Towards Higher Automation of the Divine Will and Space-Time Bending (both De Sitter and Anti-De Sitter) based on Geometry of Faith /Non-Cartesian Riemann Matrices

Sri Krishna Number Publication circa 1937

Sri Krishna Number Publication circa 1937


Himalayas with Setting Moon Nicholas Roerich

Himalayas with Setting Moon Nicholas Roerich

“Even the smallest meanest work became

A sweet or glad and glorious sacrament, 

An offering to the self of the great world 

Or a service to the One in each and all…”

– From Nirvana and the Discovery of the All-Negating Absolute, Savitri, Sri Aurobindo

In a condition of absolute surrender, the space-time fabric projects itself inwards into the indeterminate absolute point (pre-cognitive ability of the child to see itself as a post-quantum observable by allowing a distance of separation from itself in the super fluid mind) that shields itself by an immaculate event horizon. Macro-cosmic space is the time denomination of the eternal spin of a zero state Euler’s identity. Therefore, pi is a kind of superimplicate optical geometric fibre that determines the motion of points on a constant ratio aspect (Circumference/Diameter = Pi – always a constant). The imaginary (i) when real needs the exponential function of time to pre-determine the quark-gluon strong interactions as required by the matrix operator. The mobile aspect of the Brahman is the zero oscillating immobile in a gravity less plane- formless is the involuted form attaining self-hood by an act of converging in on matter from consciousness.

Yogiswar Sri Kalipada Guharoy

Yogiswar Sri Kalipada Guharoy

The cup that you drink from is sculpted by an old man named patience

The wine that your drink is the ambrosia of the great oceans of servitude

Within your heart the sun breathes  

Sri Anirvan Ji (Alor-Anirvan-Thikana)

Sri Anirvan Ji (Alor-Anirvan-Thikana)

And the moon shines on your forehead

Your body is the field matrix of the universe

You are the great unborn of the freihalousha void that contains the Gnostic supercode of the creation

Let all things rest in god’s supernal time

Absolute surrender the only rule

Pray for all things bright and beautiful.


ENTER 2015…Happy Happy Boughs…



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