Un Voyage Mystique: Celebrating Divine Mother’s 136th Birth Anniversary, 21st Feb, 2014


Script/Poetry by J

Un Voyage Mystique: Celebrating Divine Mother’s 136th Birth Anniversary, 21st Feb, 2014

Mirra Alfassa, Divine Mother circa 1890s

Mirra Alfassa, Divine Mother circa 1890s

Un voyage mystique

It starts as a mystique journey that our existence as notes on a vibratory string

Orchestrates the great feeling of love

A whole universe with its varied life-forms

Pulsating like a bubble in the eternal field

We partake of this vision as a great spectacle

Parisian colours infused with spring’s eau de cologne

Gave liberty to the artist’s mind

Clutching the never ending light

Serrant la lumiere sans fin

And the poet etched on the rock’s silent footprints of time

Twilight tongue that tastes the sweet reverie of the stars

Divine Mother

Divine Mother

Burning like a candelabra in the midnight womb of the opal sky

Tears rolling sands like a smile upon waves

To a flower in a boutique

By a glass window

Seagulls fly…

And are forever motionless

Flickered in the eye of the great preceptor

The melodious light that awoke the god’s from their diurnal sleep

Time’s passage nests the opera of the self

In the great wilderness lies our cosmic destiny

As real yet unreal as it seems

The never ending Parisian dream!

Le reve parisien sans fin

– J

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  1. Johann-Georg Blomeyer

     /  February 23, 2014

    When Purani came to Berlin with Carlo Schueller (1963) he held lectures about the Live Divine by Sri Aurobindo. He had also a collection of books. I saw for the first time in my life the Divine Mother in the booklet ‘Flame of White Light’. I got a shock and was speechless for a long time. Suddenly I uttered one word: ‘Maria’.
    Many years later I read in the correpondence of Sri Aurobindo – 1933 – that the Divine Mother had been in her previous live been the Mother of Jesus.
    I was priviledged to have had a silent meeting with the Divine Mother in 1970.
    Being a normal man with no aspiration to lead a spiritual life whatsoever I still feel endlessly grateful for having met the Divine Mother in this life.
    Sri Aurobindo gave a complete description of the Divine Mothers capacities as Mahashakti with Her four qualities: Kali, Laxmi Maheshwari and Mahasaraswati.


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