Connecting with The Quantum Self and the Super-Implicate Order: Consciousness and How It Works From the Unified Field of Intelligence


Love is inhabited in the Sri Caitanya Field of Existence- it’s a field of pure rhythm of abstract potentialities. A field above non-duality above space-time continuum – the material universe, the physical world of beings the phenomenal reality is created from it – it emerges from its point of non-locality and takes shape and form in the world that we experience,
The butterfly is a thought pattern
The bee-hives are a kind of thought-ripple in a single ocean of existence
Dynamic they are like a wave of vibrations
Out of love they emerge so senses can feel what is projected out there
Actually there is nothing out there – it’s merely an illusion
Only this self is real – indestructible
An observer collapses the wave-function
Love is an Ocean of Rasa
The cinema of void – the beginning and closure are replayed from there
We exist as screen shots on a time-bound reality
Appearance discloses the reality around us as a hologram
Honeyed groves
The spring recalls
Winter’s burning splinter
Like a star it dazzles
A million rays on a vibratory string
Appear as a rhythm of pure abstract potentiality
A thought out of manifestation of love
Thinking makes it real
Not dissolve but create
A winged harmony of beautiful lines
Substantiate self in matter and in mind
A renaissance all possibilities
Hidden inside the abstract logic
Collapsed from there to your brain
A little membrane
A tiny dot of supramental superimplicate order
Fashions what it is or not or what is to come
Jay Govinda…Jai Nitai
Christ’s waking self speaking to itself
Love can do
The quest is yours.