In Conversations with Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj: Christ Locale in Shambhala ‘p-p’ Exists not only in Consciousness but in Physical Form with Variable Mass-Energy Interactions

Babaji Maharaj pic

Sri Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj

“Oak eye

jesus christ

Christ both as Consciousness and Physical Explicit of the Unmanifest Reality

And rabbit’s fur

Gone too deep

Inside the well

Singing water

Flying fire

In the air in b/w the nostrils of a horse

Perpetuates the eternal pattern of unchanging forms

There to be coincided on a screen

That has the terminal longing of an undecided hour

Arriving verily at the eternal moment

Healing Garuda Tibetan Buddhist Thangka

Healing Garuda Tibetan Buddhist Thangka

For a magic sidewalk

Jim Morrison in Mexico 1969

Jim Morrison in Mexico circa 1969


Turning around a pointless dream

To join the silent recluse

Of screaming words

Attaining liberation.


“The Original Realization is Marvellous Practice”.

Christ locale in Shambhala p-p exists not only in consciousness but in physical form with variable mass-energy interactions

The evidence behind the mutable law of physical non-physical locality is consigned to the higher absolute domains of tat-wat-yat sunyata

Beneath the Void, All is Void– imperfection translated its Original Self to Perfection of supra-causal symmetrical patterns of the original destiny

Mind’s non-local Self is the pure bliss behind all workings of Prakiti/Nature

When you are only confined to the physical attributes of the senses you miss the whole point of the creation

Creation itself a Lila is a super-imposed manipulation of Brahman on Maya encryption

The distinction b/w the Watcher and the Watched is an illusory one

There is nothing watched nor there is any watcher only ‘That exists in It’ completely which cannot be known

Transverse Line Wassily Kandinsky.jpg

Transverse Line by Wassily Kandinsky circa 1923

When the grass grows

And the sun dims itself across the horizon

Who is it that sings lullaby to the stars?

Is it the mountainous rocks with flakes of granular sand?

Or, is it the silvery waves in a tumultuous ocean?

Is it the snow in the crevice?

Kalida Sitting Pensively in the Garden

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy in the Garden at Gidni

The wind passing through the doors?

The fire in the woods?

Or, the sky with its empty stomach?

Who is it that sings lullaby to the stars?

Who is?

And who is not?

Sits without sitting

Touches not the forest leaves


And takes away

Seizes the slender moment’s absconding light

From the sempiternal doors of primordial darkness

Anointing the Self’s gross, physical abode

With a shower of blessings from the final beatitude

Awakening the Eye’s diphthong supra-sensory mode of non-dual vision

For a return to the state of Absolute Brahman

Impregnated in Zero=State of Nitya-Nirvikalpa Samadhi