Truth-Time-Destiny Reshaping Present Moment via Auto-Genesis of Class Nu Verticals in the Super-Implicate Field: Self-Becoming and the Coming Time

Yungdrung Cafe-Express: Jim Morrison at the Breakfast Table

Yungdrung Cafe-Express: Jim Morrison at the Breakfast Table


“Myth is much more important and true than history. History is just journalism and you know how reliable that is.” – Joseph Campbell 


For those people who died

for Nirvana

for the heavenly creed

The Bon No-Beginning No-End

The Bon No-Beginning No-End

for you, for me

These lines are written

to convey the message

To ignore the warning

To spree upward into

Tantalizing voices

To visit under-seas


Things more horrible

than war

Things out of the tales

Great beasts

Suffering extinction

Lord Tonpa Shenrab Miwo

Lord Tonpa Shenrab Miwo


it must come


like the dawn

soft haste

No hurry

hairs curl

The phone


We create the dawn

– Jim Morrison/Excerpt from Wilderness Vol. 1

Truth-Time-Destiny Reshaping Present Moment via Auto-Genesis of Class Nu Verticals in the Super-Implicate Field: Self-Becoming and the Coming Time

Thinking allows you to traverse the universe      Prayer Bells

Chaos is just a field you may cross

Outside stepping out of the doors

Or inside the curved space of a mandala

A moment of inner realization

When you are coiled inside the embryo of a dream

Where you intersect space-time junction points

Pointing the play of interactive grids in Poincare ocean of unmanifested voids

Remembering the future from the logic substance of a tree

Or exhilarating cloudy sandbrush strokes on the desert

You may start the new day with a song

Encircle the point three times over

Remembering each colour’s frenzied dance

To the last moment that remains forever

History’s boring monologues

Cannot pathologically test the testimony of the Infinite

Songs without words

Moment of Inner Freedom

Moment of Inner Freedom

Silence on the sharp note of a string

Ever permeates the heart of all being

And as you observe the other objects

There reality lies in measurement

But who is measuring the exactitude of things?

Are you a number or a shape?

Becoming shapeless and merging in the gape?

Opium floods

Mahogany and oak

Kindle the poet’s natural desire for things

Where birds are connecters to spiral galaxies

Winding re-winding information flow

There we go



Flashing bright patterns of a homecoming

What present cannot future articulates

Recognise the event-horizon

So, you may start the day with a song

7 miles long

Optramind Y-Lock Grid

A need

To open


The valued vaults of Destiny padlock x-creation-x

(Truth-Time-Destiny Reshaping present moment via autogenesis of class Nu verticals in the Super Implicate Field)

– J


THROUGH THE WORM-HOLE: Earth is Entanglement-Aura-Rotating-Towards-Heliogram

Jim Morrison Immersed in Writing & Reading circa 1969

Jim Morrison Immersed in Writing & Reading circa 1969

The earth is yin-yang yantra assemblage point…

The earth is transformation point spinning on a quadro-centric vortex…

E-A-R-T-H = Entanglement-Aura-Rotating-Towards-Heliogram

A deep valley

Glides into the umbra sheathing the watering hole     The Tao Symbol

A thousands steps into the rocky face of the earth

She hears the leaves fall, the flowers bloom

And weave around the placenta of time

Embryonic self, soft and childlike

Throbbing in the heart

Glittering in the rainbow

Pains it absorbed

Gushing streams of light

Poetry’s magical vision

Strangely sublime

Shaking unknown hand of a true friend

Distant and star-like

Summons from the other world

Invoking thoughts unmanifest

Circumambulation on the lateral surface

In an almost sinuous spiral

The sun toward the earth

The moon toward the earth

The earthward sun

The sunward moon

Stars gallop                                                 Wild Horses of Mongolia

A thousand horses

Freezing on her ancient skin

A being of joyous ecstasy

Fool’s paradise crowns the king of the world

And through her warm nurturing charm

Ages have passed in manifold ways

Grasshoppers fly

The sages and wasps

And the caterpillar

At the end of the protean dream

Knows not the pulse ringing in emptiness

Butterflies in South Florida

Butterflies in South Florida


But sense the unknown psychic vibration

One day it too will dance, recreate

And bear the imprint of flight infancy

Through the worm-hole

Trade secret nature’s boon

She is yin in yang

Yang in yin

Transcending both, levitating

No-way is the other way

Of the end and the beginning

The river laughs

Flowing tediously

Labouring like the yoke

And garden grew on its sides

Palaces, courtyards and mansions of kings

Jim Morrison Reading Allen Ginsberg's Planet News circa 1970

Jim Morrison Reading Allen Ginsberg’s Planet News circa 1970

And democratic tongues lapping on the shore

Of private lords and anonymous gods

Who threw themselves on seas

Drowning like Poseidon

Or on the endless fire

Rejoining the pyre

To scribble dots

Awaken a newborn

Or the dead

In the valley

Where bones chuckle like imposters

Roosting the anthem of human liberty

From the bondage of claims that history learned

In the kindergarten of remembrance

Satire fits the glove, irony the knife

To operate the etherised patient on the table

And make tragedy the softer side

Of a queen’s lucky totem

For a musical entendre of comedy

And nirvana that flits between past present and future

Love’s flame not extinguished

And on the altar of silence

Earth have sacrificed herself

To see the sun grow

And the universe play

Like a dancing child acting onstage

Before a dream audience of the invisible self.

– J






Jesus in the Wilderness (Forest of the Retreating Spirit Far Arden Again) Pic 1

Jesus in the Wilderness (Forest of the Retreating Spirit Far Arden Again) Pic 1


“Androgynous, liquid, happy


Facile & vapid

Weighed w/words

Mortgaged soul

Wandering preachers, & Delta Tramps

Box-cars of heaven         

New Orleans Nile Sunset”. – Jim Morrison 






Innumerable points that make up the time-line        

You cannot Petition the Lord with Prayer:  Jim_Morrison/ Frankfurt circa 1968/photograph by Alten Nikolaikirche

You cannot Petition the Lord
with Prayer:
Frankfurt circa 1968/photograph by Alten Nikolaikirche

Each conjugating with the other

Perfecting the spatial configuration of a flower

At the intersection moment the bud becomes

The alter of the cross

Carrying the sun’s nocturnal image of the moon

A monosyllabic sacred eigenstate of a crystal with an indeterminate quantum state inversion

When the seed burst

And children claimed the forest

Then gloriously the sky turned red…

On the highway

On the highway

To the dances of the waking spirit

From the deep

A mouthful of water the rain clouds bring

To wipe the dust from the empty road

Above the horizon                                                     

Heart Sutra Mantra

Heart Sutra Mantra pic 2

The fading rainbow gleaned

The last crowing before dawn

Night’s endless sleep

In the armour of pursuit

Without which there is no dream

No reality

And relativity’s orange tar

Smudged on the grassy banks

Afraid of the stars distant calls

Became forever the prisoner of illusion

And the children laughed…

And the old man and men and women

Within their hotels and compartments, confined

At the lounge in the airport

Stuck their head out against the wall like reason

Failed to see through the mirror

How time flies and not

In the void where no time is there

Across the gates of eternity                                                        

Where Ouroboros charms the magical heart

Chanting gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi swaha

Three times before your flight

The wheels over the ocean


Into the deep

And they sail unto me…

– J



1. Pic Source: Jesus Meditating  in the Forest

Light of the Spirit Monastery (Atma Jyoti Ashram)/New Mexico, USA

2. Pic Source: Heart Sutra Mantra


Intersection Points in the Cosmic Inflation on Microwave Background Radiation: Information Inflow as Contraction into Singularities (Seer-Observation of Ekayoniz Wormhole -Shirdi Sai)

Shirdi Sai Baba circa 1900 original photograph

Shirdi Sai Baba circa 1900 original photograph


“There can be no naked singularities, which are unshielded by event horizons”. – Roger Penrose

Quantum Non-Locality in Copenhagen Interpretation: The Collapse of the Wave-Function cannot be produced by any known physical process – beyond mechanistic local theory of reality (direct inference from Bell-Aspect experiments)

Non-dual aspect of mind is Samsara purifying the aboriginal truth by the 68th degree valipa turn ( of the Selvuha existence (T=T) around the mind bearing rudraksha.

Words woven in the syntax

Draped in clothes

Computing a syllogistic pattern of clouds

Do you hear the raindrops fall on seashells, on mud earth

On tetra-lithic mountain rocks, on valleys merged with the shoreline?

Where is the rhyme

John Archibald Wheeler Teaching at Princeton Univ. 1967 explaining the distinction between Classical Realm and Quantum Realm

John Archibald Wheeler Teaching at Princeton Univ. 1967 explaining the distinction between Classical Realm and Quantum Realm

Dying in the vine

Or in the wells of amputated beings

Thinking constructs a formation of things

Feelings generate a motion in the void

And the planets go merry around the sun

And your Self around the heliosphere

Lilting graceful melodies quite unknown

Exchanging information one millionth of a second

With the butterfly’s invisible quatrains

With the fur of the leopard and the giggle of the dolphin

Intersecting patterns one millionth of a second

“This is the end, beautiful friend

A Game of Chess

A Game of Chess

The end

Of laughter and soft lies,

The end

Of nights we tried to die

This is the end.”

Do you feel this bio-entanglement?

Do you feel like flowers the change of seasons?

And the birds twit one note to your ears?


Unreal city

The moon climbs over the camelback

Waiting for the lost arc over the horizon

Waiting for an archetype

Or a constellation sign

An architectural pattern unrecognized

A silence undisturbed

A matrix of harmony inexorable

Unfolding one end of an accelerated frame

And beginning the other with your singularity point

A sequence of steps unforeseen by many

A touch of feelings that changed the world

And he saw it coming

In his waking self

Spiralling towards the ocean of depths

And it said voulshekho uho nin usta

Uho nin usta mou mapar

Trok vei usha nin yin ihiabdho


(Observer > V-Static –Yong Observation) {65= NH}/para-zeta-dimension of truth

– J


Ref: The End, Jim Morrison, The Doors


Showing the Path the Lord Hath Walked: The Non-Dual Observer and Paths to the Waking Self /Sri Sarada Ma and Sri Anandamayi Ma

Sri Anandamayi Ma Dressed as Lord Krishna

Sri Anandamayi Ma Dressed as Lord Krishna


“We have not understood yet that the discovery of the unconscious means an enormous spiritual task, which must be accomplished if we wish to preserve our civilization.”  –C.G. Jung

“The Kshara is the Sankhya’s Purusha when it reflects the varied workings of the gunas of Nature, and it knows itself as the Saguna, the Personal; the Akshara is the Sankhya’s Purusha when these gunas have fallen into a state of equilibrium, and it knows itself as the Nirguna,the Impersonal. Therefore, the Kshara, associating itself with the work of Prakriti, seems to be the doer of works, karta, the Akshara dissociated from all the workings of the gunas is the inactive non-doer, akarta, and witness.” – Essays on Gita, Beyond the Modes of Nature- Sri Aurobindo


Poetry’s occult charm manifest thy name    

Sarada Ma and Sister Nivedita circa 1900

Sarada Ma and Sister Nivedita circa 1900

Invisibly tying us with the cosmic game

Gardening stars that grow faster winged-thoughts

Feeling vibration of infinitesimal dots

We gathered for Him around the mandala

Hari Om Tat Sat

Thy inner breath recollecting music

Through every atom entangled with

Pure as the fire vibrating bright

Mid-way the ocean crossed the ether of light

And lands purged by rivers phantasmal

Patiently absorbing thy energies

Found the sun in the void of the unmanifest cavern

Lettered in gold as an act of surrender

To the blessed morning waiting on the shore

Or on the summit of mountain where snowflakes glow

As a sequence to my anointed dream

Reflected bird-rays of the mirror of being

A body wrapped in thought and feelings

Engendered the observer’s non-local sensing

Showing the path the Lord hath walked

Eons before the syllable was barked

And now following His lonesome flute-calls

That led to His eternal destiny xx.yy.zz –  Kaivalya-Dham. (Nouvak-iti-tu- tau-ixvrajazen. ligma class alpha 1.14 sigma 7)


– J