The 3-D Reality We Live In Is Just Shadows Of A Higher Hyper-Dimensional World: State Vector Projected Onto Eigenvector in Explicate Order From N-Dimensional Reflection Space Of The Lie Algebra

 The 3-D Reality We Live In Is Just Shadows Of A Higher Hyper-Dimensional World: State Vector Projected Onto Eigenvector in Explicate Order From N-Dimensional Reflection Space Of  The Lie Algebra/The Xon-Co-Rupa Thixta Plate/Super-Implicate Reality 

Heart Sutra

Heart Sutra


“Form is emptiness, emptiness is form. Emptiness does not differ from form, and form does not differ from emptiness. Likewise, feelings, recognition, volition and consciousness are empty. So, Sariputra, all dharmas are emptiness lacking differentiating marks, they are not produced nor stopped, not defiled, and not immaculate, not deficient and not complete. Therefore, Sariputra, in emptiness there is no form, no recognition, no volition , no consciousness, no eye, no ear, no nose, no tongue, no body, no mind, no -eye element, etc. up to no-mind-element, and no mental consciousness element, no ignorance and no extinction of ignorance, etc, up to no aging and death and no extinction of aging and death; likewise there is no Suffering, Origin, Cessation or Path, no wisdom-knowledge, no attainment and no non-attainment”. – From the Heart Sutra





Light emanating light

Om Adi Narayana -  - Universal Field of Consciousness - Reflection Space - Intersection Point b/w McKay Group Algebra/Physical Realm & Lie Algebra/Infinite Dimensional Realm

Om Adi Narayana – – Universal Field of Consciousness – Reflection Space – Intersection Point b/w McKay Group Algebra/Physical Realm & Lie Algebra/Infinite Dimensional Realm

From one glorious cradle unmanifest empty

Yet Absolute Self in that hidden hyperdimensional reality

A witness to events in the prolonged sequence of time

Or is it a non-time virtual playful dance?

Key to all meanings in the space-vessel floating

Savda hate sharirer kampan

Words vibrate in the matter-ether-self medium of mind (Mind the e-matrix of Matter /What is Super-Matter Virtual E8/E7 track projection point?

Warwathokaram souvistha ek bahu samannay

One in many and many representing the undivided, unborn zero greater than one

The sacred bread pours thy wine into a cup divine

Rise from the ocean


Glitter like the stars

Become jewel, the seed of life

Manifest thy will in a sacred conjugation of all yugas

The effect may have come before the cause

Know the science of para-reality

The supraconscient awakening of the self taking place

Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj- Maha-Kriya Samadhi /Present Work in the World

Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj- Maha-Kriya Samadhi /Present Work in the World

On earth…here and now

The road must be clear before the King arrives

He will take the world in his strides

Capital investment in human integrity is the only management you need to learn

Follow the lines without any argument

To reach the highest magnitude of spiritual salvation – Maha-Kriya-Samadhi

Linear programming will not help your soul

There is no time for indecisive acts on this planet

It’s clean up or perish

A thousand lightning bolts will pierce the face where horses graze

And churn the system inside out – outside in – simultaneously

Three times the speed of light

This is the time of the magnetic journey of Kalki

Let the tide hit the rock

And flare the ocean with a ball of fire

Utter the infallible words from predestiny’s book

And flower making garland with its presence

Fragrance of time evolve evoke

The Lord and His counsel of gods.

Blue Star-Joramin-Yuramin787/Adesha-Karma-Vault-in-on-Nixgen-Footprint on Supramental Corridor via the Golden Path

Ivavoukartho paromartho sampraday –hari naam sankirtan – Beta-Function of direct ascendance for Maha-Kriya Samadhi


– J











Rabindranath Tagore and Romain Rolland


“Tagore is, I think, saying that truth is a subtler concept than Einstein realises” – Noble Laureate Physicist Brian Josephson, Cambridge University, 1992

“Curiously enough, the present evolution of science is running in the direction stated by the great Indian poet” – Noble Laureate Chemist Ilya Prigogine, 1984


“I am only waiting for love to give myself up at last at his hands. Thus why it is so late

And thus am I guilty of such omissions.

     They come with their laws and their codes to bind me fast. But I evade them ever, for I

Am only waiting for love to give myself up at last at his hands.

     People blame me and call me heedless – I doubt not they are right in their blame.

The market day is over and work is all done for the busy. Those who came to call me vain

Have gone back in anger. I am only waiting for love to give myself at last at his hands”.

–          Gitanjali, Rabindranath Tagore


“Toilers of the spirit, companions, scattered all over the world, separated from one another for five years by armies, by censorship and hate of nations at war, we take this opportunity, when barriers are falling and frontiers are re-opening, of making an appeal to you to re-form your fraternal union, – but let it be a fresh union, firmer and stronger than the one which existed before. – Romain Rolland, July 1919


“Waiting for love to give myself at last at his hands…”

Silently evening crawls in the bed of night

Rabindranath Tagore Painting Untitled

Rabindranath Tagore Painting Untitled

Looking up at the dazzling stars

Speaking anonymously at last

Epochs have buried flesh not the soul

Out of history’s hall of judgement

A voice came out of time

From the depths of past

And from poetry’s perennial source

When it confronted the spirit of the declaration of independence

Hidden in the future canvas of freedom

Tied to many universes

To fraternal universities

It sparked a violent beginning of things

A struggle to withhold

And to release

A rhythmic poise and a movement

A freeze shot of the indifference

And the motion that makes all the différance

Arrangement of verses



Beautiful elliptic poignant truth experience

A condition that we call Gitanjali

Observed as it unfolds the soul’s deepest offering

And freedom from the bondage of many cycles of time

Utter something new

To the cosmic festival of dance

To suit the taste of a new race

Feelings pulsating vividly in nature

Gadhulir chitolekay rachito pratiti anu paramanur naam

Within the frame of dawn encrypted are names of all matter & force-particles

They seized on this happy moment

Tagore in China

Tagore in China

A rare opportunity of love

Calling me through their wordlike dance

Sometimes a ripple afloat a vacuum

Singing songs for eternity

Strangely extreme disguises

Declare their independence of spirit

And roots behold the land you live

The dying seeds the waters forgive

Evoking the new wilderness

A mind-space where we grow

Man shall know

The mystic world of the Undying Self

Let alone the lines written on it

‘Waiting for love to give myself up at last at his hands”.

– J


Conversations b/w the Creatrix and the Disciple Student Part II: Pure Mathematics Behind the Archetypal Design of Consciousness

Spiral Galaxy : The Dialogue b/w the Creatrix and the Disciple part II

Spiral Galaxy : The Dialogue b/w the Creatrix and the Disciple part II

A Meditative Dialogue for Self-Transformation and How the Creative Mind-Space Works: Pure Mathematics behind the Archetypal Design of Consciousness

Conversations b/w the Creatrix and the Disciple Student Part II

Student: You have been very kind in answering the questions that grapple my mind…don’t know really how this process taking place but I am sure that we on earth are in for some ride…in the sense that times very recently have become very serious…we are kind of squeezed and soon the last drop of water will ooze out. It’s all affecting people’s lives, their families, their businesses and everything I think. Are we having a close-encounter with our various ego-selves and it’s like a collision that puts a lot of chaos in the system? What is it that is happening and how this leads to the next phase, of course, if there is any?

Creatix: You see the character of kindness doesn’t come into immediate effect from the creator to you…it comes as an important value to earth people from Mother Earth…look at the river systems: they provide you with food and water, helps you harvest. Look at the mountains the forests the valleys…Mother Earth has nurtured you all these ages so you have been able to learn the technology of consciousness which revolutionized your civilization…hope you follow my words- this gesture of kindness you owe it to the Mother Earth and get that right first. Also every individual on this planet or elsewhere is a creator in himself. This means that we are continually co-creating for the wellbeing of the creation.

The creatrix is an empty vessel flowing in the xon-co-rupa

It has no time                             

Carl Jung painting from his The Red Book

Carl Jung painting from his The Red Book

Either to manifest

Or to unmanifest

Just watch the specks of its ray

Play amongst the clouds

To magnify this world of creation

Hide in its shadow

The tree clothes poetry’s seminal substance with adolescent flowers

The child shall learn to speak the mother’s tongue

And what language is it?

What vowels and consonants connect with this architecture?

Not in Tibet not in Rome or in Alexandria

The actual language of earth was known

Because it had no language but love                               

Jim Morrison school years

Jim Morrison school years

A violent thirst for the imperishable beauty    

That cannot be defined by the matrix of thought

The storm chased the pagodas the monuments

Cities swept aside

The dead are now living

The living is now dead

And on the banks of the river

The breeze gave birth to a lullaby song

Evening nestling the child of dawn

For the tomorrow that awaits

On the ocean shore…


Time is warped

Do you follow this my son…do you follow my lines.

The Divine Creatrix, may be, therefore is not so kind after all but your algebra and geometry at least taught you as Descartes could connect and feel or rather intuit that

the Earth didn’t abandon you after all. The earth is a magician – she is a shaman – a shape-shifter – she can be the father of the hunting spears or the nurturer, the mother who purges her body with violent waves or storms bleeding the old with new life forms – earth is a complete superposition of possibilities guided by consciousness life-force to enact the yajna for the whole creation. Did you understand the last rite I mentioned just now? What’s happening at this moment in your planet is also deciding the future of other exo-planets where higher intelligent life exists. Therefore, you must understand the ‘responsibility’ you have and act accordingly and know it for certain that the earth has been kind to you.

And, it’s true as you mentioned, people on earth are in for a ride not a smooth one and on their own accord, I can only say that unprecedented events will follow and historic changes are there on the cards. Those who live with a good heart will survive this adventure. Try to connect with the real earth, try to feel with your heart and you may get to the point where you will find the mathematics of consciousness of this earthly self.

The chaos that you described on earth is created by split-selves which are colliding with each other creating a disturbance even on the Field as you know…as things keep on changing and evolution is the key to the soul so these split personas need to be integrated to find the basic rhythm of oneness running through each system (each individual system) maintaining a kind of difference as well kinship with the higher spiritual order that you call the super-implicate or the xon-co-rupa thixta-plate. The only way out from this chaos is total transformation that would mean changes at the very fundamental level and it’s not going to be an easy thing at the level where you are. The more you experience the time the more closer you will be to the truth and the ‘new thing’ is awaiting my son!

Student: What did you mean by the mathematics of consciousness and how does it relate to the present time on earth?

Creatrix: Mathematics of consciousness is very simple- mathematics is a unitary branch of knowledge acquisition which tries to discover certain relations with the field – the Xon-Co-Rupa Thixta Plate which has innumerable symbols transcendental and supra-transcendental and supra-trei-transcendental – it’s more like a bridge that you introspect between the relative world where you live in and the field which is already the supra-unmanifest. It’s the flipping of the coin from manifest to unmanifest that you approximate by using mathematics that’s why it’s becoming more and more abstract until you reach the realm of pure abstraction only. Between finite and the infinite comes the zero bustling with all possibilities – can you simply draw an equation that connects this? Where does this singularity come from? What was before this can you pre-empt that? What’s before the 1st three minutes?

It will need super-reason to get there…can you undress you mind completely loose the reason to get a higher reason, a higher logic then again rebuild your system from the Zebrohim – a kind of cherubic ecstatic memory synaesthesia which is predominantly randomized orchestration of non-random integrity via differential poetry to zul-constant unmanifest zero orbital velocity

You need to go beyond yin-yang…beyond purusha and prakriti…but you are still toddling around the rim of consciousness and that still after da vinci, Beethoven Yajnavalka, Surdas, Einstein, Aurobindo etc. etc.

The basic thing is to undress your reason and unlearn again re-learn become the zero again, the struggle to connect to the Absolute Potential and in the process your heart may open up and flower and disseminate the fragrance back to the field – the field will gain from it – will get enriched by the process of your trying, the Gita will be re-written again and again and your enlightenment will be adding new life to the creation. But that’s not an easy undertaking my son!

Symmetry breaks into asymmetry

There is no pattern you can simulate

Geometric fibres of hyperspace will not give you the answer

You heart beats         

Carl Jung Painting of the Dragon From His Red Book

Carl Jung Painting of the Dragon From His Red Book


Life is long…

Come along…

Sing to the prairies

-to the rivers

-to the stone

Ostrich feathers

Go home…         

And try to find a place to sleep

In the deep

Come into my fold

Dreams waking into night

Night into day

Passing the dawn like a highway

There is a moon for your rose sermon

A sun for your lotus prayer

And the rays can dance

Between you and me

Forgive the time

Eternity a closed thing

A circle enclosed

You flutter like a bird around the axis

Now, then…

You are gone…

Another creation will tell you

Another day…


Student: Earth will have a new day and I am glad to re-connect with you again.

Creatrix: Your admirable strength will carry you forward – your promise is an unbroken prayer that you will not have to remember the words I just have said but the words will follow you and reconnect with you eternally. Eta-eta-Field<you>1>2/3/5<0 =