An Anatomy of the Memory of Silent Worship: 5th December Maha-Samadhi Day, 2016


Sri Aurobindo Last Jouney/Maha-Samadhi 5th Dec 1950

A silent melody of the heart directs Life Divine     


Divine Mother at Pondicherry photograph by Henri-Cartier Bresson

It has the latent frequency of the universe

It configures and re-configures itself by an unknown process

Unknown because it cannot pre-empt itself

But it knows how to propel and navigate

Self-contained, it is the BLISS Regulator

The art of Surrender is the Miracle of Miracles

It is the only pre-requisite to be with the Divine

To have the heart’s content in every situation is the indomitable will that makes you free

Pray to the Mother so your embryonic self can connect with the universe

Pray to the Lord in you and the Lord in All

A single word can create the dynamic pathways of the circuit for consummation

That is the Secret of Upanishadic mantras

That is Urandiskhungtat/Tool//Wool/Cool//Pool (*Proximity to the Future can RECREATE THE PAST)



Supremely vast, the universe is ready inside the heart

After death, the LILA ALLOWS more spectral plays in varied ways

His last journey was the rite where we learned the rules to play game!!!


Press Release


Friday 2nd December, 2016

St John’s looks to break into Indian and Chinese B&B market for 2017

As the number of tourists from Asia visiting the historic university city of Cambridge continues to rise, one of its most iconic Colleges is looking to target visitors from both India and China to develop revenues that can help to fund its core work in education and research.


St John’s,  founded in 1511, is one of the largest and best-known Colleges in Cambridge  

Indian and Chinese visitors to Cambridge are being targeted by one of the university city’s most iconic colleges in a bed and breakfast business campaign designed to attract growing numbers of “high value” tourists from Asia.


St John’s College was founded in 1511 and is known for producing several of Cambridge University’s Nobel Laureates and numerous other distinguished academics, as well as for its riverside setting and famous “Bridge of Sighs”. Now, the college is hoping that this unique history will prove a draw for its bed and breakfast business for tourists during the summer of 2017.


While Cambridge colleges were once strictly private for most of the year and closed off to the general public, the situation has changed dramatically during recent decades. Like many others, St John’s offers a bed and breakfast service while students are away during the long summer vacation, and many rooms are therefore vacant. Rather than staying in a hotel, this gives tourists the chance to enjoy the unique surroundings of a centuries-old college in the heart of one of Britain’s most spectacular cities.


Tourism is one of the main ways in which, especially during the summer months, the College generates income which it can invest in its core aims, which are teaching students and supporting world-class research. With numbers of visitors from India and China both on the rise in Cambridge, St John’s is now making a concerted effort to appeal to would-be customers from both of those countries in particular.


“The economic growth in both countries means that we are seeing more independent, high-value visitors coming to Cambridge,” Bill Brogan, who is Catering and Conference Manager at St John’s College, said. “Some are business people or visiting academics, but there are also a lot more families who are just interested in seeing a part of the UK outside London. Our thinking is that if you choose a hotel you could be anywhere, while a stay in a Cambridge College is an experience unlike anywhere else.”


Cambridge is one of the most popular visitor destinations in the United Kingdom outside of London. According to Visit Britain, the city had approximately 430,000 “staying” visitors in 2015 – an increase on the previous two years.


Research by the same organisation also suggests that visits from China and India to the UK overall are on the rise. Between 2014 and 2015 (the latest period for which accurate and complete data is available) it recorded a 45.7% increase in visitors from China, and an 8.47% increase in visitors from India.


Brogan estimates that about a fifth of the College’s own Bed and Breakfast custom during 2015 similarly came from those two countries. As a result, the College is now developing existing collaborations in both China and India to promote its bed and breakfast business. Information is being sent to bodies such as the China-Britain Business Council, Air China, the Institute of Hospitality, and several Indian universities, as well as smaller businesses and suppliers with which the College has a relationship, such as Sula Vineyards near Mumbai.


Visitors to St John’s are typically drawn by its famous grounds on the River Cam and its architecture, some of which dates back to the Tudor Era, and which also includes the Bridge of Sighs and the superb 19th-century Chapel designed by George Gilbert-Scott. These have provided the backdrop for numerous blockbuster films.


Among several other prominent Indians, Dr Manmohan Singh, the country’s former Prime Minister, is a graduate and Honorary Fellow of the College, and was awarded a BA in Economics in 1957. Since 2007, he has given his name to a scholarship programme that enables academically outstanding doctoral students from India to study at St John’s.


Noted Chinese alumni include the novelist Louis Cha, who became a Doctor of Philosophy at St John’s at the age of 86 in 2010, and was admitted as an Honorary Fellow of the College in September of that year. A stone, inscribed with a poetic couplet which he composed for the College at the start of his career as a graduate student in 2005, stands in the College’s rose garden. The College is developing strong links with China, not least through exchange programmes and opportunities for Visiting Overseas Scholars to study at the College.


The resulting high international profile has made St John’s one of the most popular destinations in Cambridge. During the financial year 2014-15, more than 54,000 tourists visited, generating a £160,000 profit for the College.


Bed and breakfast facilities are available at St John’s every summer. For more information, visit:


For more information, please contact: Tom Kirk, St John’s College, University of Cambridge. Tel: +44 (0)1223 768377, Mob: +44 (0)7764 161923; Email:

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