5th December 2019: Sri Aurobindo’s Maha-Samadhi Day and the Unveiling of the Primordial Tattva


At the Divine alter where light unto light leaves a message
Pure emanation holds its course
Directing the bodily energies refining their dance
Encapsulating the pulse that originates at the heart
May the source unveil the pattern unintelligible
The rendering of the flesh and word by the spirit’s timeless function
That gravitates the curvature of purusha and prakriti
Into a phenomenal logic of relativistic simultaneity
Anatomizing the randomness and chaos
That perpetuates the causal bondage of birth and death

The letter’s oceanic message may carry the primordial tattva
That may answer all matter’s questions from the void
And in the fractal possibility of being, the becoming was immortality
Verily true, the becoming was immortality…