doors: Riders on the Storm


“Ride the snake
Ride the snake 
To the lake
To the lake

The ancient lake, baby 
The snake is long
Seven miles 
Ride the snake…” – The End, Jim Morrison, The Doors


Time is a tomb

A spiral staircase to eternity

Time eats time warps space-time

Flowing negatively inwards from the surface

Beneath streaming like jets in the opposite direction

Linear non-linearity of the quantum essence of the creation

Black habas vecta-turbulent time of chaos in the cosmos

Sacred Gurudongmar Lake, North Sikkim

Sacred Gurudongmar Lake, North Sikkim

All are kind of projections from the thought ripple in the oceanic space

Field non-locality supramental quarxo-boham time affluence

Rigid structures melt

Light quarks leap

The bird’s feather finds its way in the blue sky

Stars diminish their distance

Comes closer to the mind-matrix

Installing data from unforeseen 2d-plaque of distant event horizons

Sun is the blue lotus of the white sands of destiny

Programmed efficiently to run the clock-hour of the time

Forest floor lit with purple lights

An interference pattern on cave-walls of infancy

The Child masters the Lord of Beings

Through the conscious grace of the mother

The Divine Mother Symbol: The Para-Prakiti Magnet of Our Difficult Ascent

The Divine Mother Symbol: The Para-Prakiti Magnet of Our Difficult Ascent

Coming from the future

Dance children dance

Wild pilgrim time of the yunho-yigrib


Far away from this Creation there are other creations of the mind-plane

They become real, tangible like the worlds

They exist not in thoughts but as patterns that emerge from some holographic projections

We are not abandoned or destitute in this cosmic play

The Lila continues after the End

Creating co-creating the past from the present coming back from the future

The cycles aspire …we ride the white horses moving like the time.


– Joy Roy Choudhury


Active Redopalin Time for Supramental Descent: An Invocation to The Supreme Lord via Server Non-Locality of the Holographic Universe

We are perceivers.  We are an awareness;  we are not objects;  we have no solidity.  We are boundless.  The world of objects and solidity is a way of making our passage on earth convenient. – Michael Talbot (Author of the Holographic Universe)

The Endless quest a vigil of watchtowers and fortresses

against the sea and time.                 

Jim Morrison- An American Poet

Jim Morrison- An American Poet

Have they won? Perhaps.

They still stand and in 

their silent rooms wander the souls of the dead. 

who keep their watch on the living.

Soon enough we shall join them 

Soon enough we shall walk the walls of time.

We shall miss nothing

except each other.  – Jim Morrison 


Krishna as Gopala

Krishna as Gopala








Flames of tongue burn brightly as the white sun

In between rock, sand and seas

Eternal Flame/Ma Jwalamukhi/Annapurna Ma/Kangra Valley, HP

Eternal Flame/Ma Jwalamukhi/Annapurna Ma/Kangra Valley, HP

From empty space sounds direct the eternal words

They come into being, disappear into nothing

Self-constructed from that seminal fluid of the void

Stars are formed with big gaseous bodies that hurl against each other

Screaming in the darkness, crying in the lonesome highway

They hear unto me

Soft languid motionless and still

Perpetuates the golden order of things

Accelerating on the fringes

Runaway to distant galaxies

One with the other entwined

They formulate the rhythm of expansion and contraction

Do you feel rainbow spark on the bosom of my wings

Or on the misty petals of the twilight garden

Do you feel the thunder over the distant mountains?

Do you see beneath the ocean’s floor the schism?

Are you living or dead?

Can you walk on my shore breathe on my waves?

Are you afraid of trying? Lying? Vying?

Are you the poet, artist or the Lord?

Lord Krishna/Adi Purusha

Lord Krishna/Adi Purusha

Who are you in the epic battles of Mahabharata?

Are you the vibration of things that kindle fire in the promontory?

Are you the winds that whisper clouds the song of the eternal man?

Are you the day dreamer of the quantum rasa-lila?

The supramental intelligence of the creational matrix?

Are you the clown in the cave of infancy fluting the minstrelsy of bygone years?

Are you the question of primordial birth & its quest?

In the higgs field they are searching the quaro-hizboic time of complete resurrection?

What time is not what space is what god substance from that singularity?

Divine Mother/Mirra Alfassa

Divine Mother/Mirra Alfassa

Krishna janame Krishna – Krishna janame Radha-Krishna

The garden is now without its spring vitality

The waters flow on an inundated hollow Mesozoic curvature

Spinning and twisting legs that cannot know its source

Where are you when they ravaged the forests with their poison oak?

This is the time,

This is the time

To reconsider the future

Seconds are dying into nano-seconds without the remembrance of your grace?

This is now a cultivated wasteland

A mortal blemish of the unconditioned love

Future in all di sitter space fashions the geometric octave of spiral galaxies

You are the event horizon – the cosmic point of the knower and the known

What is known is still unknown to the world?

Come lying involuted in the conch shell as the prolific sound

Come today as the retrocausal sign-ship of destiny

Come to orchestrate the great beginning of things

Earth-to-earth from p-creation to m-creation-mirra

Words won’t last that very long, the great surge beyond

Within your yogic state all things shall flow and merge

Into that finality of light, everlasting light

From darkness shore I saw the triple-headed sun of Krishna

Descending fast on anti-gravity shield

Cows milk the ocean of the worlds into the seven sages of the swar

Flames of the tongue burn brightly as the sun…


– Joy Roy Choudhury









Touchstone of the Poet’s Mind at the Coronation of the King: Ceremony of Time in the Solar Plexus of Jim Morrison


Touchstone of the Poet’s Mind at the Coronation of the King: Ceremony of Time in the Solar Plexus of Jim Morrison 

Jim Morrison, Paris, 1971/Photograph by Gilles Yepremian

Jim Morrison, Paris, 1971/Photograph by Gilles Yepremian


Stillness preserved in spectrum

The valley grows like a fig tree

It shows signs of cancer

Mountain dogs laughing

Midnight rolling dust into clouds

Wondering the inane hour’s magic vision

What got us into this trial?

This scene was enacted once more


Without the tragic actors or the comedians

Horus, Egyptian God

Horus, Egyptian God of the Sky

The graves of the protagonist reach out for the Milky Way

After all, there is some space for the grand architecture

For the towers of the sun to erect themselves

From the mud ashes and the bones

We are here for the pleasure of it all

Watching seagulls fly across the golden shore.


Luminous words from a point like singularity

Travel like the mythical birds

They own their cradle to the Egyptian gods

Hibiscus flower

Dying in an hour

Resuscitate the sonic diagram of the sun

Pale amorous night of infinite parallels

Crystallize thought’s beacon of flights

Soon the curtain will be raised

And the light will be shed b/w distances.

– Joy Roy Choudhury





The Temple of the Midnight Sun and the Journey of the Bird-Man from Heavens: Knowledge by Identity (Quantum Stargate Portal /Lexlet Server)

Northern Midnight,  Nicholas Roerich, 1923

Northern Midnight,
Nicholas Roerich, 1923


Ocean’s spirit levels hope’s germination of seeds

In the fields of an abstract plenitude

We hire our own body for the soul’s manifestation

In pavilion pavements and streets

Our ignorance guards the supreme truth

All can be known through experience

Just as light can be seen its speed measured

We can verify our own existence by connecting to our origins

Board the train to that terrain

Rocky green seas of the triple sun

And falling music to the ears of the conch shell

Overlooking the giant stupas of submerging ice

Beyond into the san-zan-van infinity

Neon turquoise trees

And cobalt shoes

Under the hexagram of the sun

Feathered by the night’s opaque queen of the light

Baptized by the lion’s mane, the tiger’s skull

In the dreadful pyre of the coleopteran

Mad memorial sand

In the nectar of the seas

Visited the quartz artefact of the silver foam

On which was written the great upsurge

Non-dactylic response of changeless rhythm

May bring back the eternal music of the Lord.

The Temple of the Night Sun/Mayan Sun God/Guatemala/Photo Copyright Edwin Roman, Brown University, USA

The Temple of the Night Sun/Mayan Sun God/Guatemala/Photo Copyright Edwin Roman, Brown University, USA




O traveller of the seven seas

And the indivisible one of many trials and tribulations

Is time the golden vision that you invoke?

The evolutionary chain, the dotted rain

Speaks of the heart in the soul

Falcon head of the diamond light

Shines crazy like the stars

Rectangular space-junk vase grace

Eating the swallowed pill of this dark ignorance

Turning the road before to leap

Forward and nothing else.


– Joy Roy Choudhury





The Occult Path To The Vision of the Triple Sun: White Light Synthesis and Shambhala

ed Hawk 1908 North American Indian Photographer Edward S. Curtis Copyright Swann Auction Galleries

Red Hawk 1908 North American Indian Photographer Edward S. Curtis Copyright Swann Auction Galleries

“At the first flash of Eden, we race down to the sea

Standing there on Freedom’s Shore.

Waiting for the sun

Waiting for the sun

Waiting for the sun

Can you feel it now that the spring has come

And it’s time to live in the scattered sun”.

– Waiting for the Sun, 1968/Morrison Hotel, The Doors

Waiting for the Sun 1968 The Doors Elektra/Asylum Records

Waiting for the Sun 1968 The Doors Elektra/Asylum Records

"Well everybody's dancing in a ring around the sun 
Nobody's finished, we ain't even begun 
So take off your shoes, child, take off your hat 
Try on your wings and find out where it's at". - "The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)"- The Grateful Dead


Sacred letters on the face of the sun

Periodic plasma protean self manifesting

Speaking of the coming energy

From the negative mass matter and void

Clockwork diagram rotating counterclockwise

Radiating the light of the yung drung kal

To this we offer the breath of our final prayer

As neatly as horseshoe magnet of the worm-hole drive

Contours of palaces pulsating on the ocean’s deep vortex

A fire in the mouth of the occult vision

Eyes resonate with the heart’s vital clay of wisdom

Lapiz lazuli finality of the river’s marmalade dream

Insane in wilderness of the ferric sunbeam

Choosing the moment’s anonymity of power

Golden verse prophecy of truth

Purge the hollow mind’s vertebrate brain

To regain the lost source of it all

In the multiple coplanar dimensions of time

Space shape changes

Bringing him to the willow and the greens

Water clear as stardust to drink and to clean

To give the child someway to live

A step beyond the bodily differences

Fire-water crystals make the new playground

Africa, do you hear the waters rushing in the arctic circle?

Do we hear the strange sound of winds passing through many portals?

Do we remember the past, invoke the future?

Islands submerge canyons blast the sky

We tear each other with words of anger and hatred

Lie beaten on the shore wrapped in the plenitude of that empty substance

Awakening is the only cause to save the world

And join the congregation

The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)

– Joy Roy Choudhury


Lord Jagannatha Ratha-Yatra 2013 : Travelling to Other Conscious Realms By Dynamic Mobilization of Negative Mass Interactions with the Non-Matter Essence in the Creation

Lord Jagannatha Ratha-Yatra 2013 : Travelling to Other Conscious Realms By Dynamic Mobilization of Negative Mass Interactions with the Non-Matter Essence in the Creation 


Alone lying on the shore of the great Ocean…

Jagannath Ratha Yatra, Mayapur, India

Jagannath Ratha Yatra, Mayapur, India

Penetrating the heart of all matter

Where sand and water meet to make a diagram

A natural circle of the original whole

Footsteps, flowers and the path of the sun

Strewn by the darkness of the time

Random oblique and negative mass

The Arka wheel silently rotates

Traveller on the road, where are the signs to your eternal highways?

Thunder on the jewelled mountains lightning strikes the moth

Roaring in the silent passion of these eons

What does this Ratha–Yatra mean?

If not a movement from one point to another

A change in material dimensions

The chariot is the golden vessel; an architecture of self-transformation

The Lord has shown us the way many times

Lord Jagannatha Sri Shubodhra & Sri Balaram/Lithograph Artist Raja Ravi Verma circa 1900s

Lord Jagannatha Sri Shubodhra & Sri Balaram/Lithograph Artist Raja Ravi Verma circa 1900s

Mystical Alcubierre warp drive

It reconstructs its own space-time geometry based on mind-matter interactions (quantum entanglement of exotic matter with the golden merkaba of phonetic crystals)

Lord Jagannatha, Lord Jagannatha, Lord Jagannatha

The spoke in the wheel is the golden heart of Amitabha Buddha

It’s the secret prophecy of Christ in the black stone of Alblackica

Man is not a myth of apparent pain and misfortune

But must transfigure himself like the gods

Integrity of the being is the key to the quantum leap

The sun is a small dot awaiting resurrection

The sky is dark ambrosiac

The rains must bring Isis from the grains

And feed the heart with the fruit of compassion

Reason must exist because we can feel, touch

We can see more with our own inner radiance

A small shift changes everything

Random darkness – hungyovertinbeta distance away…

To Condorconva…


– Joy Roy Choudhury



The Magic Circle of Shambhala and the Quest to Unify the Body, Mind and Spirit: The Conscious Awakening and Evolution

Song of Shambhala, Nicholas Roerich, 1943/State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow, Russia

Song of Shambhala, Nicholas Roerich, 1943/State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow, Russia



The goal of contemplating the processes depicted in the mandala is that the yogi shall become inwardly aware of the deity. Through contemplation, he recognizes himself as God again, and thus returns from the illusion of individual existence into the universal totality of the divine state.

– C.G. Jung {Concerning Mandala Symbolism/C. G. Jung./(Zurich, 1950)}



 Undulated sea of primeval ice caps

Nicholas Roerich, Mongolia

Nicholas Roerich, Mongolia

In the gorgeous daydream of Beethoven’s moonlit sonata

Flows down the valley of deep

Awake in the secret admiration

The sun’s chalice of darkness poured the golden day light

Hayagriva, sheun uh damor

Hayagriva, un phor lue

In the midst of the night, they are calling

“Awake the sleeping serpent coiled in the disc

Matter must transform itself into the fourth dimension and beyond”.

Alone in this quest, the traveller identifies his body

As the source of beauty and truth

Walking is a form of mediation

When you discover the inner light of Shambhala

Time into time is eternal time

All else is empty – quantum vacuum

Lives are built on information packets arranged in a form of liquid crystals

We live through a lattice of experience

Songs of the sacred wood perfume

Jung and the Mandala: Cryptograms connecting different dimensions of space and time

Jung and the Mandala: Cryptograms connecting different dimensions of space and time

The eternally gyrating ‘now’ into imperishable forms

We are sounds colours and shapes

Pictograms unravelled

A discourse with universe takes place every second

Unaware, our plight is our ignorance

We are fooled into believing that we are fools

All are intelligent systems operating in the universe

The bird, the tree, the whale and the man

Our structure has encoded the mathematics of a geometric evolution

From the centre to the radiant circumference

We live on the edge inside and on a point

We are the mandala of the rainbow spirit

We are the supramental force

The future is near not very far – om adi chintamani

Travelling faster than light,

The white horse illumines the anthropological crown in the head

As we leap forward into another historical time

The guide is the Lord who knows our way

Time is the blue horizon of each event

We spark we fly and not fall down the precipice.


– Joy Roy Choudhury




Lords and the New Creatures: Supramental Voyage of Jim Morrison From Yung Drung Gutsek to Cygnus and the Sirian Star System

Lords and the New Creatures, Jim Morrison

Lords and the New Creatures, Jim Morrison



– Divine Mother, Mirra Alfassa, 25th Nov, 1961

“The movie will begin in five moments 
The mindless voice announced 
All those unseated will await the next show. 
We filed slowly, languidly into the hall 
The auditorium was vast and silent 
As we seated and were darkened, the voice continued. 
The program for this evening is not new 
You’ve seen this entertainment through and through 
You’ve seen your birth your life and death 
You might recall all of the rest 
Did you have a good world when you died? 
Enough to base a movie on?. 
I’m getting out of here 
Where are you going? 
To the other side of morning 
Please don’t chase the clouds, pagodas…”

– Jim Morrison, The Movie, An American Prayer


Moths, ocean and angels

Crossfire, bonfire and age old rituals

Seized by the hands of a time-machine

Watch eternity’s merry playground

The movie begins

Actors dying unmask the strange shadow

A pale blue light creeps into the face

Disappears just like that

The wolves are howling

Timbering in sacred space

What star have you found the man of Man?

Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK

Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK

On the golden mosaic of the lion’s liberation

Brown skies are silver and heavy in the deep

Walking the shallow waters of obscurity

Time works perfectly

Warps the felicity of space

Makes each moment tick as before

That was not yet told again

The movie ends not here

But begins slowly with these lines…

Far across the gleaming sun

There is a land…

Burning like Hathor’s occult argyle diamond

Three pink and green yellow moonstones

An arrow of white light entering the disc of the super-cosmos

Mt Kailash/Yungdrung Gutsek/Gang Ti-Se (Precious Snow Mountain)

Mt Kailash/Yungdrung Gutsek/Gang Ti-Se (Precious Snow Mountain)

there is infinite space in a small point

there is subatomic feelings in the prime oscillator

Yung drung movement determines future

Coming from 3000 AD

All matter is consciousness …

And supreme delight.