144th Birth Anniversary of ‘Sri Aurobindo, 15th August 2016: The Original Mind is the USER Apperceiving Time’s Function as Timeless Space (Adi-Anadi Vairagya Adorsho)

Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo

“Man’s mind shall admit the sovereignty of Truth

And body bear the immense descent of God”.

– Book VII: The Book of Yoga, Canto IV: The Triple Soul-Forces

Uniquely devoid yet dynamically active and present    

Shiva as Bhairava Dancing. Mewar, circa 1750-75 Court Paintings of India

Lord Shiva as Bhairava Dancing, Court Paintings, Mewar, Circa 1750-75

The source engenders time evolution of the cause-less entity

That which is sought after is the seeker

Playing within multiple sets the drama of unity

After all, laughter is a cry in the open sky

When the birds administer the freedom of meaning

By articulating unintelligible poetic verses

Those that are not bound by concepts

Fountains gushing forth streams are life’s optimum carriers 

Kalida in between the Lights

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy

Revolving around the plant, the flower of life   

Maha-avatarBabaji Maharaj

Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj

Orbiting like the sun in a magical poise

Quivering like an arrow shot through the star

Words are passed through the bardos of life and death

Into the muted original ocean of transcendental bliss

Is it the stupa of silence impermanently permanent?

Who knows or who dares to know?

Crystal snowflakes atop the mountain

Is the original river’s meandering wakefulness

Sublimely worshipping the unity of space    

White Rose

White Rose: The Worshipper and the Worshipped are One

Where the worshipped and the worshipper are one

Can you now construct this Lila of no beginning no end?

Beg from the universe a bowl of rice?

Can you?

Where is the Original Mind?

Is it not your only mind?

When you apperceive it subjectively

Do you not call it Suchness?

When you apperceive its immutability

Do you not call it Dharmakaya or say, even liberation?

Is it not beyond birth and dying, the pure imperceptible TAO?

What do you call it your own mind?

In the search for true destiny your mind is the adi guru showing you the path by lighting the torch of original wakefulness…