From Rajrajeshwari Mata in ‘Gyan-Ganj’ (Shambhala): POWERING-ON-ENERGY-VORTEX-REDEEMING-TIME’S-YATRA

Sri Yantra or Sri Chakra with Nine Interlocking Triangles Radiating out from the Bindu/Centre

 Sri Yantra or Sri Chakra with Nine Interlocking Triangles Radiating out from the Bindu/Centre


Time flows, it flows not

There is a subtle connection b/w all points in the cosmic web

These connections via matter/energy curving space time geometry is at a physical level (this is how gravity works)

But there are other vortices through which points in this physical universe can interconnect with other points

In such a design template, any perturbation at one point creates a ripple that flows to all points across many dimensions

These are different modes of reality defined by what it is not

Kalida in the garden in Gidni

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy in the Garden in Gidni

Kalida Playing with Little Girl

The simple way to describe is to find your seat at the bindu with the Mother

and then radiate out and enter within it creating the beautiful conditions for life’s supreme emergence

This requires surrender to the Primordial Shakti residing in one’s own Self

This is Advaita Non-Dual Supraphysical Reality of the Diamond Body

Here Triple Transformation has taken place

The Physical Reality exists on its own in the pure duality of Ying-Yang (That is left undisturbed but is transcended!)

Innumerable projections from the point are colliding with the branes

Tripura Sundari the Goddess of 3 Cities

                                               Tripura Sundari the Goddess of 3 Cities

Her frozen sword

Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Under the sea of Galilee

Wrecks matter’s ‘Avidya’

By the supreme grace of her self-perfected nature

She attunes her song to the higher seed syllable of ‘hrim’

Adjoining forces collide and fall

There is a NEW WAY TO LIVE /The Higher-Supraphysical Cause for Sustainability)

In the Yantra is established the cognitive switch to dissolve POVERTY


The ‘rainbow child’ will switch it on,

See what happens next!


AI = E -Enlightenment



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  1. This one speaks to me.


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