Ingmar Bergman’s The ‘Existential Board Game of Chess’ and Unfolding of the Virtual Reality Beyond Space-Time:Self-Existing Awareness and Pure Intelligence (Abode of Sacred Ganeshnatha)


Ganesha and Kundalini Energy

Lord Ganesha and Serpent Energy


I have seen in the 4 directions,

Rakta Ganesha Tibetan Thangka Painting

Raktya Ganesha, Old Tibetan Thangka

Darkness and light rally against each other
But none wins
And there’s no loser
Gods have descended in the valleys and plains
Angels and demigods have erected mansions out of thin air
But for whom did they create?
Man slept in the caves and bred races of new men
Fought for flesh and bones
And for technology and women

Learned the semoitics of langue and parole

In ‘A game of chess’

Life and death alternating between the seasons

Hearts throbbing

Lord Ganesha Folk Art

Lord Ganesha Folk Art

Like stars in the distant galaxies

Flickering like a candle flame

Surge of windy waves blow them out

Writing epitaph of the songbird and elephant

In gold letters of dust
While woman stood the ground
They declared their independence and solidarity
And children begged or laughed and were killed
Saints and yogis came to help

Cannonized by time

They incarnated the holy syllables
And joined the circus
Preaching divine love
And all that is everlasting
But none will remain in end my friend
This drama soon will fade and die

The Seventh Seal Chess Game

Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal (Chase Game Scene Life vs Death)

Another one in another time
An actor will strike his virtue

Amitabha in the Pure Land

Amitabha Buddha In the Pure Land

Polished by the educational enterprises


Mountains are strong and old
Streams of cold benevolence
Shrouded the black vestige of a meteorite rock
They called it the sacred lingam
They called it so and perpetuated mantras
They too have their presence and absence
All frail like a spider’s web
Weaving poisons and ambrosia
Reflecting stories endlessly
Mind-Speech-Body continuous

A wheel within a Wheel

Running and Screaming

Like Turner’s ‘Rain, Steam and Speed’
Creating unfathomable mysteries
Like the lotus in a pond or inside a jewel
Counting breathing cycles and beads
For an apparent purification of our selves
For the sake of all sentient beings
For the love of the meadows where the fish and the bird
In the morning mist will poetically embrace the artist and his muse
For the salon in Paris or NY
And breaking champagne bottles amidst a cheerful crowd
Committing sin forsaken by a prayer
In a country churchyard
Or inside the temple
Under the red sky
Where the sun has shed a tear
Like a droplet of rain
Splitting light into seven frequencies
Without knowing what it is
And playfully in the void you will not hear a song, my friend
I promise you will not hear the song anymore
Because end is the beginning of another journey
Too tiresome for a traveller like me
So, I have seen in the 4 directions
Darkness and light rally against each other
But none wins
And there’s no loser

They only extinguish each other.





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